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Do you have an SEO strategy with the goal of driving local traffic to your site? If you are nodding your head in yes, ensure the local listing is a part of your strategy. Why?

Well, it’s a well-known fact that internet users search for services/products or businesses location-wise. Geo Marketing has revealed that “mobile searches for ‘where to buy’ have grown 85 % since 2015.” Such searches are more common for a “brick and mortar” business that means businesses that have a physical location.

Are you only concerned about attracting local customers? Well, even then the competition to rank at the top of Google’s organic search results is very tough. So, what to do to win this war? All you need is to have a winning strategy to outrank that competition. And, to craft a winning strategy, it is important to focus on a local listing.

This strategy is going to help you drive high-quality traffic to your site. Also, this gives you the leverage you require to display your services and products to your target market. But, before we move further, let’s understand why you need to have more traffic to your website?!

Why Do You Need More Traffic?

Traffic on your website is a key driver and indicator of business growth. It helps to:

  • Collect insights about your visitors that help you make decisions
  • Identify how well your marketing is working
  • Enhance your search engine credibility and SEO

However, when it comes to traffic, there are two types:

  1. Free traffic
  2. Quality traffic

Basically, traffic helps to improve your website’s rank. And, good ranking will ultimately get more traffic to your website. However, it is important to ensure that the rise in traffic is linked to a rise in engagement as well.

If your conversion rates are decreasing despite the increase in your traffic, you are not attracting the right traffic. Hence, your goal should be to bring qualified traffic to your site. Qualified visitors are those who are likely to convert into customers and leads.

But, the question is how to do that? There are quite a few ways to bring in the right traffic. One of the best is “local listing or local business listing.” That is, getting your business registered in the local business directory.

Local Listing

For most of these local listing sites, your profile includes a link to your website. Therefore, actively updating your listings and putting effort to get positive reviews is likely to result in more qualified traffic. Additionally, many of these local listing sites have strong domain authority on Google. Thus, there is a good chance that your website could rank high for related searches.

Evidently, an active internet marketing strategy is incomplete without local SEO being a part of it. And, using the technique of local business listing is always going to give you an advantage over your competitors.

But, before you start using this method, make sure you know how to use it. Fortunately, CPEC Directory is one of those local listing sites that help you with your needs. That is, ensuring proper implementation of SEO methods specific to your business. Also, it will lead to an enhancement in your overall sales.

Whether you choose a marketing agency to do your marketing campaign or choose to do it yourself, make sure you get your business listed in a local business directory.  Also, make sure you implement keyword optimization and identify the right keywords for your business. And, after going through the process of getting your business listed, you must know how to manage listings. Moreover, to ascertain if the strategy is working for your company, assess the number of clicks and hits you are getting from your local searches. You might find it a bit complicated at first but keep at it till you begin to see results.

Google Business Listing

When you Google a business or service in your local area, you’ll see a series of Business listings at the top of Google search. A properly optimized listing can help you rank higher for consumers in your area and will increase traffic to your website.

While local SEO strategies are slightly different than the ones used for other businesses, there are some similarities. Adjust your keyword strategy, look into creating citations and opening a store, and be sure to work on your online reviews; these will help you rank well in Google.

Google requires at least a few citations listed in the business description, headline, and URL of the respective listing if you wish to get ranking increases from having a variety of them.

Not sure where to find your info on the web? Use the Complete Listings feature to push posts, products, and other localized content to your specific local communities.

If you have ever used this feature from Moz (we have it), please share how it has helped you!

Once listed on a platform, consists of exact-match business name, address, phone number, city, state, and metro area in Google My Business.

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Be Consistent

Always remember, being consistent is the key to success! Even if you are not getting enough traffic at the start, keep working on it. Not to mention, the content has always been considered very important in successful SEO campaigns. However, recent changes by search engines have made people question the value of quality content in SEO. Even then, it is important that you keep producing unique content alongside making local listing a part of your strategy. To do this, don’t forget to add trusted and relevant links to your content. So, when users will go to your website, they will get to see high-quality content.

To Sum it Up

All in all, when crafting an online marketing strategy, don’t forget or never underestimate the power of local listing. Along with other techniques, it is also something that improves your visibility, brand awareness, reputation, Google ranking, and of course, traffic to your website. But, make sure you have quality content on your website to make your visitors come back.

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