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Living in the age of technology, connecting to social media has become a part of life. In order to get part and parcel with the modern world one can never neglect the importance of social media. Everything has shifted online connecting people from two different corners of Life and has made life much easier and comfortable than ever before.

Social media has provided access to get along with the new era of living as it provides people not only entertainment but knowledge too. It has been serving as a platform to create awareness and educate people about social issues.

Instagram has grown to become the most popular social networking platform, offering its users a variety of unique and exciting features. It lets users modify and post photographs and videos while also allowing them to search for them using hashtags. It serves as a platform for many people to effortlessly display their incredible skill to the rest of the world via their cell phones’ little screens.

Instagram is used by many people to market their businesses, and it also acts as a source of cash for them. Many influencers exist in the broad world of Instagram, and they readily influence their followers by imparting essential life lessons and assisting them with societal concerns.

Instagram Addiction:

Despite all of the benefits that Instagram delivers to its users, it is important to remember all of the downsides that Instagram brings, particularly to our younger generations. We can never dispute that utilizing such social media platforms has made our life more difficult as well. It appears to have made our young its slaves, consuming all of their attention. While ignoring the fact that there are other things that require their actual attention as well.

Excess of everything is bad, as the saying goes, and this is true with excessive Instagram usage, which leads to Instagram addiction. Youth are a nation’s most valuable asset, yet engaging them in such activities not only jeopardises their future. But also has a negative impact on the country.

Scrolling aimlessly through the feed for hours on end will never help you, but it will put you in a state of mental and physical instability. I researched this topic with the support of Instazoom social media professionals, who are well-versed in Instagram usage.

Negative Consequences Of Instagram Addiction On Youth:


The first thing that must be kept in mind is that everything you watch on your Instagram feed. Might not be true as the fact is that nobody on Instagram wants to show the darker side of his life. Youngsters watching such reels and posts started comparing them with what they saw. This creates low self-confidence in them and they build different complexes in their personality. Which abandon their self-growth and restrict them into their shelves.


Your eyes are the most affected part of your body. Your eyes will be badly harmed if you continue to stare at the little screens of your cell phones. It generates a burning feeling in your eyes, which leads to eye strain and, eventually, migraine. Your optic nerves are also harmed by eye strain since they are continually under pressure.


The long term eye strain results in mental stress. You’ll also feel frustrated and fatigued if you’re constantly subjected to different reels on Instagram. You’re unable to concentrate and are experiencing anxiety attacks.

These anxiety attacks subsequently give individuals long term depression.

Insomnia And Sleep Disturbance:

Insomnia and disrupted sleep habits are now frequent among most teenagers. Particularly those between the ages of 16 and 25 according to some recent research. The most direct cause is that young people spend a significant amount of time on social media. The rays emitted by mobile devices have had a significant impact on an individual’s biological clock, resulting in disrupted sleep habits.

Zooming Out Of Focus:

Our young generations have been addicted to social media platforms. Because they find it fascinating, even though it is detrimental to their mental and physical health. Those entertaining reels have absorbed so much of their attention that they are now unable to concentrate on other matters. When they try to focus on something else, they get a strong need to engage with Instagram again.

In the event that you wind up lowered into your Instagram accounts, trust me you are in good company. Gen-z is about online media, promotion and stylish life, pictures and all that shines. However, the tragic reality behind those brilliant online media lives is the dependent person that is squeezing and looking onto the screen on a daily basis.

While Instagram was at first intended to convey and impart minutes to other people, today it has transformed into a pined for diversion utilized by all age gatherings. Individuals wind up dependent on their Instagram handles rather than partaking in the life outside their gadgets. I have covered this subject with assistance of web-based media specialists from instazoom, who have great experiences about Instagram use.

Lack Of Self Confidence & Loneliness:

If you use instagram, you would be comfortable with reels and glitz instagram posts. These presents are implied on engage you, however is this the situation? Not actually, when youth witness this excitement, they begin contrasting their lives with the one’s they are seeing on the web. They scrutinize what they have.

At the point when they see impeccable skin and wonderful outfits, they regret their skin surface, weight and so on this creates sensations of weakness and individuals lose their self-assurance, they begin removing from parties and feel desolate. More youthful age doesn’t understand the way that what they see online isn’t accurate and acknowledgment is significant.

Anxiety Or Depression:

Gazing at telephone evaluates for extended periods makes your student suppress and causes strain while seeing things. This makes bothering and nervousness. Additionally seeing steady dramatization online causes you to feel disappointed and tired. You can’t think and observe mental episodes. Survey culpable and disparaging stuff online prompts a serious condition of melancholy also.

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