On-demand Services App Launch

The tide of on-demand apps has brought a whole new dimension to access products and services from their comfort level. You can keep a hold on the massively growing on-demand services as they have the potential to provide a promising future for entrepreneurs like you.

Stick with this blog to know more about making an entry into the on-demand services business and how much does it cost to build a superior on-demand app. 

Stats regarding different segments of the on-demand sector

  • The all-time popular ride-hailing services are expected to touch $218 billion by 2025. The number is not surprising as the demand for ride-hailing services is growing invariably. Uber, the market leader in the taxi business holds a 69% share in the U.S market.
  • Food delivery businesses have dominated the traditional restaurant businesses and the former is expected to chip in $ 182327 million by 2024. 
  • In the grocery delivery marketplace, around 45% of shoppers are millennials. By 2023, the revenue contribution of the online grocery business will be $ 20 billion.
  • On-demand video streaming apps experienced a sharp increase in usage in recent months. The market volume of these video streaming apps is $ 95,976 million. Netflix, a popular video streaming app is being used by 82% of Americans.

Why are on-demand apps considered business-friendly?

From the above list of stats, you can conclude that on-demand services are definitely worth your investment. People generally prefer online services as they can witness a high level of comfortability. On-demand services are expected to rapidly grow because it houses a large number of services. Apart from the traditional services like food delivery and taxi services, there are so many other services that are available on-demand for users.

Plumbing, car cleaning, pet care, babysitting, cooking, laundry services, etc., are making their way up into the on-demand sector. 

irrespective of the category of on-demand services, users can get the booked services quickly at their doorsteps. Also, making a booking in the on-demand app is just a simple task. Most of all, the number of integrated payment options available makes it easy for users.

How to develop an on-demand app that appeals to the users?

You have entered the most challenging part of the on-demand services business. App development is highly crucial for your on-demand business, as it is the face of your business. There are plenty of ways through which you can make your app appealing to your users. Mainly,  you must shed focus on the user interface and nextly, the features of the app. 

  • Users must be able to glide through your on-demand app without having to struggle in between. An excellent user interface will give the best impression to the users and position your app.
  • Consider going for clone app development and infuse the latest stack of features. White-label Gojek clone app is a reputed clone app solution if you prefer to provide many on-demand services from a single app.
  • Embedding unique features is important with which you can make your app differentiated from other on-demand apps. 
  • Most of all, a feedback system should be a part of your app. Without getting to know your users better, you cannot move forward with your business.

Advantages of being an on-demand services business owner

You can get a quick reputation for your brand if you are entering the universe of the on-demand sector. Not just with that, but you can keep on multiplying your growth throughout. Let us look in detail at the number of advantages you will get through the on-demand services business.

  • The first thing you will look out to receive after you deploy your business is brand awareness. The spiking growth of on-demand businesses would have given a cheer for you to start your own on-demand business, right? You can get instant brand awareness if you start an on-demand business.
  • Next to brand awareness, your objective will be to get more user engagement. A reliable on-demand business that operates via a glitch-free and feature-rich platform will keep users engaged. So, it is upto the app’s design and the reliability of your business that will fetch you the engagement of the users.
  • On-demand services have the potential to chip in a high volume of revenue. Commission percentages from service providers, advertising fees from third-party advertisers, delivery charges from customers, and subscription fees are the common revenue channels through on-demand apps.

Overall, through the deployment of an on-demand services business, you can get brand awareness, user engagement, and a high volume of income. Also, the increased usage will help entrepreneurs in expanding gloabally.

Get to know the on-demand app development costs

The cost of building an on-demand app has its own set of metrics. Each stage in the process of app development will have separate cost-adding factors. Say, for example, if you are customizing the user interface, then it will add some cost. If you are appending some features to the existing set of features, then additional charges for those extra features. 

You will be eager to know in detail how these features impact the overall cost of app development. So, here are a few examples that will depict how the cost is calculated.

  • For integrating a social media sign-up feature, the app needs to include social media apps like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So, this feature will have a separate cost.
  • For advanced features like live map, location tracker, and route optimizer, you need to include the relevant technologies. For the map feature, you can choose Google maps, Waze, Maps.me, etc. So, depending on the technology used for the map feature, you will be charged accordingly.
  • Likewise, push notifications, in-app chatting/calling, etc., will define their own cost. 
  • In the first place, the platform you have selected will consume a larger portion of your app’s total cost.

Finishing lines

Overall, I believe that this blog is a complete guide as it describes every detail that is oriented to on-demand business. You would have understood the cost metrics of on-demand app development, the scope of on-demand business, and the profits you can earn through this business. Launch an on-demand services app and embellish your business. 


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