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The safe mover doesn’t call for people with huge bodies and legs like tree trunks. On the contrary, safe moving is all about intricate skills and expertise regarding safes. Firstly, the safe movers should have a clear idea of safes and their exact weights. Knowing the weight of the safe is crucial here as it helps you derive a safety and risk assessment plan.

Some people may take the help of furniture movers to move their safes only to get their safes stuck somewhere. In worst cases, they may damage the floor or wall or even injure themselves while attempting to move safes. Above all, moving safes are all about safety first. 

If you are in Brisbane and looking for safe moving services, reach out to KGB Security, the best safe moving and relocation specialist in Brisbane. KGB Security has been providing safe services for more than 30 years. 

KGB Security – Safe Moving and Relocation Specialist in Brisbane:

At the KGB Security, we will always inspect the floor and double-check the route the safe will travel. That will make us understand the possibility of any potential dangers. For instance, we recently removed a strongroom door, and the path we used had a manhole cover in the middle of the footpath. We laid a layer of marine ply; so the safe didn’t crack the cover and cause a problem. 

Steps and stairs have always been the biggest problem while shifting safes. Most people don’t understand the difficulty or danger of moving a safe up or down steps and stairs. Though we may be able to move the safe, the stairs, specifically in domestic dwellings, can collapse. 

Consider moving a 200 kg safe. Add a strong trolley of 60kg and three men at 80 kg. The total weight is now 500 kg on the stairs simultaneously. On the other hand, elevators are also another hurdle we have to cross. Often elevators will have specific carrying capacities. When you overload an elevator without proper precautions, you may end up in an expensive affair. Often the lift will take a heavy safe up as the lift motor can pull the lift and contents effortlessly. 

When the same load descends, the break may often fail. Now it doesn’t mean the safe and elevator crash to the bottom. Instead, the lift will pull up below the floor level. That again adds another challenge. That is why many building owners and corporate managers tend to get nervous when safes go into lifts. 

If a safe needs to be moved on a lift, the building owners may have to pass the bill to the respective people. The best way to get a safe moving estimate is to send us a photo. We will get back to you soon with a quick description of the job after discussing it with our highly skilled safe movers. 

Benefits you can enjoy by taking professional help for your Safe Moving and Relocation Services:

Safes can be tall and heavy as they are designed to withstand fire, burglaries, and other environmental changes. Thus, they can be difficult and dangerous to move if you don’t take the right safety precautions. Below are some benefits you can enjoy by opting for professional safe moving and relocation services. 

Safeguard your Valuables inside your Safe:

Most safes can protect your valuables only when standing upright. Inappropriately pushing the safe and moving can shift the shelves and valuables inside them to get damaged. Safe moving and relocation professionals apply special techniques and strategies to pick and transport safes smoothly. 

Hassle-free Safe Moving:

Moving a heavy safe is not an easy process. It demands teamwork, training, and specialized equipment. Ultimately, which you may not have. Even if you moved the safe, you may not be able to transport the safe on your own. Professional safe movers come with all the needed equipment, skill, and team to move your safes securely without causing damage to your safe, property, and valuables. 

Peace of Mind:

Moving to a different city can be overwhelming and stressful at most times. When home shifting itself is stressful, shifting safes on your own can be painful. Professional safe movers know the best practices and can handle your valuables securely. Knowing that your possessions are in safe hands can help you with peace of mind for sure. 

Why should you choose KGB Security for your Safe Moving and Relocation?

Value for Money:

If you invest so much money in buying a reliable safe, why should you hand over your safe moving service to some random furniture mover? Some locksmiths can attempt moving small safes. However, with heavy safes or tricky installations, you will indeed need professional help. At the KGB Security, we have been moving and repositioning safes for around 34 years. Moreover, since we also sell a wide range of safes of various volumes, we have a dedicated team of safe movers to keep the safes in place. 


Confidentiality is the priority when it comes to safe moving, especially if you have valuables to protect. We have been in the security industry since 1988, and your safety is our prime concern. You can’t hand over your valuables to a random piano or fish tank mover who may have a criminal record. KGB Security is fully licensed and fingerprinted by the office of fair trading as per the security providers act. 


Placing the safes at appropriate places matters the most. Ideally, it is best to locate a safe in a place that you can open regularly. Plus, we have to ensure the door won’t run away or swing on some occasions, which may result in a very severe injury. KGB Security has the Qld Security Licenses, and you can rely on us for your safe moving and relocation. You have to always check the people moving your safes are free from criminality. 

Industry Expertise:

We can unbolt the safe and assemble it all over again while relocating the safe. Apart from safe moving and relocation, we have also moved other heavy objects like statues to portable vaults. We have disassembled a 30-tonne strong room and disposed of it within our client’s tight deadline. 

Moreover, KGB Security also performs the safe moving task at a specific time or in an unmarked vehicle. When a client approached us to shift their statue of 300kg from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, we did so readily. The client was extremely happy with our service. It is not uncommon for us to move heavy stuff other than safes. 

After hours Safe Moving Services:

We regularly organize the removal and disposal of unwanted safes. We may even pay you depending on the safes. However, there are a lot of junk safes. Hence, if you are unsure, send us a picture, and we will appraise it for you. Safe moving is a highly skilled service. So, please don’t take risks by availing of some random services. Feel free to connect with KGB Security for a free estimation. 

Summing Up:

Whether you want to shift your safe from one room to another or move it from one place to another, involving multiple staircases, it can be a potentially dangerous and challenging task to do by yourself. At KGB Security, we have the expertise and experience to handle safe moving and relocation effortlessly. We have been in the safe moving industry for more than 30 years, and you can rely on us for your safe moving services.

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