Find and Evaluate Best NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

There are a large number of NFT projects that can be acquired, and it seems like a large number of new ventures are being launched every day. How can you see through all the excitement to find the best NFT projects to pursue and potentially invest resources in?

With the countless ventures out there, we realize that it can be hard to find an NFT that you like. Below are a few things to consider to improve the interaction.


Think about the reason for the purchase.

Is it certain that you are buying an NFT that you will use for a profile photo (PFP)? Or is it just for processing? Is it something you would show at home? Maybe you are looking for virtual land? How long do you plan to use the NFT projects? Asking yourself these questions can help you narrow down your search as you look around.

Research the NFTs

Start with the agency’s project page. This is a great starting point to understand the inspirations and goals of the founder(s). Many ventures these days have a guide with many successes. Does it seem reasonable, or is it too aggressive? Also, take a look at the company’s online conversation.

The pioneers.

It’s usually the pioneers who set the vision, future and outcome of a task. Now is the perfect time to introduce two terms: doxxed and undocked. Doxxed pioneers have spread the word so you can explore their experience/history of progress. Doxxed pioneers have not revealed their character and often use a pseudonym.

Join their Discord Groups

You could buy an NFT projects just for the processing, but don’t discount the local area. Looking at the company’s Discord is usually the best way to get a feel for the local area and meet like-minded people. Participate in the friction and ask questions about the local area and mediators. Is it true that they are useful and welcoming?

Explore the Article. 

Mastery has many faces. Some specialists are great and just getting started. Others have already accomplished a lot and have a history of many successful ventures. Does the craftsman cause you to feel a certain way at the end of the day? Would you like to help the craftsperson?

Exceptional Highlights. 

NFT’s are interesting and each has a special unique case. In most cases, NFT’s that are more unusual are followed more closely. You can see the attributes that determine unusualness in the left bar when you are on a project page.

Read more about project details (e.g., floor cost, volume, owner). 

NFT clients often focus on base costs. Indeed, some projects can be “fancy” in the short term, but don’t discount other details such as volume and number of owners. A range with a high base price and no volume is pointless.

Assuming that it is a temporary purchase, the volume of the number of customers trading at a random time is of great importance in case you decide to sell at some point. Similarly, for profile picture projects (PFPs), projects with fewer owners might have trouble getting off the ground and building a local area.

Finally, there are many aspects to consider when buying an NFT. At the end of the day, the vast majority love NFTs for their craftsmanship and the euphoria they provide. Once you have your NFT, be sure to pass it along to your related agencies!

Here are the best NFT projects in 2022

  2. VeeFriends
  4. Dribblie
  5. Azuki
  6. DeeKay #LetsWalk
  7. Kibatsu Mecha
  8. Meka Verse
  9. Nouns
  10. Propertys
  11. Cryptoon Goonz
  12. Invisible Friends
  13. Flyfish Club
  14. Treeverse
  15. Doodles
  16. Crypto Baristas
  17. Women Rise
  18. Creature World
  19. Adam Bomb Squad
  20. Claylings


At Turbowars, we are excited about a new type of advanced token, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs have refreshing new properties: they are exceptional, demonstrably scarce, tradable, and usable for a variety of applications. Much like real commodities, you can do whatever you want with them! You can throw them in the trash, give them to a friend on the other side of the world, or sell them on an open trading marketplace. But they are not like real products; they have the programmability of computerized goods.

A core part of our vision is that open conventions like Ethereum and interoperable standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 will enable vibrant new economies. We are building instruments that permit purchasers to exchange their things unconditionally, manufacturers to ship new advanced works, and engineers to construct rich, coordinated trade centers for their computerized things.


VeeFriends comes from, frankly, business visionary Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is the Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and the owner/maker of VeeFriends.

Basically, VeeFriends is a ticket to Gary V’s multi-day super convention that only VeeFriends token holders can get into.

VeeCon is the premier NFT-tagged meetup on the planet. VeeCon is the place where VeeFriends token holders meet in a local environment to make lasting friendships, share thoughts and learn together.



Autograph is more of a commercial center than a singular business that focuses on contests, amusement, culture and noteworthy computerized encounters. Co-founded by Tom Brady, the company has had gigantic sponsorship, including an all-around addressed leading group of leaders like Naomi Osaka, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, and that’s just the beginning.

