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The Linksys Smart wifi access is the foremost step to configure your Linksys smart wifi router. There is no way of moving ahead if you fail in accessing the web interface of the Linksys router. Even if the process seems simple, you need to take care of certain details during the process. So without wasting any time, get ready to learn about how to access Linksys smart wifi setup process in this blog.

 Access Linksys Smart Wifi Setup

You need to get the following things handy and fulfill certain conditions before beginning with the Linksys Smart wifi setup process:

  • Get a compatible Internet browser
  • Also, a Linksys Smart wifi router
  • You must have a smooth Internet connection
  • Lastly, ethernet cables

Linksys Smart wifi setup process

Before you begin with the Linksys Smart wifi setup process, connect the antennas to the router. Now, plug the router into a power source. Also, make sure that the power switch is in the ON position. You can wait until the power indicator is solid. Read the steps below to continue further:

  • Firstly, connect the modem and the router using the ethernet cable.
  • After connecting the devices, search for the wifi network and connect to your secured wifi by filling in the login credentials. Try to place the devices in the same room to avoid any barriers and physical interference.
  • After launching any compatible browser, fill in the default gateway in the address bar of the browser and press Enter.
  • Once you are satisfied to move ahead for configuration, tick the checkbox beside License terms and click on Next to move ahead.
  • You can bypass the Smart Setup Wizard method and set up the router manually by clicking on the Manual configuration link.
  • Just make sure that the Install Future router updates (automatically) option is checked by default in the Updates for your router You can uncheck this.
  • Box if you wish to control the Auto-Updates. Click on Next to proceed ahead.
  • Fill in the wifi name and password as you wish in the given fields and hit on Next. You can also use a singular name for both of the networks. For this click on Give all my wifi bands the same name.
  • Once you connect to the new wifi name and return to Setup, you can click on Next.
  • In the Create a router password field, enter the router password and press Next.

With this, the router setup process finishes successfully.

Basic troubleshooting tips to resolve Linksys Smart wifi router setup issues

You can resolve the basic router issues by following the instructions given below:

  • Firstly, go for the router restart process as this might lead the device into its working condition again. Unplug the router from the power source and plug it back in a few minutes.
  • Try to maintain minimal distance between the devices. As the physical barriers lead to unwanted interruptions.
  • Always verify the login credentials before entering them. The wrong login details won’t allow you to proceed with the login process smoothly.
  • Get away with unwanted issues and bugs by updating the firmware of the router. Don’t postpone the updates as this may cause your device to function improperly.
  • Use any compatible browser and if you think that it is cached with extra cookies, clear them all.
  • The wired connection is the most suggested and recommended connection for better mobility. So, use proper and damage-free ethernet cables to connect the devices.
  • Try to disable the Firewalls and the Anti-virus software as this might be blocking access to the login page. Re-install them after some time.
  • Lastly, perform the factory reset operation on your Linksys Smart wifi router and restore your device to default settings. This can erase all your saved configurations so make sure you backup them all.

Linksys Smart wifi router reset

You can reset the Linksys router using the reset button present on the device. Go through the steps given below, to know more about the Linksys smart wifi router reset process.


Start by pressing the reset button present on the back panel of the router. Keep holding the button for at least 10 seconds and release it gently. The router will reboot and it will be reset to factory defaults successfully.


The Linksys Smart wifi reset process has been explained above in a very simplistic manner. If you wish to have more knowledge and detailed process, chat with our technicians now using the toll-free number given.




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