There are a few ways to create custom colour eye shadows for your needs.

  1. Start with a basic colour palette and mix and match different shades until you find the colours that work best for you. Create authentic-looking colour shades, these won’t be as vibrant in reality but work well for the purpose you have asked it to serve. Feel free to use more than one primer on your base, using a matte shadow over a shimmery shade helps create that smooth-edged look that contours perfectly.
  2. Buy one or more of the existing eyeshadow Colourful Palettes from your favourite store (or online) and start tweaking the shades to create a custom palette that is specific to your skin tone. Even if you don’t end up liking the final result, try mixing different colour combinations or apply them with blending brushes to create your desired look.
  3. Create your custom eyeshadow palette by mixing different colours until you find a colour scheme that works best for you. This works especially well with mineral-based, cream-based, or gel eyeshadows that are more pigment-rich.

You can also mix a lot of different glosses for an airiness look at the same time help create more luminosity to your eye makeup and provide you with larger options without having to carry around several palettes of otherwise matte shadows.

  1. Buy a palette that is already created and just start mixing different colours into the cream shadows until you’re happy with your colour options. You don’t need to understand why particular colours look good together but do experiment until you find what works for you! Even if you don’t end up liking the way it looks, keep experimenting with different combinations to see what types of shadows you like best. You may find that your favorite skin tone lies closer to pastel colours than those deep purples or bold reds and this is where a lot of experimentation comes into play!
  2. You can also buy eyeshadow palettes that are already a set of shades for your colour spectrum and then mix colours to add some variety! This works especially well with skin-toned shadows, but it can be used for all types of eye makeup looks as well. These palettes tend to be cheaper than individual shades do and work similarly, but apply by mixing them so remember this when making your buy!

Benefits of Creating Your Palette from Under Eye Colour:

There are a few advantages to creating your palette rather than just buying one.

  1. If you have never purchased an eyeshadow before, there won’t be a set formula that will suit all skin tones and all eye colour types. So you would need to experiment with the colours until they look good together on your skin tone. Then document everything you do so you can re-use the same colour combinations when creating new eye shadow palettes.
  2. Many people have complex skin tones and this means that there are many colours in just one eyeshadow palette! Once your palette is put together, look out for shadows with similar shades. Instead of buying those dark browns which may or may not work on you try more shades that look similar. Lump them together but only put colours in one palette. You can then just buy a single eyeshadow as you need it and mix the different ones to customize a particular look again!

3. Another benefit is if your skin tone becomes too pale, simply tweak some of the dark browns. Until they have enough ‘pop’ back into their original colour (if necessary). The same applies when your skin becomes too orange or green.


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