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Before asking the question “How to become a good online teacher”, you should know the importance and meaning of teaching the Quran. It is important to learn Quran for every Muslim and teaching the Holy Book is like serving in Allah’s way.

Quran is the first step to understanding nature in its ways. It is a mode of Hidayath! Therefore, to understand how to become a good Quran teacher it is important to understand the message of the Quran and make good use of it in your life.

Once you know the concept of teaching the Quran and dealing with it, in general, it is time to know why Muslims should teach the Holy Quran.

Teaching Quran brings many rewards like it is one of the greatest acts of serving Allah (Ibadah) and it is one of the deeds which are rewarded even after the death of a person.

Tips to become a good online Teacher:

Presently after knowing helping the Quran and the motivations to do this, I think this propels you to be an Online Quran instructor. Subsequently, there are a few additional tips to help you:

General Tips for Teaching Quran

  • You ought to know the honorability along these lines and be a decent model by beginning with yourself to grasp Quran and apply its guidelines, as referenced previously.
  • It ought to remember part of the Quran or the entire and read it first on an expert Sheik to ensure your elocution.
  • You ought to know the hypothetical and pragmatic Tajweed rules.
  • It’s prescribed to realize showing styles, ways of conveying data, and how to manage various sorts of characters.

Additional Tips for Teaching Quran to non-local Arabic Speakers

  • You ought to have the essential language important for correspondence. One of the great sites ordered by levels is this one. 
  • You ought to know how to show the Arabic letters and Tajweed in English. 
  • Be a companion over an educator. Keep a sensible space of casualness in your relationship with your understudies.

How to Become an Online Quran Teacher?

Online Quran Teaching is difficult, particularly with children. Other than the previously mentioned tips, you ought to think about the accompanying:

  • Be acquainted with the utilizations of correspondence, similar to Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and so forth.

Play games with students to keep them interested. In this manner, you might utilize an arrangement of focuses during the class and assemble these focuses toward the finish of it to choose the champ. Likewise, you might give each understudy a legend epithet. There are numerous instructional exercises on YouTube assisting you with utilizing it to make the climate seriously fascinating.

  • Figure out how to plan slides for the illustrations, particularly on PowerPoint as it is valuable to use for a clarification, works out, and in any event, playing.
  • Break time is significant, particularly for the children. You might make it a free conversation with him/her. Allow the learner to articulate their thoughts by posing open inquiries. 

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