How men can stay hard during an intercourse

Erectile dysfunction, also known as male impotence, deprives men of attaining and sustaining a firm erection for a satisfactory intercourse. It deprives males from physical love making act and curtails their fun filled intimate moments.

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing health disorder which erodes the confidence of males while engaging in intercourse with his female buddy. To have an ideal penile erection, men require proper blood circulation to the male reproductive part. Physicians advise males to have good cardiovascular health in order to avoid this condition. Today, one out of every 3 males across the globe suffers from erectile issues.

There are numerous remedies and techniques to build a strong stamina and improve sexual performance.  However, when it comes down to safety and efficacy, the role of ED medications in defeating erectile troubles and improving bedroom performance becomes important. In this write up, we will discuss the role of two ED medications – Silagra 100 mg tablets and Kamagra – in treating male impotence is also described in this article.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Physical conditions which contribute to a weak erection in men are: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lifestyle factors, neurological disorders, trauma, loss of libido, premature ejaculation and the effect of certain medicines. ED could also occur due to the consequence of psychiatric conditions, for example depression, stress, loss of confidence, low self -esteem and performance anxiety.

Absence of intercourse creates compatibility problems in relationships and drift couples apart. In some cases, women move out of the relationship and look for love outside.

Vital tips which will assist an ED patient in achieving a solid erection

  • Dark fruits hold the key to strong erection

Erection can be enhanced with the availability of dark fruits such as elderberries, bilberries and blackberries. These fruits are loaded with powerful antioxidants and anthocyanin that offer a stiff erection to the males and assist them in performing a satisfactory intercourse.

  • Reduce intake of nicotine

Chain smokers not only suffer from poor erection quality, but are also vulnerable to several health complications such as stroke, cancer of the lung and bladder. Males who reduced their daily intake of cigarettes experienced a drastic improvement in the quality of their erection.

  • Snoring worsens erection quality

The supply of the oxygen to the penile region gets affect when a person snores in his slumber. A person who suffers from the problem of snoring should connect with a sleep expert in order to attain a firm erection.

  • Manage Estrogen levels to gain firm erection

Individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or higher have a lower rate of testosterone and a higher rate of estrogen which is generally not conducive for a healthy erection. As per a study of American Medical Association, obese people (people with 30 BMI or higher) who lost 10% of their weight experienced a drastic improvement in the quality of their erection.

  • Acupuncture can improve erection quality

The International Journal of impotence has stressed on the importance of acupuncture in getting rid of poor erection.  After conducting a study on the ED patients who has undergone acupuncture therapy for one and a half months, a major improvement was get in their erection quality.

Use of certain prescription medications hinder firm erection

Patients with ED should get in touch with a doctor with all their medical reports and doctor’s prescription. They must inform their physician regarding all the medications which they have taken in the past or are using currently. The physician would be in a better position to assess whether a particular medication is responsible for the soft erection of an ED patient.

A patient of erectile dysfunction can attain a firm erection and enjoy pleasurable moments with his female companion with the correct use of Sildenafil Citrate containing medications, such as Viagra and its cost effective alternative, Kamagra Pills. These pills promote the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ for a firm erection and satisfactory copulation. Men can easily order online Kamagra UK from a reputed medicine store for a long enduring love making session.


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