Cure Diabetes Permanently

Diabetes is a metabolic problem that occurs mainly due to genetics. However, there are other factors too that influence its occurrence. It can be due to age, lifestyle, food habits, and pancreas health. Does the question arise about how to get rid of diabetes? People even try to cure diabetes at home. To answer these questions we have to first learn what is diabetes and its types.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that occurs due to a bad pancreas. Our pancreas produces a chemical called insulin. Insulin is mainly responsible for the digestion of sugar which is glucose in the body. It has an inverse relationship with the blood sugar level. The lower the insulin the more glucose blood has. The larger the insulin the lesser the blood sugar level. 

There are 3 types of diabetes. Type I, type II, and gestational diabetes. Types I is the one that cannot. But diabetes does give you a warning before it gets severe. you can manage diabetes with lifestyle changes. A few symptoms of diabetes are:

Your bladder tends to lose to ability to hold water. That is why frequent urination occurs. Moreover, your pee has more amount of sugar present in it. a urine test will indicate abnormal levels of sugar in it. More thirsty sugar requires more water to get digested in general. However, in diabetes, it is not due to the same factor. But a diabetic patient experiences an increased thirst than usual.

  • Irregular Hunger 

It is one of the major symptoms. Even if you eat a lot you are not able to satisfy your hunger. You get hungry at shorter intervals. 

  • Blurred Eye Sight

Diabetes also triggers your eye sight. Even insulin resistance causes weak eye sight. Some cases have been reported so severe that they have lost vision due to this. 

  • Weakness

Lower immunity and weakness in doing simple tasks is also a symptom of diabetes. You feel weak and need rest most of the time.

  • Sweating in The Armpits and Neck

The feeling of panic and nervousness is also a symptom of diabetes. This causes sweating in the armpits and neck.

Some other symptoms include Injuries/cuts/wounds that take longer to heal, Weak immunity, Obscured skin, and Weight loss. The body either creates deficient or no insulin or doesn’t utilize insulin appropriately. This causes glucose levels to rise (hyperglycemia). Glucose is the body’s primary wellspring of energy, and the pancreas creates a chemical called insulin. Insulin assists convert the glucose from the food you with eating into energy the body utilizes. Practically no insulin is made by the pancreas in type I diabetes. It is an immune system condition, and that implies it is constant and should be overseen until the end of your life.

Types Of Diabetes

In type II diabetes the body doesn’t utilize insulin appropriately causing glucose levels to rise. The most well-known type of diabetes is type II. It may disappear with a legitimate eating regimen, working out, keeping a sound weight, and way of life changes. Type 2 diabetes is a drawn-out ailment where the body can’t manage glucose (glucose) levels. Due to the powerlessness of the body to typically utilize insulin. The absence of typical insulin movement can be because of the opposition of the body toward insulin. Lack of insulin or unreasonable creation of chemicals that go against the insulin activity in the body. The sickness includes complex connections among ecological qualities combined with a diabetic life. A few examinations recommend that toxins in the climate might assume a part in the turn of events and movement of type 2 diabetes.

The third one is gestational diabetes. It occurs to you in pregnancy. Happens because pregnancy expands the body’s requirement for insulin. Yet the body can’t necessarily make enough. After conveyance, gestational diabetes as a rule disappears and a lady’s glucose levels will get back to business as usual.

Now that you know that diabetes cannot be cured if it gets to type I. there is a stage called prediabetes. Here you’ll see different symptoms in your body. Prediabetes might disappear with the way of life changes. Working with a prepared mentor to make reasonable, enduring way of life changes. Figuring out how to practice good eating habits and add more actual work into the day. Figuring out how to oversee pressure, remain roused, and tackle issues that can slow advance. Getting support from individuals with comparative objectives and difficulties.

According to modern medicine, diabetes cannot be cured. However, in Ayurveda using herbs and yoga asanas along with lifestyle changes can permanently cure diabetes. There are herbs like:


  • It controls the amount of glucose present in the blood.
  • It helps in insulin resistance
  • It also regulates the already made insulin in one’s body
  • Very beneficial for pre-diabetics.


  • Asian and American ginseng assists in bringing down glucose
  • ginseng berry had the option to standardize glucose
  • reduces blood glucose even in type II diabetes


  • Its seeds are rich in fiber
  • They slow down digestion
  • Slows the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar


  • Consuming about a portion of a teaspoon of cinnamon each day can bring about a huge      improvement in glucose
  • Works for cholesterol level as well
  • Lowers fatty oil levels 
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes.

Aloe Vera

  • It assists with bringing down glucose in individuals with type 2 diabetes. 
  • The dried sap of the aloe vera plant has customarily used in Arabia to treat diabetes.
  • drink on an empty stomach


  • It regulates the insulin levels
  • Keeps the pancreas healthy 
  • Removes fatty acids
  • Reduce thirst due to diabetes

Basil/ Tulsi

  • Drastically reduces blood glucose levels
  • Conventional medication for diabetes 
  • Produces insulin and ensures pancreas health
  • A controlled preliminary of basil in individuals with type II diabetes showed a constructive outcome. On fasting glucose and on glucose following a dinner.


  • It is bitter and hence has many skin benefits
  • Keeps the insulin in control 
  • Keeps pancreas healthy

Rishikul Herbal’s Diabway Kit

However, we do keep in mind that a problem like diabetes can not be solved with just these. A professional opinion is always required. Rishikul Herbal’s Diabway kit resolves all the issues like magic. Some cases are so intense that taking an insulin shot daily becomes essential to continue to exist. We at Rishikul Herbal attempt for health without any side effects. Hence, we have introduced the Daibway kit. It contains 2 bottles of capsules to work on the pancreas and a bottle of stevia drops to cater to your sugar cravings. 

The S cure capsules work on the B cells of the pancreas to stimulate the pancreas mimics. It works to treat and prevention of non-insulin-based patients. also it reduce the quantity of insulin needed in insulin-dependent patients. My D cure tablets assist in targeting the foundation purpose of diabetes. While stevia drops are a plant-based alternative to sugar for your sweet cravings. These will experience candy to your tongue and well mannered in your machine. These go best in cooking, baking, hot drinks, and cold liquids as an alternative to sugar.

The Daibway Kit has been tested by expert organizations. We have a happy customer base of people of all age groups. You may order the kit from our official site, amazon as well as from Flipkart.  


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