orthotics billing

One of the biggest challenges today is to secure payments from insurance companies. Improper mode of payments especially with documentation errors are a big challenge area for Orthotics devices.

A lot of it happens due to inconclusive documents that fail to prove the medical necessity, inept processes of securing prior authorization and not following up properly for the eligibility checks or with the doctor’s office.

At present, a lot of companies are looking to outsource Orthotics billing to relevant service providers. It gives them the opportunity to focus better on patient care and support than worry about front or back office work.

Also, it can be a great blessing as operational expenses and time lapsed in securing reimbursements are reduced considerably. A quality Orthotics billing services company can be hugely beneficial and can transform cash flow for the biggest and the best with great experience.

Why choose Sunknowledge as your vendor

Dedicated resources, no additional costs with transition and support, Sunknowledge understands what it takes to deliver actionable support. We are currently working with the top 3 Orthotics companies of the country with a foot print right from the east to the west coast as far as the Hawaii Islands.

Our versatility across all billing systems, ability to do it all with pre and post Orthotics billing make us a champion RCM destination. Also, we have excellent references and have proven track record of reducing operational costs by almost 75% for some of the giants across the Orthotics industry.

We offer dedicated account managers, team leaders and know what it takes to improve your processes, implement checks that improve your flow of cash in the best possible manner.

Also, our niche presence and unique edge in delivering all the support in pre and post billing on a stand alone or end to end basis make us a preferred destination for over 100’s of Orthotics clients. Let our experts give you a complete preview on our services. We have the genuine ability to work as your reliable operational arm.


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