Competitors drive the ongoing focus of centered Nft’s, including expert valid signing, future drop access, and private Discord channel passage.

It will be fascinating to see how this venture develops thanks to the help and support of everyone involved. 


Dribblie is a Play to Earn soccer director where players from different worlds compete for success. Acquire NFTs by tagging, claiming or leasing them and earn by doing what you love best – playing soccer.

Dribblie is the main deflationary game to earn. Deflationary NFTs mean that the value of leftover resources increases over time. Deflation is achieved through interesting consumption and marking tools that are key drivers of the game and the store network.



Azuki is the heralded skater of the web, “skating between the opaque lines of the physical and computerized universes as they intermingle.”


As a company, Azuki is a compilation of 10,000 symbols that give you access to “The Garden.” The Garden is where Azuki sees its mission to obscure the physical and advanced universe. Azuki involves his characters and organizations for streetwear collaborations, additional NFT drops, and unavoidable live events.

Azuki has also pushed the boundaries with new additions like Bobu the Bean Farmer. Bobu, the Bean Farmer, should fractionate the craft and produce a Bobu token that all local owners can use to oversee the Bobu character in the Azuki universe. The token owners will guide the future of Bobu in this interesting web3 experiment.



DeeKay Kwon is the craftsman behind the famous #LetsWalk series. LetsWalk is an ongoing task of character walk cycles determined to make 100 of them.

At the hour of this composition, DeeKay Kwon effectively has 72 walk cycles and has even teamed up with projects like Invisible Friends, Doodles, and Kibatsu Mech

Kibatsu Mecha

Kibatsu Mecha, made by artisan and artist Jerry Liu, is an assortment and story of 2,222 extraordinary, handcrafted and fully energized figurines.

Kibatsu Mecha’s range is exceptional and has a blend of 7 qualities. A few Kibatsu Mecha’s are titled “mega unusual” and have interesting qualities not found in other characters in the range.

The legend of Kibatsu Mecha: “Kibatsu Mecha and their pilots occupy the megacity of Kibatsu and the surrounding regions. They thunder in the Ataki Arena, one of the most dangerous and at the same time fantastic battlefields in the city. They fight for a variety of reasons – for splendor, for wealth, for exhilaration, for retribution, for endurance, for influence, for honor, for worship … but more on that later.”


The MekaVerse is a compilation of 8,888 generative Mekas with many components animated by the Japanese mecha universes.

The MekaVerse project was created by Mattey and Matt B, two companions and 3D specialists who jumped feet first into the NFT space.

The MekaVerse Project’s guiding principle involves rejuvenating the Mekas through great 3D-printed toys. The MekaVerse project continues to evolve as the guide is driven by the organizers and owners of the characters. Future aspirations for the project include streetwear, collaboration with renowned specialists, and possible short films featuring the figures.


The Nouns project strives to support personality, local environment, administration, and a repository that can use the local environment to form long-term value and venture expansion.


Nouns will consistently coin a Noun (NFT character), for eternity. The interesting part of the Noun project is the development of its own DAO (decentralized independent association) depository, which will collect 100 percent of the assets from NFT businesses. The depository will be controlled and represented by the Noun holders, who will decide on its future use, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Propert’s Virtual Reality

Property’s is the most imaginative land reclamation game in the NFT and Metaverse realm. They combine the mechanisms of the most famous games in the world and aim to provide an unprecedented encounter – in and out of the metaverse. Each NFT is a trading card that shows a piece of land animated by different societies and financial affairs.

The property’s been hit by organizations with different brands and NFT people groups before their broadcast. One such association is with the Crypto Baristas, where the Property’s below will highlight Crypto Barista-themed cafes and trucks across the country.

Pay attention to Propert’s as their game is important for the sandbox client-produced world that is easy to come to fruition.

Cryptoon Goonz

Cryptoon Goonz is by maker and tattoo artist @SeanTat2s and is a 6969 generative elastic tube style sign project with many exceptional features.

Cryptoon Goonz

Cryptoon Goonz helps us remember early Mickey Mouse style craftsmanship, and each piece is adorned in mainstream society, hip bounce, and streetwear references.

Cryptoon Goonz has a strong and energetic Discord people group of >10,000 people and deserves the company to consider the task.

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends” is the work of illustrator Markus Magnusson, who creates 5,000 inconspicuous walking figures. Markus Magnusson is rightly known as Motion Markus, and if you look at his Vimeo, you can see why.

