Kitchen Exhaust System

Ventilating a house simply replaces undesired odours with clean and fresh air.

This is what you want, right?

The common symptoms of a poorly ventilated home are sweaty windows, peeling wallpaper, mold-covered walls and musty odours. The entire house, including the kitchen and bathroom, require a proper ventilation system for converting the bad environment to a healthy atmosphere. That’s why exhaust fans are counted as the most effective method of dealing with excessive moisture and unpleasant smell in the home.

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans in the home are very advantageous for preserving the ideal temperature and air quality. These fans come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, which correspond to their specific application and the size of the area in which they’re going to be installed.

But, how do you know which range hood is right for you?

Let’s assist you!

Why Ventilate Your Home?

Homes with inadequate ventilation can generate many problems with indoor dampness, odours and pollutants. Even when cooking smoke and moisture from bathing settle on the walls or cabinets surface, it leads to mold growth and damages the surface.

Letting harmful particles accumulate on surfaces may cause health problems. Therefore, it’s necessary to flush out those pollutants from the home. An air-sealed home or poorly ventilated home makes homeowners feel suffocated and not letting them breathe properly.

However, installing mechanical ventilation systems like bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans allows homeowners to maximize the breathability in their homes.

Tips for Choosing Exhaust Fans for Home

Duct or Duct-Free Exhaust System

A ducted exhaust system is also known as a vented system. It uses ducts to throw the air away out of the house because you can’t vent into another interior space of your home.

Having a ducted system allows homeowners to install an exhaust hood to an exterior wall. This way, the ducting becomes easy and more efficient. The installation of ducting and hood systems become more complicated and expensive if the ducting system is long enough.

On the other hand, a duct-free or non-vented system filters and cleans the air. After filtering the air, it returns the air to the home instead of throwing it directly outside. However, these systems require more maintenance, regular cleaning, and filter replacement with time as they’re less efficient. So, determine what you expect and what are your requirements.

Consider Hood Noise Level

You might have bought an extremely powerful bathroom or kitchen exhaust system for your house. However, there is nothing worse than having a noisy fan, sounding like a small aircraft taking off every time you switch on it.

Nowadays, exhaust fans are made with high-quality ball-bearing motors, which don’t produce any sound while turning on. Such devices are ultra-quiet.

In addition, choose a model that draws air towards the edges or perimeter of the hood rather than moving it over a large area. This doesn’t only make the hood more efficient but also lessen the noise level. While purchasing the exhaust fans, it’s recommended that you test the hood before bringing it home.

Pick Preferred Style

Everyone wants to purchase a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan that perfectly coordinates with your required area and personal preferences. You may find different models in the market with a brushed or shiny finish, the material choice, i.e., stainless steel or brass, etc.

Doesn’t matter – whether it’s modern or traditional. However, you want a piece that will nicely fit your home’s general architectural style. Additionally, you also want to consider – how seamlessly it’ll combine with your desired location. If you’re thinking about creating a bold statement, it’s advisable to pick something that accessorises your rest decor.

Don’t Forget to Evaluate Total Price

Cost plays a prominent role when it comes to purchasing or choosing a robust and sturdy kitchen exhaust fan. Generally, the cost depends on the size, power, materials and special features, including heat sensors, automatic shut off and type of built-in lighting.

Hence, it’s recommended that you do detailed research and compare the price online before visiting the store. This will provide an idea of what you can expect to spend. However, don’t forget to evaluate the cost of installation. The installation of exhaust fans can only be handled by professionals. They’re well-trained and qualified in the installation process.

Evaluate Fan Power

A proper space size will dictate – how powerfully the exhaust fan will clear the strong aroma or cooking odours from the house. For identifying your actual requirements, you need to multiply the kitchen ceiling height by the length and width of the room. This will give an overall estimate of the volume of your kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling Height X Width of the Room = Volume of the Kitchen

Hence, it’s advisable to pick a kitchen hood, which is capable of cleaning the air no less than 8 times every hour.

Estimate Exhaust Hood Energy

While choosing an exhaust fan for your kitchen and bathroom, you also need to evaluate – how much air a kitchen hood can throw out per hour. By doing simple math and CFM (Cubic feet per minute) measurement, you’ll get a brief idea about the power spent on the exhaust.

For instance, an exhaust hood fan with a 1,000 CFM can remove all of the air from an area that is 10ft x 10ft x 10ft in one minute. To measure how much air a single exhaust fan can replace per hour, you can multiply it by CFM by 60 minutes.

Wrapping Up!

Exhaust fans are beneficial in removing odours, dust particles, and moisture from an area of the home. These devices can eliminate the stale, humid, or contaminated air through the exhaust vent, throwing it outside the house. Hence, ventilation is necessary.

So, while selecting a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan, it’s highly suggested that you consider all the above-listed factors to make your investment worthy. Installation of such devices isn’t possible without the assistance of professionals. So, do consider or hire highly proficient technicians for such a process. They perform all the tasks with responsibility and provide a complete reliability over services


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