How do Mobile Apps Help in Cutting Down 30-50% Marketing Cost?

Do you agree that life has become easier with mobile apps? Did you count how many hours you spend on the apps you’ve installed on the phone? Before the inception of the first mobile app, we used to visit the physical stores, commute to long-distance locations for appointments, await deliverables, and pay twice the price than we pay now. However, the advent of mobile apps changed all this.

Apps are the most creative platforms that are also easily accessible, having a prominent presence across several electronic devices. Have you ever noticed how these apps function or how they help business marketers save abrupt expenditures? In the face of digital media, smartphones have almost taken over every other electronic device for the sudden yet fortunate rise of mobile apps.

How mobile apps have taken over the digital culture?

The world is running on a mobile-first approach. Some quick facts about how deeply mobile apps have penetrated our society:

  • According to Newzoo, about half the world’s population today has a smartphone, and on average, they use 30 apps monthly – that’s nearly 3.6 billion people.
  • According to Q4 2019, iOS device users have 1.84 million mobile apps to choose from whereas Google’s Android App Store boasts nearly 2.57 million apps.
  • According to a 2020 report by app market data and analytics firm App Annie, the total time spent on mobile apps worldwide has crossed the limit of over 3 hours a day.

All these research-driven evidences direct us to the big picture of a highly competitive app market that brings competency, advancements, and demand for apps under the limelight. Choosing from multifarious agencies that specialize in in-app marketing can be difficult. But if you have already gauged the impact that an app may create on your business, then make your online presence imperative with it.

Has Covid-19 affected the use of mobile apps?

The pandemic has upended businesses worldwide. This has significantly upscaled mobile app usage. With partial and total lockdowns in several parts of the world, movement has become restricted, not just for the people but also for business owners. However, mobiles and technology have been the silver lining during these unprecedented times. A study by Twigby found a 37 percent increase in texting and a 32 percent increase in video calling during the pandemic. 23 percent of respondents in the survey said that they used shopping apps more frequently.

Businesses are also pivoting their revenue generation models to adapt to the changing needs of their customers. Mobile apps have gone from being nice-to-have to a must-have in the marketing arsenal of businesses.

How are mobile apps are helping businesses?

Two basic things will simplify this question.

Firstly, this generation is accustomed to smartphones, and secondly, the culture of apps is irreplaceable. Therefore, functioning and pragmatism go hand-in-hand! You have a business, and you need the right audience to reach out to, for engaging them. And that can be done smoothly with an app that is just a click away.

The best type of investment that a business owner can think of is mobile app creation. Apps increase scalability, reach potential customers faster, strategize effective ROI, and get the highest output with the lowest cost input.

  • An average American checks their phone every 12 minutes. (NYPost)
  • Mobile apps are projected to generate over $935bn in revenue by 2023. (Statista)
  • Business apps have about 99.33% reach among android smartphone users, making them third most popular download category on Play Store after Tools and Communication. (Statista)

As you can see, it’s a good time to start marketing your app.

When you are into core business, marketing becomes the part and parcel of business growth, bringing you high returns on time, effort and money. An idea gives rise to powerful execution through a mobile app by reaching targeted prospects faster, and further garnering information about their interests, behavior and demographics, taking you ahead of the competition. Once you know whom to target and how your business affects them, you have got the deal cracked. A mobile app can turn the tables for you!

If you launch your business app backed by an effective UI and UX, then you have the ball in your court because half of marketing is already taken care of.

A key reason why mobile apps are gamechangers for marketers is the fact that they are mediums to keep users engaged with instant gratification. Think how much of a task it used to be in the early 90s when you wanted to buy clothes. You would pester your mum for new clothes, she’d look up her calendar and finalize a day, and then finally, you’d start preparing from early in the morning to go to the mall to buy clothes. What used to be a week-long process two decades ago, has now become a three-click process.

Log in. Browse. Order.

Viola! Your clothes are on their way.

Mobile apps benefit businesses from all industries and of all sizes. It is noteworthy that buyers prefer businesses that have a mobile app. In fact, mobile commerce is skyrocketing. 67% all eCommerce sales across the world happen from mobile devices.

In the near future, expect mobile commerce to dominate as much as 73% of all eCommerce transactions across the globe. Therefore, it will become imperative for businesses to hire mobile app developers to accelerate their business growth. It will not be wrong to say that without a secure, robust mobile app, an eCommerce website is at a disadvantage. This means your business is at risk of losing customers as well.

Top benefits of having your own business app

Mobile apps benefit businesses only when the consumers are happy.

1. Brand building: With a mobile app for your business, your leads are going to increase. With a flawless interface, you get great UX reviews from your customers. The easier the usability gets, the better would be the feedback and endorsement!

2. Engaged customers: With apps, you can know your consumers well. Practices like deep linking, personalized content and tailored deals for individual users will encourage customers to come back to your app.

3. Profit boost-ups: Unlike traditional marketing methods, an app uses push-up notifications. It keeps them notified about upcoming events, products, services, and other updates, thereby bridging expenditure costs by cutting down marketing costs by up to 30 to50 percent.

4. Reduce workload: With mobile apps, businesses save themselves from hefty costs and a smooth transition from manual to automated performance. Collecting information and managing a database becomes easier. Moreover, intuitive interfaces help businesses save time that can further be directed to core competencies.

5. New marketing channel: Traditional methods of communicating are no longer preferred by clients and potential customers. Mobile apps create a new avenue for businesses in reaching out to their audience. Apps also help clients communicate, check on the availability of products, and also stay connected with brands from the comfort and convenience standpoints.

6. Value addition with better connection: Adding value to your business, making your presence felt, and extending your service to your potential customers are the key rationales of an app. A mobile app is the epitome of seamless customer service via a common medium that also doubles up as a one-stop solution for all queries. With excellent customer connection, mobile apps drive brand awareness.

7. Higher Engagement Quality: With mobile apps, communication has become the easiest affair, ensuring 24/7 visibility coupled with quick conflict and query resolutions. They allow businesses to understand the consumer persona to abide by their preferences.

8. Practice promotions with in-app push notifications: Through mobile apps, you can begin your future promotions with push notifications and alerts to educate customers about your business. Apps pushing timely notifications have a better likelihood of buyers opening and signing up for deals and discounts. It is important for businesses to stay active and keep customers engaged. The more they hear from you, the more actions they are likely to take!

9. Speed is the need: Your business does not have a winning monopoly for numerous other businesses are working to stay abreast with your activities. In fact, a few businesses might even be ahead of you.  It is hard to beat the rat race in the digital era without a robust mobile app. Apps are not an option today but a necessity to cater the needs of customers. Grab the opportunity to come closer to your customers by running past competition.

10. Foundation of security: Secure businesses impress buyers. Anything that comes with elevated security configurations and data confidentiality guarantees win-win in the business arena. With a mobile app, you can increase both scalability and customer interaction by paying heed to specialized security features, safety education, and easy yet protected integration makes you ready for desirable outcomes.

Thus, keeping all these factors into consideration, launch a unique mobile app for your business. It will outshine your competitors and produce exponential results in terms of revenue and online popularity!


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