Nowadays, in a fast-paced environment as companies are growing and it is becoming difficult to manage the activities like workforce management. As the managers cannot go to the different locations and keep a track of activities and monitor performance. So, to make this task easy and efficient, software has been introduced. These include security guard management software’s also. These have their mobile patrol app. This software is becoming a necessity for the companies to manage employees, forecasting of employees, scheduling the shifts, time and attendance management and it also has mobile shift scheduling i.e., on one-click scheduling is done and notifications are sent. Mobile patrolling services have proved beneficial in offering businesses an additional layer of security.

These also have dashboard and reporting which offer KPI and show the overall performance of the company. It helps the employers to gain visibility, track, and monitor, and evaluate the number of employees needed and time taken by the employee to complete his task. It comes to a very difficult task for the managers of the companies where there are so many employees to handle the tasks and the software’s make these tasks easy and are easy to operate. One of them is Novagems.

Novagems offers a type of security guard management software that is used by companies to enhance their operational management and to manage their clients. As a manager, it gives access to the dashboard where you can keep a track of activities and their status in time. It sends a notification to the managers when guards leave the site or enter the site. It increases efficiency and reduces the cost for the company. It also allows the guards to accept the shifts and to check in to various locations and create the incident reports with visuals and send them to the clients. They provide features like: –

  • Watch Tracking – They help to keep a track of the activities of guards and their activities without going to any location from anywhere, anytime.
  • Scheduling – You can schedule the shifts on the calendar and guards will see that and accept them, it makes this process very easy.
  • Guard Tour Track – It helps in tracking of guards as it ensures incident reporting within the seconds and also reports if there are any on-site issues. There is a GPS tracking system that sends the notifications.
  • Back Office Management – It ensures employees record performance and also involves reminders. Reports are immediately sent to the clients after they are approved by the manager.

There are additional features like: –

  • Reports – There are reports available which are customized for enabling guards to document
  • Panic Button – There is a panic button that will send an alert to the manager in case of an emergency.
  • Live Dashboard- Managers can view the ongoing tasks and the pending tasks and clients can track the overall performance.

These software’s are necessary in today’s world and are growing at a fast pace. Almost every company is using security guard app or is at a stage where they are going to use them to increase their efficiency.


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