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Any solution built or developed using applied science or math or a combination of both to fix a problem in the community is referred to as innovation. Agricultural technology, such as those used by old civilizations or computing technologies used more recently, is an example of this. Calculators, telescopes, calendars, cells etc., are examples of old tech. While pcs, robots, printers, and tablets are examples of advanced tech. More modern devices, sophisticated Blockchain technology, smart cities, advanced Artificial Intelligence etc. All are examples of future technology. According to an article on Assignment Writing Service UK website, we are so indulged with technology that we often even don’t realize that we are using it; you are using technology when you are sending others the latest news in seconds, asking the Google Assistant to set the alarm for you, or calling your loved ones in any part of the world.


Today, almost every element is influenced by technology, from transportation safety and efficiency to deliver food and medical availability, socialization, and creativity. The internet’s ability has made it easier to build worldwide networks and share knowledge and suggestions. On the other hand, overuse of some technologies has been related to a loss in mental well-being, growing social separation, and issues about privacy.

We have listed a few important ways, either good or bad; technology has changed our lives.

  • It Has Facilitated Communication

Connectivity has become unbelievably efficient and simple due to technological advancements. Yet, if you compare, it is amazing how much easier communication has become. It is among the most channels of how rapidly technology has changed.

Previously, the best option to connect with somebody at a distance was writing a letter, faxing, or locating a wired phone. Today, you have a variety of more effective ways to interact with somebody in society. For example, you can connect with them on social networking sites, message them, video conference with them and whatnot. These modern technologies can allow you to stay in touch with friends and family, even if you’re living alone or aged. For example, video chat has enabled nurses to watch the elderly who may not require a frequent physical exam. In general, social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch because it allows you can see what your family and friends are up to via their images and posts.

  • It Has Made Shopping Convenient

Shopping has found a comfortable and prominent home online, but that doesn’t mean the main street should be overlooked. After all, you can’t really compare seeing a product in person before you purchase it, and you can’t even eat out online.

Physical shopping hasn’t been abandoned by technology. But users no longer have to worry about going out to buy daily essentials, giving over cash, or entering a security code due to contactless cards and mobile payments; that works by simply tapping to pay, and you’re done.

  • It Has Provided Flexibility in Working

Although Flexible Working was recognized in 2020 due to pandemic has several bad aspects. One of its most notable good aspects has been the widespread acceptance of work-from-home. With the pandemic in full effect, many people were forced to leave their workplaces and log on from their homes. Even after the pandemic has gone. The trend appears to be likely to stay, with huge companies like Microsoft and Facebook already declaring that their employees can work from home permanently.

According to UK essay writers, many people are joining jobs that offer work from home facilities. As remote working has been a pleasure for many people: no commuting, more flexible schedules, lower environmental impact, and the ability to pick their place of work. Everything is made possible, once again, by technical advances, that is, the perfect combination of hardware and the internet.

But not to forget that working outside the office isn’t difficult. Effectively organizing staff scattered across multiple locations can be difficult. But, once again, technical advancement helps us, this time in the form of remote working tools, which may help with planning, time management, focused goals, and work structure.

  • It Has Made Health Tracking Easier

Smart bands and health applications have enabled a world constantly troubled by incurable illness to use computerized sensors to track, evaluate, and change personal medical habits. Advanced software may help physicians electronically obtain health information from patients though WiFi-enabled Nano-pills. Even Sci-Fi-like tools, such as the medical tricorder, are being designed for fast medical examinations. Furthermore, many medical centers include online portals that allow patients to access their health records or connect with their doctors very quickly.

  • It Has Reduced Privacy

In today’s world, users spend more time on the internet than they have ever spent before. According to one survey, because almost everything today is accessible online.

Shopping can be done through Walmart. Want to talk to your friends? FaceTime, Snapchat, or text are the options. Even if you are bored, you have Netflix and YouTube. Google can be used for research purposes. Today, all the essentials can be provided online. Thus it appears that our time spent online will only grow.

While having access to anything on the internet provides us with convenience, it has also exposed us. Every action we take on the internet is tracked, and we leave digital traces everywhere we go. Hackers are well aware of this data exposure, and they work hard to take advantage of it for financial benefit. But, of course, technology has given us the ability to protect ourselves and assure our safety as our lives move online. Just as it has done with almost everything.

To secure your data, you can use multi-feature authentication and many apps to protect your privacy.

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Anything that is being used over the limit is harmful. The same goes for technology. Unfortunately, it has also impacted our lives in a bad ways. It has made us so used to it that we are finding very small tasks like setting the alarm difficult without using technology.



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