How to draw the Kraken

How to draw the Kraken

Learn to draw a Super Kraken with easy drawing ideas, step-by-step instructions, and a video tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful Kraken drawing. The Kraken is a marine monster of the ancient legend, which is part of the mythology of the European Scandinavian region. The Kraken was supposed to be large enough to pour a ship into the sea. The Kraken was first defined in an educational book about the year 1250, in which it was likened to a whale that could not breed and attracted fish schools to its huge mouth. At the end of the thirteenth century, Kraken also played a role in many sagas in Iceland, Greenland, and its surroundings.


One of them said of Kraken: “It is the nature of this creature to swallow men and ships, and even whales and everything else in question.” The complainant and the octopus are often confused with each other. The octos usually have a round head and eight arms. Calmadores have triangular heads with fins on each side, eight arms, and two tentacles. Can you say what type of mollusk is represented in our illustrations? Would you like to draw a Kraken cartoon? This easy drawing tutorial drawing is there to show you how. All you need is a pencil, a draft, and a sheet of paper.


Drawing the Kraken

Step 1:

Start drawing a circle. It will help you form the octopus head.

Step 2:

Draw a second slightly smaller circle, riding the first. It will help you describe the lower part of your head.

Step 3:

Connect the two circles with a short curved line on one side. It forms the sinister in front of the octopus. Then spread a lengthy curved line from the base of the largest circle to the smallest circle’s side. Let the lines form irregular spiral patterns at the ends. Then draw a long curved line approximately parallel to the previous lines. It should respond to each of the previous lines at an animated point. It forms the first two of the many octopus arms.

Step 4:

Delete the guidelines left by the original circles, leaving an adequate head contour. Then draw four other arms. For each one, extend a couple of curved lines from the head or behind another arm. Let the lines twist and turn and approach until they are at an animated point.

Step 5:

Draw sub-scales along the bottom of each leg. For each taster, draw a small flat oval. Then draw short lines at each end.

Step 6:

Draw the last two octopus legs so that there are eight in total. Extend two pairs of curved lines between the two frontal arms, allowing each pair to meet at one point.

Step 7:

Draw the suction cups in the last two legs. For each suction cup, draw a small flat oval with short lines and curves at each end. Delete all the remaining guidelines.

Step 8:

Draw the playful eyes of the Kraken. For each eye, draw a form of an inverted tear. Then shade a small circle in the lower corner to indicate the student.

Step 9:

How to draw the Kraken

Couture your Kraken and give it a three-dimensional appearance drawing curved lines along the upper part of the head, in the center of the face, and along the upper part of the arms.

Step 10:

How to draw the Kraken

Color your Kraken.



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