pknic prepaid cards
pknic prepaid cards

You can buy PKNIC Card for a specific domain from Web Links delivering the lowest domain price. Therefore, a Prepaid card is used to register one .pk domain. However, Web Links are offering all the TLDs under PKNIC which comprises .pk,,,,,, etc.

Navicosoft delivers the lowest PKNIC domain price to its clients at affordable packages. Moreover, you can get PKNIC prepaid cards with an easy registration and renewal process. So, in this article, we will discuss PKNIC cards and the benefits of PKNIC cards for a specific domain.

So, let’s move ahead:

What is meant by PKNIC prepaid card?

PKNIC prepaid card is a special pin code used to recharge the pk domain panel. However, With this exception, one can register or renew any Pakistani domain name,,,, est. Also, you can get PKNIC Cards from a reliable web hosting company in any quantity. You will receive your PKNIC cards through an email account when you complete your purchase.

Registration and renewal of PKNIC cards:

If you have registration of your .pk domain from any domain registration company in Pakistan, do you want to renew your domain? Then get a PKNIC prepaid card for a specific domain from an authorized firm and renew your domain yourself, or you can ask to renew that.

Credit cards can also provide added security and protection when making purchases. Many credit card issuers offer fraud protection, allowing users to dispute unauthorized transactions and receive refunds. Additionally, credit cards often provide extended warranties and purchase protection, giving consumers peace of mind when buying high-value items.

Registration of .pk domain extension is 2 years. However, one of the easiest ways to register or renew a .pk domain name is the PKNIC Prepaid card. Moreover, a PKNIC prepaid card is only available from the best resellers of PKNIC. Therefore, you can get your PKNIC prepaid card within no time after authorization of your payment.


Most people worldwide are not well aware of how this local Registry works. Also, they don’t know the economical way to book their namespace under its authority. However, even the Registry’s website has a deficiency of information. But here, the best web hosting provider came into action, asking everything a common user has in mind for obtaining, Renovating, Moving, Saving, and Requesting a PK extension.

So, move ahead to discuss reasons and benefits:

Purpose and Benefits of PKINIC prepaid card:

Followings are the reasons and benefits; you can attain by setting up your developed codes into your Registry’s account.

  • Fastest Way

it is the best, safe, and reckless style to buy a PKNIC card for a specific domain. Comparatively to other methods for the potential Registry.

  • Reseller’s Glory

It is a side business for Small hosting providers or web development companies for generating revenue.

  • Self Service

You can do it by yourself; no need to ask again and again PK domain management. So, get it by yourself.

  • No need for details:

It is not obligatory to provide contact info or a direct approach to getting card codes. However, the process is simple, order, pay, and pull out.

  • Budget-friendly Rates:

Most people order openly for domains but not for credits; they pay more but get less control.

  • Easy Selection

Placing two ranks enables various discount levels to select, buy more, and save more.

  • Registration and renewal:

Know how to utilize these cards to practice your Pak web name registered or renewed.

How could you renew a .pk domain?

You can renew your pk domain yourself name by buying a PKNIC prepaid card from any reseller of PKNIC. However, the other method is that you can renew your pk domain name from any nearby PKNIC reseller.

How could you transfer a pk domain?

You can easily transfer the PK domain from one account to another account. However, most people transfer the pk domain from one service provider to another as the registrar’s renewal charges are less than the existing registrar.

Primarily, you have to deliver an authority letter to PKNIC, which company on your current pk domain owner’s company letterhead has a company stamp or seal. Furthermore, you have to deliver one copy of your CNIC and also a copy of your Chief Executive Officer. If you want to transfer your PKNIC ID number, then you should state yours.PK domain name and also declare your domain ID.

How could I find the Best PKNIC Prepaid Card Provider?

You can enjoy the facility given by PK domain providers to deliver Pakistani domain purchasing and renovating through their certified resellers. Although therefore, it delivers public with PKNIC account balance attainment through the private market, there is competition. Thus, companies offer things at a more competitive and economical rate for business.

During 2010, the internet community was in primary development and acceptance of another suffix than the most common like .com, etc. moreover, the extensions belong to Pakistan, or any country ccTlds were not famous.

Country-based suffix took more position, especially for local search results, Google started listing country-based extensions on top. Compared to other international regions, the PKNIC registry keeps its prices low. Also, the Registry remained its rationality for 2 years, which gave it an increase to be more in number.

Final words:

Our doors at Navicosoft are always open for assistance, exploring, and open-handed for all updated knowledge relevant to .pk ccTLD. However, those who need a PKNIC prepaid card for a specific domain do not be cautious in reaching us. Furthermore, we are popular in selling PKNIC Prepaid Cards in small/big cities of Pakistan.


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