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Hair colouring is a fun task to undertake. There are a lot of colours to choose from and you will have a hard time doing that. There are a variety of hair colours for different skin tones and undertones. Going for hair colouring is a good decision as it is a protective covering on your tresses that make them strong. For weak and damaged hair, it is best to dye your hair with a natural dye. Stay back and read this guide on how to choose hair colour according to your skin tone. 

Hair colours are important to make you look cool and stand out. While choosing hair colours, it is important to select them according to your skin tone. Our bodies consist of melanin that is responsible for the colour of our hair, eyes, and skin. It also determines how the skin changes colour in different climatic conditions. If you select the right hair colour, it will enhance your look and overall appearance. But if the wrong colour has been chosen, then everything will go downhill. Join us as we tell you how to choose the perfect hair colour. 

The Skin Tone 

Skin tone is the primary factor to select hair colour. There is a simple trick to check your skin tone. Stand out in the sun. If your skin turns red, then you have a cool skin undertone. But if you tan in the sun, then you have a warm skin tone. You can also look at your veins for the same. Green coloured veins imply warm skin tone and blue coloured veins imply cool skin tone. If you have both coloured veins, then you can try any hair colour you wish to. What an advantage if having neutral veins!   

Hair Trends

You might be following many celebrities that set new hair trends every day. If you wish to have those hair trends, do not forget that they must compliment your skin tone. Some colours look good on warm skin tone while some look good on cool skin tone. This we will be discussing later in the essay. 

  • Always select a shade two times lighter than your natural hair colour. 
  • You can also select hair colour according to the colour of your eyes. 
  • People with warm undertones must go for colours like copper, brown, etc. On the other hand, people with cool undertones must go for shades like walnut brown, red, etc. 

The Best Hair Colours for You 

If you know your undertone, then it will not be much difficult for you to select hair colour. Below are some of the best hair colours that you must definitely try this year and set a trend yourself. So, let us begin! 

1. Natural Hair Colour 

Whether you have a warm undertone or a cool undertone, you can go for natural hair colours. Natural hair colours like black, brown, etc., never work against our skin tone. Remember that if you have pale skin, do not go for golden shades and ash-brown shades. Also, if you get red in the sun in a few minutes, then you must avoid the red colour. This will make you look chaotic. 

2. Burgundy Hair Shade

Brown is considered dull in fashion but brown hair colour isn’t. There are a variety of shades available in brown hair colours that suit all kinds of skin tones. Burgundy is one of them. Burgundy also has many shades in it. If you are warm-toned, then shades like ash brown, chocolate brown, etc., will look good on you. If you are cool-toned, then shades like mahogany, chestnut, etc., will look good on you. Opt for any of the shades! 

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3. Red Hair Colour 

Red also comes in a lot of shades and is very tricky to play with. While choosing the shade of red, you need to be very careful. If you have a fair skin tone, you can try light red, copper red, etc., shades as they will suit you the most. For people having olive skin tone, it is best that you go for darker shades like blue-based red.   

4. Funky Hair Shade

Ladies who wish to experiment with their looks, these hair shades are for you. Funky hair colours are for wild women who love adventure. There are many adventurous shades like green, purple, pink, blue, grey, etc., that you can try and set a hair trend for months to come! The best way to incorporate these colours is by applying them in the form of streaks of highlights. 

So, these are some of the hair colours that you can definitely try this season. You can style them in curls, waves, or simply keep them straight to get a chic look. Let us look at the hair colours to try –

If you have a warm skin tone, try these shades:

  • Deep rich brown shade like chocolate, auburn, chestnut brown, etc.
  • Rich golden brown
  • Warm golden shade, red shade, or copper shade. Go for highlights with these colours. 
  • Avoid blue, purple, and jet-black hair colours. These hair shades will make you look washed out. 

If you have a cool skin tone, try these shades:

  • Cool red hair shades like burgundy, Bordeaux, etc.
  • Brown shades like red, brown, blonde, etc., having a warm base alongside. 
  • Cool shades like wheat honey, taupe, cool ash brown, etc. Go for highlights with these shades. 
  • Avoid golden and bronze shades. 

So, these are some of the hair colours that you can go for. You can go for permanent hair colours. Permanent hair colours are used to colour our hair intensely while making them stay for longer periods of time. These hair dyes are capable of changing your hair colour to two tones light or dark depending upon the colour you choose. They stay vibrant for longer periods of time and do not require frequent touch-ups. Permanent hair dyes have many advantages like:

  • Saves you from the hassle of colouring your hair frequently. 
  • They provide excellent grey hair coverage. 
  • Come in various different colours. 
  • Are inexpensive, hassle-free, and easy to use.
  • Permanent hair dyes are best suited with women who do not want to spend much money and time in the salons. 

As far as permanent hair dyes are concerned, you may want to try Godrej Expert Rich Crème. It is a natural hair dye that is infused with natural ingredients which makes your hair strong and repairs your damaged ends. Follow this guide on how to choose hair colour and get exciting hair colours done while setting a trend for all!


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