How Field Force Management Software Digitalize Documentation
How Field Force Management Software Digitalize Documentation

Are you trying to find some important papers but having trouble finding them? We’ve all been there, therefore, yeah! Documentation and paperwork are a headache that virtually everyone would like to do without—not because they are unimportant, but rather because they are tedious without digitization from field force management software


The future of field force management is digitization. Teams have largely gotten more dispersed as a result of this. Therefore, collecting and delivering papers is a nuisance for executives.


In this blog, we will go through the need to do away with handwritten paperwork in field force management in this essay. We will also discuss how digitization makes document management easier for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.


Why Are Physical Documents Dated?

When you switch to digital paperwork, you’ll be saving time, space, and resources because physical paperwork typically consumes a lot of those. The icing on the cake is that by not cutting down trees, you will not only save resources but also the environment. You will save more of the environment if fewer trees are cut down.


Let’s discuss a few of the unanticipated risks associated with physical documentation in this section:

  • Organizational problems: Sorting through documents is never simple. It presents a variety of difficulties, including filing, grouping, etc. You cannot possibly organise all of the documents in an organisation in a short period of time. You must have at least one day per week.
  • Locating Documents: To begin with, paper papers require a lot of room and time. Second, they are constantly dispersed and chaotic, making it challenging, if not impossible, to find something in an emergency.
  • Improving Mood: People experience stress as a result of having to manage and carry more paperwork while out in the field. They are continually reminded of the task they are always carrying because of something about physical presence. The use of digital documentation is a fantastic technique for people to feel happier when out in the field.

Why Documentation Should Be Simplified for Managers?

When managing mid- to large-sized teams, documentation can be a real headache for managers. After all, it takes too much time to keep track of, authenticate, and verify documents for each field executive. not to mention keeping up with their progress reports!


Furthermore, document managers aren’t just concerned with executive paperwork. Field force managers are also responsible for gathering and maintaining records for each assignment that executives complete.


The formalities never stop, starting with client forms, feedback forms, and other client documentation.


Among the paperwork that managers must manage on a daily basis are the following:


  • Executive personal and professional information, such as a driver’s licence, PAN, and Aadhar.
  • Task information for executives, including every task that they have started and finished in the past week or month.
  • Reviews of executives’ performance include the success rates and results of each task they handled, both individually and collectively.
  • Information about the client, such as their history, professional affiliations, and advantages and disadvantages of working with them.
  • Pay stubs and bills to and for the field executives.
  • Customised forms for each individual customer based on the needs of the assignment and information already known.
  • Customers and management both provide feedback on how the team is performing.
  • Documents that may come up randomly when working in the office.


Why Manual Documentation Fails

There has long been manual paperwork. Therefore, it might not be practical to entirely reject it. But admitting the system’s shortcomings is the first step in fixing it. The following are the main issues brought on by an abundance of manual paperwork:


  • Paper Wastage: When doing paperwork manually, far more paper is used than is necessary. The majority of these documents need to be printed, which is something a business could easily do without but still does out of formality. Paper waste is not only costly but also bad for the environment.
  • Space Utilization: Unnecessarily large filing rooms and the mess they produce are a waste of space. It goes without saying that you will need either filing cabinets or a dedicated room to store your paperwork if you have too much to manage. That much space could be better utilised for profitable endeavours.
  • Complexity: Complexity issues become severe when all files and documents begin to resemble one another. Searching through enormous, similar-looking files to find the ones you need becomes tedious. Nobody has the time or energy to go through numerous files for the one necessary paper. 
  • Confidentiality: There is a concern with confidentiality when using manual documentation. This is mostly because to the ease with which manual papers can be lost or stolen. There isn’t much to safeguard them other than hiding behind a lock and key. 
  • Expensive Organization: Managers need to focus on issues that are far more essential than documentation. As a result, they are probably going to pay someone to arrange documentation and properly file it. It seems unnecessary to pay someone to spend their time and effort arranging documents.


Digitization Holds the Key to the Future

Document digitization, as with other things in the modern world, is the best answer to the problems associated with manual paperwork. Documents won’t be simple to access, less wasteful, or simple to arrange until everything is entirely on the cloud.

You are likely to gain from full digitalization should you decide to manage your field force using an efficient field force management software.

Document recording, saving, signing, and storage are all made simpler by digitization. Furthermore, digitalization makes the most of both digital and physical space by enabling all papers to be kept on the cloud.


Can Digital Documentation from Workforce Management Software Increase Profits?

You already know the benefits of eliminating paper documents for your business. Now is the time for you to understand how adopting workforce management software may assist you convert all of your paper documents to digital format.

Let’s look at how adopting field force management software can boost profitability in your business in this part.


