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Picking out your wedding flowers is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. If you want to stay focused and happy during this process, there are a few tips you can use to help you choose the best flowers. You will want to consider color, scent, style, and budget. 

When choosing flowers for your wedding, there are several important factors to consider. These factors include budget, style, and color palette. Here are eight tips to help you make the right choice. Follow them, and you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect Wedding Flowers. You can also consider seasonal flowers and the price of the flowers.

Tips to ensure your bouquet will be gorgeous and perfectly matched with your wedding theme.


While many brides choose to keep their wedding bouquets simple, there are several styles. A traditional cascade bouquet may feature all-white flowers and white filler flowers, but a more modern style will feature several colours of flowers. For example, a bride may use white roses and cascading vines in her bouquet.

  • Calla lilies, a cousin of daisies, are often used for weddings. They come in purple and white and are associated with new beginnings. Traditionally, lilies are used to symbolize marriage.
  • A bridal bouquet’s style depends on the bride’s personal preferences and the wedding gown. Generally, the bride has her ideas about the style of her bouquet, but a description of her dress can help you choose the best flowers. For example, a cascade or crescent bouquet works beautifully with a long, intricate gown. Therefore, the style of the bouquet is essential, as the kind of bouquet may influence the type of flowers used.
  • If you prefer a traditional look, go for a classic bouquet, such as a posy one. This style is typically composed of a few long-stemmed flowers tied together. This bouquet will look romantic and formal but will not overwhelm your guests. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a vineyard, or a rustic-themed wedding, consider choosing a floral bouquet that is more rounded in style.

Seasonal Flowers

When planning a wedding, it’s essential to choose seasonal flowers. Whether you’re planning a spring wedding or a summer ceremony on a windy beach, you’ll want to consider the time of year and location of your event. For example, a wildflower bouquet wouldn’t work in a grand ballroom. And a bouquet of cascading tendrils wouldn’t be appropriate for a windy beachfront, either. 

Sunflowers, a flower with bell-shaped petals, are an excellent choice for a summer wedding. They bloom from midsummer to early winter and make for a fabulous bridesmaid bouquet. Sunflowers are easy to dye and come in various colors, including white and pink. They’re also known for attracting butterflies and can add significantly to a wedding bouquet.


When picking out the right flowers for your wedding, attention to scent is essential. Some flowers, like Gypsophila, emit a very pungent smell when in abundance. Others, like Hellebores, can smell like rotting wood and will overwhelm your guests. You can also choose fragrant flowers, like lavender, to add to your bouquet. 

Many brides choose to choose a floral scent that symbolizes their wedding. For instance, peonies are said to bring good fortune to newlyweds. Other flowers, like orange blossoms, have a floral scent that’s romantic and represents love. Honeysuckle is another common choice for wedding bouquets, symbolizing lovers’ devotion and embrace. However, you’ll need to test out your bouquet at least a month before your wedding to ensure that the scent won’t cause any allergic reactions, which can be dangerous.

Colour palette

Choosing a color palette for your wedding is an integral part of the planning process. Wedding flowers can be a massive part of the decor, so choosing the right palette is vital. Luckily, you can customize your colour palette to match your personal preferences and wedding style. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect colours:

Use complementary colors and Flowers by Occasion to balance bright colors.

  • Wedding flowers are a great way to set a stunning wedding tone. Choose blooms that complement the colors of your wedding dress and the rest of your wedding party. You can also consider the color of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Don’t forget to consider other aspects of the wedding to make your wedding day as beautiful as possible. You may want to create a Pinterest board to inspire your florist.
  • Purple is traditionally considered a royal color associated with royalty and dignity. Purple also represents luxury and faithfulness. Yellow, on the other hand, is a happy color that symbolizes friendship and lightheartedness. A wedding in these colors is sure to be beautiful. A professional hair stylist and make-up artist will make you look gorgeous.
  • Blue is another color that works well in a wedding bouquet. However, different shades of blue are more suitable for different seasons. A pale blue would be perfect for a spring wedding, while royal blue works best in the winter. 


The price of wedding flowers can range widely, depending on the variety of flowers. Choosing the best-looking flowers for your wedding day can be a challenge, but some strategies can help you keep your floral budget low. One way to save money is to use fresh flowers in season. Another option is to use dried flowers, which can be used repeatedly. Popular dried flowers include chrysanthemums, carnations, and daisies, which are versatile and reusable.

Flowers vary in price depending on their popularity, type, and season. While some flowers are cheap, others can cost hundreds of dollars. For instance, roses and orchids are popular but can be more expensive. Exotic flowers, such as lilies, may cost more. 

You May Also Decorate With Lighting And Other Items.

 You may keep your expenses under control while still having a lovely space by using votives and lights. Arreguin and Burton suggest that, in addition to flowers, you decorate your table with personal artifacts such as pictures, souvenirs, or lanterns. This is in addition to using floral arrangements. What if you don’t have much money to spend on flowers? What options do you have? Try to find unique pots that can only store a few blooms each. 

Florist Familiar With The Venue

When choosing a florist for your wedding, one must find one familiar with the location. They should be able to work with your wedding team and understand the area well. They should also know the best places to place arrangements. It is best to choose a florist who is a local grower. This will ensure that you get the best flowers for your wedding budget.

When choosing wedding flowers, you may want to consider your venue and style. Selecting flowers complementing the setting is crucial for a beautiful, memorable day. Working with a florist who understands the venue’s style and color palette is essential. 

However, don’t expect your florist to follow a replica of your ideas. It is important to remember that each florist has their style and technique, so you can’t expect a perfect representation of what you see online.

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