How to Create an Awesome Virtual Awards Ceremony?

Taking your events online is the latest drift of the entire event industry. But today, the focus has shifted to not just organizing virtual events but making them a remarkable and bizarre experience for your attendees.

The virtual awards ceremony is no exception. Hosting an online award ceremony to celebrate the wins or appreciate the accomplishments is a great way to make the awardees feel special.

If you are looking to conduct an awesome virtual award show, here are a few steps that can assist you with the same;

Identify Your Goals

To host an interesting and life-like virtual awards ceremony, you need to have a decisive approach right from the start. Setting clear goals for your online award show will help you learn the purpose behind the event and recognize the proposed results that your target audience would anticipate from the online event.

Plan Your Budget

Another critical factor is to plan out the budget of the virtual award show carefully. It will help you determine the most suitable virtual venue partner and the appropriate features that would promote engagement among the attendees. Look for an all-in-one events platform, like Dreamcast, which is an economical platform that will let you host exciting and interactive events to replicate the on-site event experiences.

Wisely Choose the Date and Time of Your Virtual Award Show

The next factor that your should carefully decide is the date and timing of the online award show. Make sure to select the date & time of your event thoughtfully to avoid any collisions with other distinguished events. A wise decision of yours can allow you to greet more attendees and sponsors from different locations.

Select an All-in-One Virtual Event Software

A virtual event platform plays an important role in elevating the level of your online events. Make sure to choose a virtual venue that leverages the latest digital tools, most advanced technology, can create a customizable interface, facilitate networking & engagement, and holds the ability to troubleshoot any technical errors.

Look for an ideal virtual event solution that has a user-friendly interface and can seamlessly conduct quizzes, live polls, surveys to host an interactive event.
Besides, your platform should be efficient enough to help you with detailed data and insights to gauge the success of your virtual award show.

Use Immersive Visuals

Creating a 3D environment with a visually rich framework will help you deliver fascinating experiences. Using stunning graphics, lively imagery, interesting GIFs can keep your audience and sponsors hooked and involved throughout. Look for a customizable virtual event technology that can integrate the branding and messaging precisely to serve the purpose of your online event.

Promote Engagement

During a virtual awards ceremony, the chances of individuals getting distracted are way more as compared to on-site events. To avoid attendee drop-off it is vital to adhere to the expectations of your audience. Try to bring creativity in the format of the event, or include different speakers who can keep the participants involved and engaged. Make the most of virtual networking tables like live chat, audio, and video features to facilitate 2-way communication.

Other engagement features include business card exchange, DIY booth builder, B2B meetings scheduler, and many more that can drive more sales and increases the chances of obtaining more leads.

Include striking graphics, animated light, or a 3D background to help recreate the experience of an on-site event. To foster effective participation, keep surveys, games, and Q&A or live polls with the names of the candidates appointed for the upcoming award category. It helps the attendees to connect and interact with other participants and exhibitors seamlessly.

Live-Stream Your Virtual Event

Live-streaming a virtual awards ceremony on multiple social media platforms is a great way to create excitement and boost your brand value. You can pick any popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, to live-stream your event. It is an efficient strategy to enhance your social presence, welcome more attendees, and drive sustainable growth.
Remember to conduct several test rehearsals using the social media platform that you choose to live-stream your event. It is to ensure that there are no technical glitches or system crashes on D-day.

Market your Virtual Award Show

Marketing is the key to invite greater participation of attendees and sponsors at your online event. Make the most of different social media channels to spread awareness about your event. Try to write attention-grabbing content that can lure more participation at your event. Do not forget to mention the date, time, and registration link of your virtual award show.
Besides this, ensure to keep the company’s official website updated with the latest information to avoid missing out on any new joiner.
Another powerful strategy to promote your event is to ask your speakers and exhibitors to promote your event on their own social media handles to enhance the outreach to their followers and fan base.

Make Way for Sponsors

Getting noteworthy sponsors for your online awards ceremony can be very advantageous. To provide a profitable slant to your exhibitors, give more exposure to their brand logos via clickable banners, presentation templates, sponsored games, or on-background visuals that can showcase their content, products, and services.

If sponsors receive promising returns, they can most likely invest in your upcoming events as well. You can even allot a different section on your signature and social wall to showcase their content. This way, the exhibitors will feel benefited and profited.

Use Impressive Sound Effects

You can co-operate with your virtual event technology and include some creative ideas like clapping sound effects. emoticons to make an awardee feel special at the time of appreciation. This way, the attendees will feel valued, and you can bring smiles to their faces.
Eventually, this is a good practice to promote engagement and recreate the experiences of an in-person event.
But to turn this into reality, it is necessary to adopt an all-in-one virtual venue partner that can seamlessly incorporate exciting features and additions to encourage engagement and make your virtual award shows a productive affair.

Include Customized Games

Games add a fun element to your event – be it physical, virtual, or hybrid. Keeping long sessions with no mode of entertainment can lead to attendee distraction. It is because any individual may find it monotonous to keep staring at the screen for long hours.
Including games like trivia, guess the award, crosswords, word games, etc is a great way to make your virtual award show highly engaging, exciting, and memorable.

Include Exciting Award Categories and People’s Choice Award

Award categories that can incite excitement among the audience are an excellent way to conduct interesting and unforgettable virtual award shows. Along with this, you can add the most popular employee or associate award to promote the involvement of everyone till the end of the event. By making use of online listings at your online award show, you can ask each visitor to decide one name from the panel of the most meritorious employees. It will help the company obtain the name of the most-liked nominee.

Final Word

Virtual award ceremonies are not just about distributing awards- it is also about delivering exceptional experiences to each attendee and sponsor. Adding engaging and interactive elements to your online event is an efficient approach to make it a unique and lucrative occasion.


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