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Beautifully captured memories can be preserved for all time in photographs. Isn’t it a matter of joy and excitement to show your friends and family your photos? Especially the ones from your wedding. It’s an amazing sensation. The best photographers need to be hired for the job in order to capture beautiful moments.

Choosing the ideal photographer to capture your wedding and the associated festivities is one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make as part of your wedding preparations. Hiring a professional is essential to ensure that your wedding is beautifully documented in photographs. Additionally, you must ensure that the photographer you select is dependable and has a very flexible and considerate attitude toward your suggestions and needs.

We are here to assist you in locating the top photographers in Kerala so you can have the most treasured wedding day memories possible. To learn more about our top advice for you, keep reading.

Book a venue

The best and most sensible course of action would be to hire your photographer after reserving your venue. Make an effort to reserve your photographer’s services nine months or more before the wedding. Depending on how popular your potential photographer is, a one-year booking may be required.

Collect feedback from friends and family

Get in touch with the recent friends whose wedding pictures you so enjoyed! Even your wedding planner may be able to offer you some excellent advice. Make contact with your other friends as well; it gets good referrals. It’s a huge advantage if the photographer has previously collaborated with someone in your close circle. You can learn everything there, firsthand, about the kind and calibre of services.

Selecting a photography style

Dedicate some time to determining your preferred photographic style. You can choose a vintage style with more washed-out colours or a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere, for example. When you find photographers who share your vision, contact each of them to find out when they are available and how much their services will cost. Set up initial consultations with the photographer who meets your criteria.

Ask queries to photographer

Before the first meeting, the majority of photographers will frequently share with you their portfolio of works. Make sure the group of works on display isn’t just a highlight reel from various nuptials. Request examples of recent weddings that he or she covered completely. You can assess the photographer’s level of skill in this manner. Ask for those images as well if your photographer has previously taken pictures there.

It is crucial to establish who will be in charge of the photography at your wedding during your meeting. Some larger businesses might assign multiple photographers to single-person jobs or assign others to do so. Even in one-person operations, assistants may be used to cover specific wedding events. Anyhow, ask to see samples of all the photographers’ work who will be covering your wedding.

Photographer’s character

Art does, in some ways, reflect life. The photographs your wedding photographer takes will undoubtedly show his or her personality. The vivid and emotional images a person takes reveal a lot about their personality. Look at your photographer’s social media profiles to see how they interact with their followers.

Fix the cost of photography

While some photographers charge an hourly or flat rate, others may include prints, albums, and HDR images (saved on a thumb drive or disc) in their fee. The majority of the time, photographers will give you a price list outlining the various packages, services included in each package, etc. Take your time to fully comprehend everything.


You will probably be able to learn more about your shortlisted photographers through their communication style as you correspond with them via phone or email. Do you like the way that person communicates? Do they thoughtfully and accurately respond to your questions? Your potential wedding photographer should be able to effectively communicate with you and comprehend your needs.

Trust your intuition

Making a decision will come after you have thoroughly reviewed and comprehended the work history and service profiles of your potential photographers. Do you feel at ease around your photographer? Are you two really comfortable with the photographer? When you reach a decision, take into consideration all of these.

Plan a trial run

It would be a good idea to have an engagement photo shoot to see your photographer’s actual work. Plan your photo shoots in advance of your wedding so that you have time to find a new photographer if you’re unhappy with the results.

So these are some factors to choose the right wedding photographer. To obtain expert wedding photography services in Trivandrum, get in touch with the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum. The best way to select a wedding photographer in Kerala is now clear to you.


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