dark circles

If there’s one product for makeup that is awe-inspiring the concealer. From concealing acne marks to blemishes, concealer can provide many benefits. However, the most important benefit is that it can help conceal those dark circles that look unattractive around our eyes. If you’ve been thinking about how to conceal the dark circles with concealers, here are some simple methods…

Before you start, make sure to prepare your makeup products for your look. They include two of them: the Lakme White Intense Concealer Stick with SPF 20 as well as the Absolute Blur Perfect Primer from Lakme . The concealer provides adequate coverage , as well as protection from the sun. The primer will help your makeup to remain wrinkle-free for the duration of time.

Step 1

Begin by putting a little in the Absolute Lakme Perfect Primer onto your ring finger before applying it lightly over the eye area. This will provide longevity of your makeup, ensuring that your eyes stay glowing throughout.

Step 2

With your concealer create a triangle by drawing it with the center under your eyes with one end pointing towards your cheek. (This shape will not just hide dark circles, but will also provide your face with an extra lift.)

Step 3.

Apply the concealer to the skin with your ring finger , and blend until it completely disappears. You can apply an eyeshadow if you want to achieve a more daytime look or use a liquid foundation that suits your skin tone for an evening out.

Beautiful, bright eyes – here we go!

Other Ways

Making dark circles appear less noticeable with makeup may sound easy , but it’s actually one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. If you’re looking to conceal the bags under your eyes and would like to learn how to achieve it, you should look no further. We’ve got you covered. Follow this step-by step guide to conceal the dark spots like an expert

The first step is to prepare your skin using a great moisturizer. If you’ve got dry eyes The product may be easily absorbed, and this could cause a significant fake pax.
Moisturize the skin around the eyes. This helps to prepare the eye area.

The next most important method to combat dark circles is color-correction. Correctors with coloured pigments help disguise the any pigmentation. A concealer with orange hues is ideal to cover Indian complexion tones.

After you have corrected your colour your skin tone, you can cover those dark spots. Choose a shade that is similar to what you’re wearing on your skin. Do not use lighter shades since it can cause your eyes to look like they’re ashy.

Applying concealer over dark circles can make your face appears too filled with makeup. Instead of covering only the eye area apply the concealer in an upward triangle This will help make the eye area appear more luminous.
Then, finish it using loose powder. This will help absorb the excess oil and help keep your makeup lasting longer.


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