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The trend of online shopping is increasing by the day. For many people, going through an online shopping site is much easier than going out. And for this and many other reasons, the influx of people demanding the development of e-commerce websites is increasing.

There are many types of e-commerce stores online these days, selling everyday items like clothing and apparel, food item, shoes, and whatnot. With an online marketplace, you get a lot of opportunities. To attract more customers toward your brand, your website needs to be visually aesthetic, and flawless in performance.

This article is going to discuss some tips to create an attractive website design for your e-commerce business.

Tips to create an attractive e-commerce website design

Simplicity is everything

One thing that should always be kept in mind is to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary design burdens, while designing. For e-commerce websites, these rules work even more. The user interface of the website must have a clean look and must refrain from pop-ups. Instead of adding more distracting buttons on your website, you need to have clear options like cart, wish list, and checkout right in front of the user.

Pay attention to the branding

To drive serious sales towards your brand, you need to have great marketing and branding skills for your website. People prefer to spend money on brands that have recognition, rather than going for faceless brands that seem shady and might even steal your credit card information. A bridge is built between a customer and increasing sales, with great branding.

To find out your brand identity, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • If I see my brand as a person, what would it be like?
  • Which three words describe my brand to the most accuracy?
  • What is my uniqueness as a brand if compared with other e-commerce businesses out there?
  • determine what makes us better than everyone else in the market?

Put thought into answering these questions, and you’ll find out your branding strategy. You can hire expert web development professionals near you to give you further assistance in the whole process.

Think like your audience

If you want your e-commerce website to look appealing and have a connection with the audience, you ought to think like an outsider. You can also use your experience to help you out here. Has it ever occurred to you that you visit an e-commerce website and you sense the thing that is missing from the site? Start with those. Know what a customer looks for when visiting a website for online shopping.

A website that is easy to navigate has an attractive design, works flawlessly, and without a hassle is all set to leave great impressions on the customers, as well as increase sales. While designing the process, you need to look at things according to your visitor’s generalized mindset. Once you start thinking like your customer, only then you can anticipate their behavior, hence meeting their requirements and needs.

Play with colors

While picking up a color palette for your website design, you cannot just decide it based on your choice. Color is a very powerful tool that can be used cleverly in the design process. You can utilize color psychology to your best advantage.

Different colors evoke different feelings among people, hence influencing their buying behavior. Bright colors that are catchy to eyes like red and bright orange can be used for cart, purchase, or wish list items. To create a sense of credibility, the color blue can play its role. That is how color psychology works. You can change the colors for your web pages, but try to maintain a similar overall theme to create uniformity.

Use high definition images

For all your products that are being sold on your e-commerce store, they must have proper product photography. All the pictures on your website must be high definition. This way, your customers can know all features, quality, and look of the product. The sale rate can also be increased by providing a high-quality picture of a product. People buy things that seem nice to look at. Good photography for products can in this.


A boring, dull, and unappealing e-commerce website is the biggest setback for any brand. You need to put maximized efforts into creating an attractive website design for your store.


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