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Your health and well-being depend on more restful sleep, and a mattress that offers you adequate support and adapted to your needs is essential for comfortable nights. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you choose the right mattress for you and your loved ones.

How do you know you need to change the mattress?

The most important thing about a mattress is to be comfortable and ensure a relaxing sleep that will fill you with energy. However, at some point, it no longer meets these conditions. Some signs that it is time to change your mattress include:

  • Sleep is no longer restful and you turn and shake in bed for no good reason.
  • The mattress began to show signs of deformation in the area where you sleep.
  • At the settlement, you can feel the springs.
  • The mattress is more than 7-10 years old.

It’s true that you have no control over daily stress, but one thing you have control over is the quality of the mattress you sleep on, so when it shows you it needs to be changed, listen to it.

Numerous studies have shown the effects of sleep on longevity. People who do not get enough sleep face a high risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, memory loss or high blood pressure. Insufficient sleep also leads to poor mood, irritability and a state of unhappiness, and in extreme conditions, even depression. Given that sleep is essential for a healthy life, and the mattress has a special significance for quality sleep, it is important to choose the best sleeping mattress.

An upper mattress will reduce the sharp pains of the spine, lumbar area, and neck, helping to maintain a correct position of the spine. It also helps to relax muscles and good blood circulation.

All the more important is choosing the best mattress for children because the spine of children and adolescents is fragile. Therefore, the use of an unsuitable mattress from an early age can lead to deformities of the spine.

How do you choose the right mattress?

To choose the best mattress for you, you need to take into account several factors.

According to the budget

When it comes to the budget for the right mattress, our recommendation is not to skimp – a mattress is an investment, and if you choose the right one now, you will be spared the worry of choosing a mattress for another seven or eight years. At the same time, you can find quality mattresses at very affordable prices. In general, with a budget between 1,500 and 2,500, you will surely be able to find a mattress that scores in all chapters: quality, comfort, resistance.

One of the best mattresses in terms of price-quality ratio is the Diamond Hard and Diamond Soft mattresses, but in the collection, you can find mattresses for all needs and budgets. We provide you with a scale, from the cheapest to the most expensive to compare and find the optimal model for you.

Mattress type Minimum price Maximum price
Spring mattress 400 RON 2.800 RON
Satin with foam 300 RON 8.100 RON
Latex mattress 1.000 RON 2.000 RON
Mattress for children 160 RON 750 RON

According to the position in which you sleep

We are all different, fortunately, and our way of sleeping is just as unique. When exploring the options for choosing a suitable mattress, consider the predominant position in which you sleep to know what suits you best.

If you sleep on your back

If you sleep on your back, you need a mattress that offers a compromise: a mattress that is too firm can result in tension in the shoulders and lower back, and one that is too soft would cause the hips to sink, disturbing the straight line. in which the shoulders, back and hips should be. The result of this phenomenon is an arched back and potential spine pain.

Therefore, if you are used to sleeping on your back, you need a firm enough mattress, such as spring or hybrid mattresses, which provide you with proper support and avoid the soft ones which create unpleasant pressure areas and do not provide a healthy posture during sleep, which can cause serious back problems.

An excellent way to check the firmness of the mattress is to try to slide a hand to the base of the column: if it is too light, the mattress may be too firm; if, on the contrary, you do not have enough space, then the mattress is too soft and does not give you the proper support.

If you sleep on your stomach

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you need the best possible support. It is recommended that the mattress give you uniform support because in this position your body exerts a high pressure in the chest area, there is a chance that it will sink unhealthily into the mattress. Basically, those who sleep on their stomachs are the complete opposite of those who sleep on one side, so they need a firm mattress to ensure that their hips and shoulders stay aligned during sleep.

But no excessively hard mattress is the solution. Spring or hybrid mattresses, which combine the firmness of the springs with a comfort layer of polyurethane and/or latex will ensure excellent sleep.

If you sleep on one side

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the firmness level should be medium. This position comes with more mobility during sleep, changing the parts you sleep on. Therefore, you need a mattress that keeps up with you, such as foam mattresses. It is very important to be soft enough to shape the shape of the body and eliminate pressure points.

The shoulders and hips should be immersed in the mattress so that the spine is in an upright position during sleep, without pressure on the joints.

According to the size of the mattress

When choosing the size of the mattress, you must also take into account the height you have – the mattress must be 15-20 centimeters longer than you.

In the case of single beds, the most popular mattresses are 90 cm wide, although depending on personal preferences or the size of the bedroom, you can choose models with a width between 80 and 120 cm.

For double beds, depending on the space available, you can opt for a mattress with a width between 140 and 200 cm, the most popular model of mattress for two people being 160 x 200 cm.

And the height of the mattress matters. The minimum recommended thickness is 16 cm, and the optimal one is around 20-24 centimeters. In general, a slightly higher height can translate into comfort and durability.

Also, when choosing the height of the mattress, you must take into account the type of bed. If the mattress is lower than the edge of the bed frame, you need a mattress that protrudes 10-15 centimeters, so you will probably turn to a mattress that is more than 25 centimeters high. And if the distance between the mattress and the edge of the bed is smaller, you can also choose a thinner mattress.

According to the firmness level of the mattress

The firmness level of the mattress refers to the sensation it gives you when you lie in bed. You can feel it as a soft surface, in which you immerse yourself pleasantly or, on the contrary, you like the upright position provided by its strength. The level of firmness or sensation offered by the mattress is a subjective matter as is the way you perceive comfort. Therefore, we recommend that you test the mattress before purchase.

