How to Choose a Diamond Pendant

A diamond solitaire pendant is something that should be there in the closet of every woman. A solitaire is generally a lone diamond or a single stone positioned on a jewellery piece. Owing to its singularity, the stone appears big and glittering. For several years, solitaires have been a widespread preference to create rings, and pendants.

Likewise purchasing a diamond ring, it is important to buy a diamond solitaire pendant set from a reputable jeweller. Let us first talk about the things to keep in mind when buying a Diamond Solitaire Halo Pendant.

What to Know While Selecting Diamond Solitaire Pendant Designs?

Here are the things that you must know while selecting a diamond solitaire pendant:

  1. Clarity

Since pendants are put on straightway in the line of sight, this aspect is even more crucial in pendant diamonds compared to rings. Assess the diamond vigilantly for making sure that no imperfections and inclusions are there while viewing the diamond with naked eyes.

  1. Certificate

Seek a diamond that has an AGS or GIA certificate. Both of these are the most trustworthy grading bodies that can assist you in making sure you receive the excellence you are guaranteed.

  1. Cut

A diamond with a perfect cut raises the light hitting every pavilion, replicating it back through the diamond’s table and crown to your eye.  Based on the shape of the diamond and the certification, ideal and excellent diamonds are a great choice. However, you will yet have to assess the diamond carefully via high resolution images.

  1. Shape

The shape that you decide on for the diamond pendant, be it oval, heart, or round, is mainly dependent upon personal choice. Take a glance at numerous shapes to get an idea of what suits the wearer’s personality the best. Round shape is currently the most prominent and eternal shape for a pendant.

Cost of a Diamond Solitaire Pendant 1 Carat

The cost of a diamond pendant varies on the basis of the carat weight of the diamond, the number of diamonds, setting style, cut quality, etc. A 1 carat solitaire diamond pendant might cost somewhere around 30000 to 40000 Dollars. If you are looking to sell your diamond solitaire pendant, then expect to receive less than its original price. Similar to selling diamond rings, a diamond pendant must not be considered a financial investment.

A one carat diamond which is even viewed as the best size for diamond solitaire pendant is equivalent to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams) that is about 1/4th of a raisin. Based on the diamond’s shape and cut, the size form will vary a little.

The price of a one carat diamond can differ significantly, based on the color, clarity, shape, and cut quality. A dull one carat round-cut diamond’s price can be anywhere around 4500 Dollars, whereas a striking one carat round-cut diamond’s price can be around 7500 Dollars.

Final Words

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