How To Change The Appearance Of Players In NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 will be released in a month, and now we should be ready to get into the game. The first thing we need to do when we enter the game is to build a player. At this point, we need to understand how to modify the player’s appearance.

While modifying a player’s appearance doesn’t make any difference to our strength, it does make our players look better. If you want to get some powerful players then you can buy MT 2K23. This currency can be used to buy various items in the game.

There are multiple ways to modify a player’s appearance in this game, and you can choose a method. Whichever you choose, you can easily modify the player’s appearance.

How to modify player appearance in NBA 2K23?

To change the player’s face you need to enter “My Player Appearance”. In this menu, we can change the appearance of the player, such as Hair, Eyes, Nose, Skin Color, etc. There are tons of editable styles for each facial feature, so be sure to go through them all before jumping to the next one. Once you’ve finished the look of your MyPLAYER, click the Save button.

Choose a preset look

If you choose one of the presets, the process should be fairly easy. Just select a new face from the list of preset faces.

Modify player faces using facial scans

NBA 2K22 allows player face scans to be applied to MyPLAYER models. We should still be able to use this method in NBA 2K23.

To perform a face scan, you need to install the companion app on your phone first. Connect the app to the NBA 2K23 platform and log into your account.

Once done, there will be three buttons on the app’s home screen, one of which is a face scan. Click it to enter your facial information. It will enter more than 10 photo information. If you are satisfied with the photos you took, you can click upload.

Applying data from facial scans

When the face scan process is complete, then go to your NBA 2K23 game and enter the skin from the steps to access your MyPLAYER skin. Under Appearance, there should be a Face Scan Head type. Select it by clicking the Scan your face option, then check the head scan data. It will start scanning the face scan and will import the face scan you just did. Once the process is complete, an icon will appear, this icon can have 3 colors, namely green, yellow and red. These 3 colors indicate the best quality of face scans and red the worst. Just like that, your face scan will be applied to your MyPLAYER character.

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