Cloud telephony can improve customer responsiveness. Valuing customers’ time is of the utmost importance that should be given by a modern business today. This is particularly true if customer satisfaction is crucial to your business. These days, customers don’t have the patience and tolerance to spend long hours on the business lines and expect a late resolution for their inquiries.    Cloud telephony services not only help agents resolve the queries of customers but also free them up for handling other complex inquiries.  For excellent customer service, all your business needs to ensure is that there is speed and accuracy in the resolution of customer inquiries. This will not only enhance customer experience but also result in enhanced productivity of your agents. This article will reveal to you how cloud telephony solutions can improve customer responsiveness. 

Customer Responsiveness- What is it?

Customer responsiveness is the capability of a business to respond to and resolve customer inquiries most efficiently. This means that agents should be able to quickly resolve customer inquiries with the right solution/advice. Cloud telephony solutions make this happen.   Without cloud telephony solutions, your business would be resolving your customer’s inquiry in a very slow process that would often lead to frustration. This is because every customer expects quick and accurate service to be provided. Customers cannot call up an agent directly and immediately. No business follows such a protocol. So if your business is a customer-responsive one, it means that your business is always approachable to the customers anytime, even if they approach through social media or other omnichannel. To resolve this issue and to stay responsive to your customers, your business must adapt or make the switch to a cloud telephony solution. 

How Can Customer Responsiveness Be Enhanced With Cloud Telephony?

A Cloud telephony solution is a smart and intelligent routing technology that can handle any number of incoming calls and inquiries from various platforms. Cloud telephony solutions ensure that none of your customer’s call goes missing and is attended to.  It should be remembered that depending upon the communication channel, customer responsiveness varies. For example, emails take a longer time to be responded to as compared to calls and live chats that take a few seconds to minutes to respond to. Social media responsiveness also can vary from a few hours to days. Whatever the communication channel is, remember it reflects your brand image reputation in the making, i.e., businesses that respond quickly will have a good impression on customers and lead to customer loyalty. With the use of cloud telephony solutions, fast customer responsiveness is achievable. Following are the ways by which cloud telephony can enhance customer responsiveness.    

Automatic Call Distribution 

Cloud telephony solutions offer smart and intelligent call routing feature that automatically distributes incoming calls to the agents based upon agent skills, availability, etc.  Cloud telephony solutions provide a better customer experience through IVR systems, toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, call forwarding, etc. These solutions not only save time but also enable faster customer responsiveness.    

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is offered by cloud telephony solutions, which helps in better business-to-customer communication. This feature can help agents better understand customers by keyword mapping which in turn helps in identifying the ‘sentiment’ behind customer interactions. It helps agents in being aware of the intent of customers and to respond to them accordingly. The better is the intent understood; the faster will be the customer responsiveness. 


Faster customer service can be delivered when data can be transferred from one application to another and cloud telephony solutions offer integrations that allow this to take place. For example, CRM integration can result in faster delivery of information between agents and customers.  

Reports and Analytics

Cloud telephony solutions provide reports and analytics of customer interaction data that can be very useful to agents. These reports and analytics are easily available on the dashboards of a cloud telephony application.  


An essential part of customer service for any business is customer responsiveness and a majority of situations need immediate and quick attention to be given to customers. This means that your customer service should be so good that it can resolve any kind of inquiry in a matter of a few minutes delighting customers to continue using your business products or services.  Every customer wants a prompt resolution and this should not be neglected. A solution such as a cloud telephony ensures this and therefore is a must-have for every business. Now is the right time to improve your customer service with a cloud telephony solution such as Office24by7 Technologies. To get started just dial 91 7097171717 or contact us through email at [email protected]. Begin your cloud journey with Office24by7 Technologies, one of the best cloud telephony services India has, today!   


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