Invisible Friends

The Invisible Friends project is set to launch in February 2022 and already has a huge following on Discord (250k+ people) and Twitter (373k followers).

In case you’re not lucky enough to defy expectations and pull the trigger on one of the 5,000 characters, Markus has sent out an all-around planned merchandise group, which you can check out here.

The Flyfish Club 

The Flyfish Club is another Gary Vaynerchuk venture and is the world’s most memorable NFT part is only a private feasting club. Flyfish Club individuals will approach a private lounge area in NYC that will be 10,000+ square feet in length.

There are two FFC sign-ups with either 2.5 ETH for the standard Flyfish individuals or the 4.25 ETH Flyfish Omakase, including the Omakase room.

The standard Flyfish sign-up allows you to reserve a table for up to 8 visitors who do not have a token. The Flyfish Omakase allows you to reserve a table for a similar number of visitors, but you can take one visitor into the Omakase room.

The big advantage of signing up as an NFT is that you can legally rent or trade your attendance at any time. Considering Gary Vaynerchuk’s previous ventures (Vee Friends), the value of Flyfish signup will undoubtedly increase in the long run.


Treeverse is an open-world MMORPG based on dreams and science fiction, with an activity-driven MOBA-like combat system. Kill monsters, craft powerful weapons, catch the biggest fish, build organizations, storm prisons and explore deep legend. The vivid universe of Treeverse awaits those who even think for a moment about daring to conquer it.


Doodles are an assortment of 10,000 NFTs projects (non-fungible tokens) composed of many invigorating visual attributes planned by Burnt Toast. The hand-drawn doodles include skills, felines, outsiders, gorillas and mascots. The Doodles assortment also includes many unusual heads, outfits, and color variations from the artisan’s range.

The interesting thing about owning a doodle is that it allows you to choose local elements and future items and occasions. The entire guide for Doodles is a cooperative encounter between authorities and task modelers/architects.

Crypto Baristas

Season 1 of Crypto Barista kicks off with 60 caffeine-loving characters whose ownership will design and open the world’s first NFT-supported café.

Crypto Barista owners enjoy lifetime benefits at all future bistro spaces and locations. Owners also control the “Barista Bank,” a 15% asset set aside from task earnings for later use in the espresso room. Some possible uses for the Barista Bank can be to support altruistic associations in the espresso industry, to advance the crypto-barista business, or to start a truly new cause.

Women Rise 

Women Rise is a 10,000 arbitrarily produced assortment by the universally acclaimed visual craftsman Maliha Abidi. The objective of the assortment is to make the NFT space more comprehensive and different by presenting more ladies characters as well as giving a level of essential deals to reserve that attention on orientation fairness, young ladies’ schooling, and emotional well-being in minimized social orders.

Creature World

Danny Cole, a 21-year-old visual craftsman from New York, strives to complete the creative spirit with his project Creature World.

The current project has generated a lot of buzz in the NFT space. There’s an intelligent space where animals guide you through a virtual excursion. It’s unclear if the characters you buy will eventually make it into the virtual world. Whatever the course, we’re excited to see what happens next, because the mystery behind the project is very appealing.

Adam Bomb Squad

If you love the streetwear style, the Adam Bomb Squad project is for you. The Adam Bomb Squad project was made in large numbers (a popular streetwear brand sent off in 2003).

The reason for the task is threefold: they hope to bring personality, locality, and originality to the NFT space. The “Adam Bomb” is The Hundred’s incredibly popular logo/character, and the Adam Bomb Squad project hopes to honor that person’s 18-year history and use.


The Claylings are another heavily tracked project and currently rank fifth in overall volume moved ($6.42 million at the time of writing).

The Claylings project hopes to transfer Earth activities to the blockchain, where they expect to send 4,040 characters. One of the goals of the project is to create a Claymation short film highlighting one of the recently stamped characters (seeing your personality in the film would be cool).

The Best New NFT Projects – Conclusion.

Taking everything into consideration, this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the best new NFT activities this year, indicating their elements and value potential. By knowing the upcoming NFT projects with the greatest potential, you will be in a position to choose compelling projects for the longer term.

Assuming you hope to invest resources in some of the upcoming NFT drops mentioned earlier, we suggest partnering with Crypto allows customers to buy NFTs with a credit or check card – all without paying heavy exchange fees!



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