How to choose a Barrie Divorce Lawyer
How to choose a Barrie Divorce Lawyer

Experience and focus

How to choose a Barrie Divorce Lawyer. The divorce lawyer you consider should have extensive experience in handling divorce cases at your location. Experienced divorce lawyers are aware of the trends of different judges in your jurisdiction and should be able to use this knowledge for your benefit. In addition, the lawyer needs to practice primarily in the field of divorce law.

In many cases, people hire lawyers who are primarily practicing in other areas and think so with any lawyer. However, divorce law is a very specialized area and requires certain skills and experience to gain the potential for success.

Voices of past customers

Perhaps the best way to decide which Barrie Divorce Lawyer to use in your divorce proceedings is to find out what your previous client must say about that lawyer. Divorce is by no means a fun process, but some divorce lawyers are more successful than others in satisfying their clients.

If you don’t know who the client of that particular divorce lawyer is, you should consider asking the lawyer for a list of contact clients who can explain your experience with the lawyer. Client confidentiality is important, but an experienced divorce attorney must have at least a few ex-clients who are willing to guarantee him or her.


When clients complain about divorce lawyers, one of the most common complaints is that they were unable to communicate with the lawyer. It is very important that your divorce lawyer is accessible and quick in responding to your phone, email, and meeting requests.

If a former lawyer’s client tells you that it’s very difficult to reach a lawyer, or that the lawyer didn’t reply to your phone or email, or that it takes a few days to reply, you should definitely avoid that lawyer. If you can’t contact your divorce lawyer. Or at least any of his or her staff, your level of frustration can increase exponentially.


When making your first appointment with a divorce lawyer, you should ask about the consultation fee. Some lawyers offer a quick, free initial consultation, but most experienced divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee of $ 100.00 to $ 200.00 or a regular hourly wage.

For example, we charge a flat $ 100.00 consultation fee, regardless of the length of the meeting, at no additional hourly rate. Basically, the consultation fee is to “remove” people who aren’t serious about the possibility of hiring me. Given that my regular hourly wage is $ 200.00 / hour and a regular consultation takes about 90 minutes, my consultation fee is significantly discounted. Therefore, don’t fear an interview with a particular lawyer with a consultation fee.

During the consultation

It is very important that you have a frank discussion with a future divorce lawyer about the fees and what you can expect. Experienced divorce attorneys usually require the payment of a significant holder in advance. For which the attorney’s hourly wage and costs are charged.

You know what the lawyer’s hourly wage is, what the prepaid holders are. Whether some of the holders are refundable if they are not exhausted. And you know their hourly rates and costs. You need to know how often you can expect to receive the invoice you state. You will also want to know the details of the invoice. Again, this is another area where you can get great information from the people who were clients of that divorce lawyer.


Are you happy with the lawyer and confident in his or her abilities? Unless the answer is clear, yes, you should keep looking. Your case is too important to leave to someone who doesn’t stimulate your self-confidence.

How Can You Help Your Barrie Divorce Lawyer

You may expect your Barrie Divorce Lawyer to handle all aspects of your divorce, but there are things you can do to make the process for yourself and your lawyer easier. Your divorce lawyer is certainly expected to take care of the technical and legal details of your divorce case. But keep in mind that your case involves your life and certain circumstances.

Your lawyer has a law degree and experience in handling divorce cases, but he or she can’t read your mind. It is important that you play an active role in your case to ensure that your lawyer has all the relevant information and is aware of your wishes.

Providing accurate information to lawyers

During your divorce, you expect to speak openly and honestly with your divorce lawyer. This often means providing all the facts, even if they are very personal or embarrassing. Before meeting a lawyer, you need to make a list of all relevant information. 

You also need to collect and organize all financial and other documents related to the lawyer’s marriage. You can save valuable time if all bank accounts, retirement funds, income, marital assets. And debt documents are properly organized when presented to a lawyer.

If you simply give your lawyer a pile of disorganized paperwork

He or she can be as confusing as if you handed you a copy of the divorce law associated with you, all of them. 

Becoming a spouse soon may infuriate you and deliberately provoke you between you. But you should try to stay calm and focus on what matters. Your divorce lawyer probably doesn’t need to hear about how your husband or wife offended your mother or what your friends are saying you should.

Your divorce lawyer needs to know all the important facts about your divorce case. But keep in mind that time is valuable.

It’s understandable that emotional support systems and outlets may be needed to discuss frustration with a spouse. But it’s not your divorce lawyer’s job to listen to the drama and provide a crying shoulder.

To meet these needs, you need to surround by a support system and divorce recovery counselor, if necessary. Getting emotional support and counseling may help you talk more calmly with a divorce lawyer. Allow you to better present relevant facts.

Listen to your divorce lawyer

You have given you legal advice and hired your divorce lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your divorce. Your lawyer probably has far more experience in divorce cases than you. So you should pay attention to his or her advice when given it. If you don’t know the advice from a divorce lawyer, ask for an explanation. Ignoring the lawyer’s advice can hurt the proceedings and prevent divorce proceedings.

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