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Golang is an open source language that has been garnering interest as of late, as it’s becoming more popular for use in modern web applications due to its high performance and unique features. If you’re thinking about hiring golang developers to help you with your app development needs, there are some important questions you should be asking in order to choose the best development company for the job.

We’ve compiled a list of things to consider before making any decisions so that you can be confident that your business will get the right help with its Golang needs.

Steps to Choose the best Golang Development Company

Finding the right company for your project

The best company will be honest with you about what they can and cannot do. If a golang development company is open and honest with you from the start, then you know what to expect in terms of cost, time and level of communication. You need a team that’s going to manage your expectations through clear and consistent communication. A great golang development company won’t just talk about the process; they’ll provide processes for every step of their development cycle: requirements gathering, project management, testing, deployment, etc..

It’s also crucial that there is trust between you and your golang development company so that everyone understands what they are responsible for in terms of timelines. As long as there’s transparency and clear communication, you have no reason to worry when working with a top-notch golang development company. Finding the right golang developer really comes down to listening closely to everything your prospective developers say about themselves or their services.

In other words, if your developer does not specialize in specific areas—such as secure coding standards—they might not be able to build that into your app right away… at least not without some extra hours billed on your end! So keep an eye out for where they focus most of their attention during sales calls or how well they can describe why they like working on projects related to something you want done on yours. Sure, everyone wants more work—that should be expected!

Use established companies

If you’re going to hire a Go development company, it’s important that they have experience building scalable, large-scale apps. You can usually learn about past projects and developers on a company’s website. If you’re considering using a small, remote team, make sure they have at least 10 or more years of experience in web development and are familiar with common frameworks such as React and Node.js frameworks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references—you should see high-profile names on there that are in line with your project goals. A company without much experience could cost you more time and money over all because they’re learning as they go. They’ll also need oversight from you as your project grows; your time is valuable so why waste it? I’m looking for an app developer: It’s safe to say that choosing an app developer matters even if you’re starting out on your own.

Even though code is code, different technologies will affect how quickly (or if) your app will get built and if it will scale well once in production. These issues must be accounted for before actually getting started on a project since switching programming languages or frameworks mid-development is not ideal (if possible). Before hiring any Go development firm, consider what features they plan to use and whether their tech stack matches yours.

Know what you need, but keep an open mind

With so many frameworks, tools, and styles of development out there, how do you even begin choosing a golang development company? It helps to know exactly what you need, but it also helps to be flexible.

Ultimately, every company will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses; therefore, it’s important that your choice be willing and able to adapt over time. Rather than shopping based on their skill in just one or two frameworks or technologies (or worse: their logo), choose a golang development company that can grow with your needs—that way they can be there for years down the road. If you find yourself narrowing your options based solely on which is faster, leaner, more agile or more scalable—ask yourself if those aren’t requirements for every situation.

Many high-profile companies hire third-party developers (hiring outside contractors rather than full-time employees) because they want someone who has experience building web apps. But these companies don’t stop at hiring any old developer; instead, they go looking for people who are experts in specific frameworks and languages like NodeJS and Ruby on Rails—they know that it’s often far easier to build using existing platforms than try to create your own from scratch.

As such, when trying to decide between different contracting companies consider whether or not each company uses specific languages/frameworks as much as whether or not they have practical experience working with them.

Consider their portfolio

A good way to evaluate a software development company is by checking out its portfolio. Before they take on your project, they should be able to present you with several different examples of similar work they’ve done. And if you don’t know what kind of app you want—web-based or mobile, for example—you can look at their past projects and decide if it lines up with what you want.

By vetting out various development companies, as well as looking at existing apps that are in use, you can compare how companies think about different features and determine which one will be best for your business. In addition, talking to them might give you some indication of whether they understand your business needs.

For instance, some agencies might ask questions like: How many users do you expect? Do you have any preferences in terms of programming language? What platform do you want to develop for? These are all questions that point towards an understanding of where things fit into your business goals and whether they actually understand what these goals are. So when it comes time to choose an app developer, but those portfolios to good use!

Test them with sample data

Let’s say you have a web application that shows you which companies are hiring and what they are looking for. The first thing you need to do is test their database with sample data, so you can see if it’s structured in such a way that it will easily allow you access to information quickly.

If it isn’t, then there’s no point wasting your time (or theirs) further until there is some kind of resolution. You might be tempted just to use Google instead-but trust us on this one; an open-source search database will be far more effective and efficient than one created specifically for your job (even if they promise otherwise).

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