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Natural language processing, its use, and case studies including Vodafone and Hearst Newspaper are all covered in this article.

National Language Processing has been around for more than 50 years and has linguistics roots.

What is Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing, better abbreviated as NLP, is an artificial intelligence (AI) concept.

Which summarizes the data of human interaction in machine language to respond and communicate easily, moreover, to respond in a human language. 

In simple words, NLP develops a communication of natural languages and it simplifies.

The data of a human behavior which helps system to replicate and respond in a human manner.

Google assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc. are very primary examples of the use and importance of NLP between service providers and end users.

How Natural Language Processing works

The software will basically recognize the data and will interpret in machine language, which is called Natural Language Understanding.

This respond is an output to the input of a human interaction. The whole system is a basic function of Natural Language Processing.


Natural Language Processing opens up a wide range of application in prime files of technology.

  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Translation
  • Chat bots
  • Advertisement matching
  • Spell checks

NLP Development Company

The companies to provide development of Natural Language Processing uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and interpret data.

These software can process very large amount of data and can easily summarize it to give output within no time.

Basically, NLP development company develops software to understand the complexity and detail of a language which needs to be responded.

How Natural Language Processing is used by Vodafone

Vodafone’s executives desired to lead the business through a digital transformation.

The Natural language Processing Company can analyze client inquiries and retrieve the most pertinent data while comprehending the broader context of a discussion.

Vodafone is upgrading customer service by speeding up response times by working with Cloud Servers.

Genesys to provide a number of artificially intelligent chatbots and advanced speech recognition capabilities.

Using Google Cloud’s Dialogflow and Genesys Multicloud CX, Vodafone launched TOBi, an AI-powered chat assistant, across its digital customer care channels.

It is also creating an NLP-speech interactive voice response for its speech customer care channel.

Using NLP and contextual search, TOBi provides end-to-end help for simple queries.

Direct clients to the best digital self-service tool, or connect them with the best human agent who has the skills necessary to manage their needs.

be immediately routed to the appropriate resource or agent, eliminating the inconvenience of navigating lengthy and complex IVR menus.

Instead of going through lengthy and tiresome menus, users can speak as they would to a real person with Interactive Voice Response.

How Natural Language Processing is used by Hearst Newspapers

One of the biggest publishers of mass media in the globe is Hearst Newspapers.

The staff at Hearst Newspapers can better target more specific client segments by using the offered granular data.

Google Cloud Natural Language API is an Natural language processing services product which is implemented by Hearst Newspaper.

Company reps created material more quickly and accurately, which reduced manual work and provided important insights into how people consume media.

Additionally, the Hearst Newspapers Customer Data Platform receives categories and property data from Google Cloud Natural Language API.

Which is then used to create user profiles and segments based on reading habits.

We are able to target more exact content groups and match advertisements with more accurate.

Reader profiles because to the rich information we obtain from Google Cloud Natural Language API.

It saves us a lot of time not to manually categorise 3,000 articles every day.

The Google Cloud Network and cloud machine learning technology is bringing up a new world for Hearst.


It is quick, interactive and effective. saves time and reduces human efforts.

But foremost, it is bridge a between humans and machines to establish a unique bond.

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