How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS App

Every business has a dream to develop their business app on iOS because of the enormous market demand. 

It does not matter whether you are a startup or a large-scale business and want to build an iOS app, but is the app development cost your main concern.

If yes, this post is for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss the cost-driving factors and estimated cost for iOS App development. 

Cost-Driving Factors for iOS App Development

i) Discovery Process

It is a process in which you describe your business ideas and how developing an iOS app can help your business to grow. 

This step involves various activities like market research, knowing your customer base, analysing your competitor, and calculating the estimated development time that needs to be pointed out before moving forward. 

ii) Development Type

It becomes challenging for business owners to choose the development type between Native and cross-platform apps. If we talk about the native app approach, business apps are provided with better UX design, high-level security, and excellent customer support, due to which the development cost becomes higher. 

On the other hand, if we talk about a hybrid app approach, these are implemented with multiple platform accessibility. Due to the single codebase, the cost and development time of these apps are comparatively when compared with Native apps. 

iii) Analysis and Scoping

Analyzing and scoping is a crucial factor in an iOS app development process. It helps business owners to understand app complexity, third-party integration, use of device function, deployment model of architecture, and many more. 

iv) Categories

When it comes to deciding the cost of iOS app development, choosing the app category plays a vital role. 

The app development process has different categories like different functions, demographics, security criteria, goals, and many more. At the same time, it requires effort, money, and time accordingly. Thus, the cost of making an iOS App varies. 

v) Design and Animation

Design and animations are essential elements of any app development process. The whole app depends upon the design and interfaces it provides to its user. 

The app’s design and animation directly affect the cost of iOS app development. Different template designs can be used in the app designing process, but their charges may differ. It would help if you chose a perfect plan and animation for your app that matches all the requirements. 

vi) Launch

Launching your iOS app on AppStore is not an easy task. Your app should meet all the guidelines before you publish it on AppStore. Thus, make sure your iOS App is ideal and meets all the guidelines before it gets published in the AppStore. 

vii) Maintenance

If you think your work is done once your app is published then you are wrong.  When your app gets published in the AppStore, you have to provide timely updates and make sure your users are using the latest version of the app to make a seamless user experience. 

You can avail iOS app development services to keep your app up to date and provide timely maintenance for a healthy run of your app. 

viii) Team Size

At last, after considering all the factors, your app development cost will be based on the company developing your app. So, it is your responsibility to research the best app development company that develops the app under your budget.

Estimated Cost for iOS App Development

No one can give you a surety about the cost of iOS app development, but you can get an estimated cost for developing an app for your business.

i) Simple Apps (With No Backend)

If you plan to develop an app with basic features, the estimated development cost will be from $20,000 – $50,000. If you are a startup and planning to create an iOS app for your potential customers, you can go for it. 

ii) Mid-Level Apps (A Bit Heavier with DB/ Server)

If you plan to develop an app with moderate features, some graphics, and animation, the estimated development cost will be from $60,000 – $1,40,000. If you are small-scale and have been running your business for 4-5 years, you can go for mid-level app development.  

iii) Complex Apps (With Decent Server Side)

If you are running a large-scale business and want to build an app with full-fledged features, an amazing user interface, and a friendly UI. Including all the latest trends will cost you between $1,50,000 – $3,00,000. 


I hope this post has given you an idea about iOS app development costs. Suppose you are planning to develop an iOS app for your business.

In that case, you can hire an iOS app development company to get your app developed by experienced iOS developers using the latest technologies.

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