Perfect perfume boxes daily routine would completed without perfume, and perfume bottles a necessary element of any vanity. However, have you ever considered that picking Custom printed perfume boxes are just as crucial as choosing the scent? This is due to the fact that putting effort into determining the closure, pump, shape, and color of perfume bottles will have an influence on the whole experience.

Furthermore, these elements will transmit a certain message to consumers, as well as the feeling that you want to evoke via your perfume brand or product. It’s safe to claim that selecting the improper perfume bottle can confuse clients and make them feel disconnected from the smell contained in the perfume bottle.

Custom Perfect Perfume Boxes

The primary purpose of a custom perfect perfume box is to protect and maintain our products. It is multi-function with rich ramifications as society and marketing progress. It is primarily utilized as a medium to disseminate the brand’s value and stance.

As a result, knowing your product positioning, market, and customer group is the first step in determining which type of perfume box to use. Paper boxes, hardwood boxes, and plastic boxes among the most commonly used perfume boxes.

The hardwood box is the most expensive and is best suited for luxury gift set packaging; as for the plastic box, if you want to customize it, you will need to design a new plastic injection mold, which is quite expensive. In this context, the paper box is the blue-eyed boy of most companies because of its adaptability, economy, and environmental friendliness..

Tips When Choosing a Perfume Bottle

There is a wide variety of designs available in perfume bottles, pumps, and ornamental elements. As a result, Custom printed perfume boxes offer a choice of bottle alternatives and perfume boxes. In this part, we will discuss several elements of perfume bottles that must be examined!


Perfume packaging boxes come in an infinite variety of forms, and you can acquire practically any shape you like. There are several shape possibilities available, such as oval, round, square, and cylinder.

You must bear in mind that form is important in conveying a message or feelings to clients. For example, oval and round bottles are more feminine, but rectangular and square bottles are more male.


When it comes to scents, size is everything. This is due to the fact that you may choose between a 15ml bottle for travel sizes and a 50ml and/or 100ml bottle for full sizes. So, when it comes to size, it all relies on what you’re attempting to offer to your clients (the costs will play an essential role in choosing the bottle size).

Type of Bottle

The majority of perfume manufacturers utilize glass bottles; however plastic is also an acceptable alternative. Glass often a preferable choice because there no chemicals involved that might leak into the container and alter the aroma.

Furthermore, glass bottles come in a variety of forms, such as frosted glass or clear glass. Custom printed perfume boxes give ultimate protection to perfume bottles.

A Folding Box

It has single construction that simply made up of an outer box and an interior corrugated liner. Typically, C1S art printing paper used as the material for folding box paper; there is white printing paper, high-quality silver paper, and gold paper with metal effect; the weight of paper ranges from 120g to 375g, depending on the customer’s quality needs. The entire process might automated, resulting in a quicker and less expensive manufacturing period.

Rigid Box

Surface art printing paper, strong cardboard, and an inside tray combine to form a rigid box. The box’s cardboard (1200g-1400g) made  a semi-automatic machine, after which the surface paper (100g-150g) adhered by hand glue and the inside tray, which can plastic tray, foam tray, or A-class EVA tray, is fixed.

Aside from raw material selection, rigid boxes have very high detail treatment standards. A high-quality Custom printed perfume box has smooth edge lines, perfect tightness of the tray with bottle, and no apparent glue can discovered; they should cared for as if they were royalty.

Cylinder Boxes

These Cylindrical shaped Custom packaging boxes are designed specifically for cylinder bottles. It blends in perfectly with the cylinder bottles and can effectively reflect the scent when coated with the appropriate color and design. Certainly, it is only appropriate for a certain group, and the budget must more carefully planned than a folding box.

Elements of an Eye-Catching Custom Perfume Box

An alluring, solid, and premium bundling impacts client choices, which is the reason scent creators work much in delivering a slick and engaging aroma box. Uniquely printed scent confine helps imparting a brand’s message to likely clients while additionally giving a rich and illustrious experience of opening fragrance. Perfume packaging boxes come in an infinite variety of forms, and you can acquire practically any shape you like.


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