We live in an age where digitization has taken over. Hence, all kinds of services have seen their automation taking place starting from restaurants to grocery stores as well. In the article, we will discuss particularly the grocery stores and their digitization.

Though one may have been familiar with these solutions before the pandemic. But the pandemic was when these applications got their popularity soaring. As a large percentage of people were restricted within the four corners of their houses during this period, the solution came as a blessing in disguise. The customers were able to get easy access to their daily necessities through its household delivery. This went on to see its profitability growing manifold and today it has an extremely lucrative scope indeed.

As you read the article, you will get an idea of the factors that are responsible for its popularity. Also, it will give knowledge of steps whose adherence will make it easy for traditional grocery stores to carve out a niche in the competitive grocery market to see revenues soaring.

Benefits of Grocery Delivery App

The transformation of the supermarket to an online grocery store through adopting grocery delivery app development will ensure the following advantages-

  • Keeps the store in line with the trend and grows its client base successfully.
  • Enhances how inventory management is performed.
  • Personalizes shopping experience for consumers.
  • Automates processes like billing and customer support reducing infrastructure and hiring costs.

Knowing the different benefits of building an online grocery store; let us have a look at the statistics that depict the lucrative scope of these solutions.

Statistics Depicting Lucrative Scope of Online Grocery Store

With an online grocery store, you get the advantage of automating the way you perform inventory management. You also get the ability to get your visibility boosted online among a larger percentage of internet users. These benefits give it a cut-edge look. This also allows it to get a lucrative value. We have depicted these through the statistics below. Check them out.

  • The valuation of the online grocery store was $285.70 billion in 2021.
  • Expansion is predicted to take place at a CAGR of 25.3%.
  • 56% of shoppers prefer shopping for their daily household items online.

These numbers above give enough testimony of the reasons why it is a good idea to thus be a part of the $177.17 billion profitable market.

If you are in the quest to do this in style- follow these steps below. This will streamline the grocery delivery app development process and give you access to an app that boosts profits through the grocery deliveries you make.

How to Develop Grocery App? Follow these Steps

Grocery delivery app development is an exhaustive process. It covers a lot of areas starting from research to final app development. We give you knowledge of this below.

Research Market

First assess the market to know the requirement for the online grocery store. Though this is a necessity, it is nevertheless suggested to check its significance. You need to assess next the customer and their requirements. Assess their demographics which include their age, their interests, etc. This will allow you to get an idea of how to serve them better. It is important during this stage to also assess your competitor.

Ask these questions-
• What are my competitors doing? Are customers happy with it? Yes/No?
• If not, how to address those problems in my solution?
• What are the features present in the competitors’ solutions? Are there any missing elements? Yes/No?
• If yes, can their inclusion bring in more customers?

This will allow you to formulate an appropriate app design. When you are doing this, you need to know the features to include in your grocery app.

Add Unique Features to Your App

When you perform on-demand grocery app development to ensure grocery delivery services take place seamlessly. Therefore, you need to remember three segments, the customer, the grocery store, and the delivery partner.

Once you know these segments, you need to know the features to include in your grocery app for these three. We have enlisted them below for you.

  • For the Customer

Order History
Schedule Delivery
Multiple Payment Gateways
Real-Time Order Tracking

  • For Delivery Partner

Accept/Reject Request
Invoice Generation
Update Order Status
In-App Call
Track Customer Location Live

  • For Grocery Store

Order Management
Store Management
Product Management
Report and Analytic
Payment Management

Make Revenue Model Choice Wisely

The ultimate goal of your online grocery store is to aid you in streamlining your profits. Therefore, you need to choose a monetization model.

Here are three popular models-

  • Commissions that get charged as a percentage of deliveries.
  • Charging extra during peak hours, festivals, special occasions, etc.
  • Subscription fees to customers for the subscriptions they make.

Make sure to know these three and select one you feel is in sync with your business requirements and see your revenues.

Choose Robust Tech Stacks

Apart from selecting an ideal revenue model, it is equally critical to use tech stacks that are robust to the core. This will allow the app to function smoothly and flawlessly. It will also ensure user engagement remains maximum for a considerably long duration.
Here are some tech stacks you can use.

  • For Push Notifications – Push.io, Twilio
  • For SMS, and Phone Verification – Nexmo
  • For Payments – Braintree, PayPal, Stripes

Now that you have an idea of the ways how to develop a grocery app that is fully functional and robust, it is important to assess the cost to develop the solution.

Estimated Cost to Develop Grocery Delivery App

When you embrace grocery delivery app development to build a robust online grocery store, you must place focus on the cost factor.

So, the cost to develop a grocery delivery app will be somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000. However you need to remember here- if the app is complex, the design is complicated, and the features you include are unnecessary, the price will automatically go up for you.

In this situation, it is recommended you maintain a simplistic app design and add only those elements that streamline grocery delivery services making it convenient for the customer, the store, and the delivery partner, respectively. This is going to keep your budget intact.

Key Takeaways

Reading this exhaustive article, you can get clarity that through a grocery delivery app it becomes possible to get entry into the profitable on-demand grocery delivery market in a short time and see your revenues.

You however need to keep some tips extremely handy starting from performing extensive research on the market, your customers, etc, apart from assessing the different revenue models and knowing features as well. Once you have enough idea of all these aspects, you can then go ahead and connect with a company specializing in this area so you save on costs considerably during the process and get your business in the customers’ purview in a reasonably short time.

Wrapping Up

56% of shoppers prefer purchasing groceries online according to Statista. This is enough testimony to the fact that a traditional grocery store needs to get the app advantage and build an online grocery store so inventory, product, and store management tasks get streamlined and revenues start pouring as never before from Day 1.

Living in a competitive age; the app will certainly be a blessing in disguise. Hence, if not done yet, and you are planning to get this done, it is time you get the app advantage. Connect with a reliable partner overseas, and get yourself access to a grocery delivery app that delivers out-of-the-box grocery delivery services and gets profits boosted alongside customer numbers as well, side-by-side.



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