Firmness is determined by the number of springs or the density of the fibers in the mattresses.

  • Mattresses with low firmness are the softest and are usually recommended for those who sleep on one side. In the collection, such mattresses are Daisy Soft, Genetics, New York.
  • Medium-firm mattresses are suitable for people experiencing back pain. Chicago, Florida, or Essex are great models for those who prefer mattresses with medium firmness.
  • Mattresses with high firmness, also known as orthopedic mattresses, are the most rigid and are perfect for those who sleep on their backs or bellies. Models such as Diamond Hard, Gold Hard, Premier Hard are perfect for those who love a mattress with greater firmness.

To choose the perfect mattress, you need to know the impact of the firmness level of the mattress on your body.

If the mattress is too soft, the body is not in the anatomically correct position and the spine is tense, just like in the picture below:

If the mattress is too soft, the body is not in the correct anatomical position and the spine is tense.

In the case of a mattress that is too strong, the contact surface is reduced, so there will be pressure points in the hip and shoulder area and, as in the case of the mattress that is too soft, the column is tense.

In the case of mattresses that offer perfect support, the body is properly supported, the spine is in the anatomically correct position and there are no tensions.

One way you can adjust the firmness level of the mattress or a sofa bed is the mattress top. It offers extra comfort, protecting and prolonging the life of the mattress.


According to the temperature you want to keep

Some mattresses absorb body heat, which will lower the surface temperature, which is not ideal for quality sleep. An alternative is mattresses with two sides, one with wool for winter and a second with cotton for summer, which you can use depending on the season.

By bodyweight

Bodyweight also plays an important role in choosing the mattress. People who weigh less than 65 kg will prefer a softer mattress than those with an average weight (70 – 80 kg). Being lighter, they will sink less in the mattress compared to others. At the same time, people who are heavier need a mattress with a higher degree of support and firmness. 

After the mattress

An equally important, though often overlooked, aspect is the choice of mattress. Sometimes also called a bed frame, the mattress is the support of the mattress, and only together these two elements offer you the optimal degree of support and comfort necessary for a restful sleep.

The mattress has the role of taking over both the weight of the mattress and the body, thus ensuring a correct position of the body during sleep. Its type influences the mattress and, consequently, the quality of sleep. For example, a mattress with straight wooden slats provides increased support and high firmness of the mattress. If, instead, you prefer more delicate support and a mattress with medium to low hardness, then the most suitable would be a mattress with curved slats. This model reacts under body weight while eliminating pressure points. Lately, the mattresses with metal slats are gaining more and more ground, due to the resistance of the material.

Another important aspect is that the mattress provides ventilation, which allows air to circulate freely under the bed and prevents the risk of mold, thus extending the life of the mattress.

Mattress life

The lifespan of a mattress refers to the period in which it maintains its properties. On average, a mattress retains its original characteristics for 7-10 years, but even the best mattresses wear out over time, their shape changes, and they become uncomfortable.

If you are interested in the most resistant mattresses, those from the Tempur range, guarantee the longevity of 15 years, during which time the mattress retains at least 95% of the initial characteristics.

The best types of mattresses

Now that you know why you have to take it into account when choosing the mattress, all you have to do is find out the models of mattresses you have available. There are four major types of sleeping mattresses, each with its own peculiarities. Here are the most popular ones.

Bed mattress type Benefits disadvantage Recommended Products
Spring mattress
  • Long service life
  • Good price
  • High firmness: perfect for people with a heavier weight
  • Ensures good air circulation
  • Variety of options available
  • Higher vibration (movement can be felt by partners)
  • They can be inflexible
  • Chicago
  • Diamond Hard/Soft *
  • Gold Hard
Foam mattress
  • Excellent support
  • Relieves pressure
  • Take the shape of your body
  • Easy to clean
  • Higher risk of deformation (compared to springs)
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Combat*
  • Genetics
  • Daisy Hard*
Latex mattress
  • Higher price compared to other mattresses
  • Long service life
  • It has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities
  • High motion isolation
  • Relax pressure points
  • They can be harder to move or turn from side to side
  • They must be protected from sunlight or heat sources
  • Latex Saltea
Hybrid mattress
  • It combines the benefits of several types of mattresses while reducing the disadvantages
  • They can be more expensive
  • Premier Hard
  • Premier Soft

Spring mattresses

Currently, spring mattresses are some of the best mattresses on the market.

Advantages: The main advantages of spring mattresses are that they ensure good air circulation and are extremely durable. Therefore, it provides the essential thermal comfort for a restful sleep. In addition, the wide variety of products gives you the chance to choose a spring mattress that corresponds to your needs, preferences, and budget, these being among the most affordable types of mattresses.

Disadvantages: Most spring mattresses are not very flexible, and if you do not opt ​​for a quality mattress, they will become uncomfortable quite quickly.

Suitable for: people who prefer to sleep on firmer surfaces, want a product with increased longevity at an affordable price.

Mattresses can be made with traditional bows or wrapped. Traditional springs, offer strength and good support, do not shape the shape of the body, and can transfer movement to the partner. In contrast, mattresses with wrapped springs provide extra comfort, adapting to body shape without transferring movement.

Most spring mattresses have Bonnell springs or pocket springs – individually wrapped springs. Bonnell springs give the mattress high firmness and good support for the spine. Instead, the wrapped springs are compressed and do not lose height, keeping their shape, while bending correctly on your body. For example, the Diamond mattress with wrapped springs is more durable than the Gold mattress with Bonnell springs.

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