Complete Discretion

The fact that everything you keep there is on the cloud makes the field personnel management software’s cloud storage the coolest thing ever. You can keep the documents there and lock them behind a password because the software can be protected.

In this way, even if you have very private documents, you won’t have to be concerned about losing them. The document will keep everything secure and confidential.


Reduced Operating Costs

Contrary to popular belief, eliminating paperwork in order to save on operational costs is not at all frugal. If you concur that your company generates a tonne of paperwork, you are aware of the cost of paper and stationery alone. You might be surprised by how much money you’re spending on physical documents if you do the math.

Again, while estimating the cost of actual papers, you might not have considered printing expenses. Even though you will need to invest in software, going paperless will still result in significant resource savings for your business.

With workforce management software, all you’ll need to get started is a functional digital device. Since almost everyone has a phone, it is significantly more cost-effective.


High Customizability

The fact that field force management software is very adaptable is its strongest feature. Custom fields and forms are available in good field force management software like TrackoFiled, allowing for organisational flexibility.

You no longer need to be concerned about using the same form in all situations. All of your clients will express satisfaction when using field force management software since they receive customised feedback forms, and supervisors receive only the information they need.


Complete Discretion

The fact that everything you keep there is on the cloud makes the field personnel management software’s cloud storage the coolest thing ever. You can keep the documents there and lock them behind a password because the software can be protected.

In this way, even if you have very private documents, you won’t have to be concerned about losing them. The document will keep everything secure and confidential.


Contactless Records Management

Documents must be contactless since people have grown more conscious of the necessity to do so. After all, what good is having a business meeting where both sides will profit if they both wind up getting sick from exchanging papers?

Additionally crucial to keeping your executives risk-free and safe is contactless paperwork.


Streamlining Field Force Documentation Management

Systems designed specifically for managing a group of field executives are called field force management systems. However, there are certain additional benefits that come with using TrackoField that further simplify the procedure.

Regarding documentation, TrackoField provides the advantages listed below to reinforce the overall procedure:

  • Easy Document Collection: TrackoField makes it very easy to store and gather field force management documents. Your executive only needs to develop a form using a straightforward procedure, then offer it to clients or anybody else to complete. The software itself saves the documents for convenient gathering and storage.
  • Custom Forms: Not all customers and business transactions have the same paperwork needs. By providing customised forms, TrackoField eliminates the need to manage several documents. These forms feature adaptable fields that can be altered in a matter of seconds based on the information that is pertinent at the time.
  • Easy Storage: Field force management solutions store documents in the cloud, which simplifies storage. As a result, you rarely need any physical room to save all of the documents you have gathered. All of your papers will be stored for as long as you need thanks to the permanent nature of this storage.
  • Digital Verification: Online forms can now be generated, printed, signed, and scanned without having to do so. Online signing options are available from TrackoField, saving time, money, and a lot of effort. You may quickly and easily fill out the required information while also authenticating it.
  • Confidentiality: All papers are password-protected or encrypted when they are saved within the software, which ensures their confidentiality. While lock-and-key confidentiality might seem similar to this, it is significantly secure because digital passwords are more difficult to crack. Executives also don’t need to manually take private information around with them.


Benefits of Documentation in the Field Force Management System Cloud

According to all you learned from the aforementioned sections, space and time waste are the two major issues with manual documentation. By keeping all of your papers in the cloud, field force management software will eliminate these two issues.

Field force management is made easier by cloud storage on several levels. Here are some of them explained:

  • Open up Physical Space: Every document will be kept in a digital location. Therefore, aside from the server space needed by the cloud, they don’t need any physical space. This office area can be utilised for greater utilities and more productive purposes.
  • Safer Environment: Less paper is used because to cloud documentation. Our environment will be safer because fewer trees will need to be cut down for documentation if less paper is used.
  • Never Lose Anything: Data stored in the cloud is essentially eternal. It will remain in the cloud for the longest period of time unless you decide to delete it. As a result, cloud documentation is less likely to make mistakes or disappear than handwritten documentation.
  • Search and Locate: You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of knowing where a paper is but not being able to find it anymore. You can search through keywords in cloud storage so that each document appears just when you need it.


To Sum Up

When overseeing a staff of more than five executives, field operations managers have a myriad of concerns. There is too much to process, from knowing their real-time positions to task implementation updates. But handling papers and adding another layer of verification is too much of a hassle.

The most effective approach to deal with the pressure that comes with excessive paperwork is to use field force management tools. With the help of field force management software like TrackoField, you and your business can stop dealing with the hassle of paperwork.

All documents can be signed, saved, and organised online to prevent loss of time, space, resources, and energy. Discover the future of field force management with automation and digitization.


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