How to Get Best Way To Promote YouTube Videos
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Do you believe that paid adverts or premium tactics are the only ways to promote your YouTube channel?

Then you’re going to enjoy being wrong this one time. We offer the solution to your problem if you are looking for “how to market my youtube channel.”

The truth is that promoting your YouTube channel for free may get you a long way.

It will take some effort and time, as well as some research and trial and error. But, in the end, it will be doable.

There is no better time to learn how to advertise a YouTube channel than right now.


You must employ as many promotional methods as possible if you want to be featured on best way to promote YouTube videos. The tactics listed below are useful for promoting your YouTube channel.

  • Optimize: increasing the prominence of videos
  • Use titles and descriptions that are informative.
  • Make your thumbnail unique.
  • Make eye contact with your audience.
  • Understanding your target market and their preferences
  • Be constant in your YouTube video promotion.
  • On your YouTube channel, run paid adverts and promotions.
  • Make high-resolution videos
  • Hold competitions
  • Brand collaboration
  • Make playlists.
  • Use video for the opening and outro.
  • Incorporate a call to action
  • Go for it!
  • YouTube can help you advertise your videos.


Here are a few free ways to advertise your YouTube channel.

1 Increasing the Visibility of Videos

To advertise your YouTube channel, the first and most crucial step is to optimise your channel.

People use YouTube to search for videos, as well as Google. As a result, make sure your movies show up in their search results.

YouTube was the second most searched term in 2018. There are no clear guidelines for how a keyword might help a YouTube video rank higher. However, a little investigation can go a long way.

Where Can I Find Video Keywords?

Using Google Ads and the Keyword Planner to look for potential keywords.

Look for the keyword in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). (Are videos or written content the top ranking results?)

Try again with a different keyword. Use phrases like “tutorials,” “tips,” or “how to.” If you’re having trouble getting video results, please contact us.

Prioritize keywords that are relevant to your video content.

“Workout from home lessons,” for example, yields considerably more results than “workout from home advice.”

2 Use titles and descriptions that are informative.

The user sees the video title first, and if it is meaningless, it may be the last thing they view.

Writing Strong And Appealing Titles And Descriptions

  • Keep your title brief and short; most popular videos have short titles. Keep your tags under 60 characters; otherwise, they may be cut off when shown.
  • To avoid losing crucial information, make sure the keyword appears first in the title. The majority of online visitors focus on the first few words of the title and ignore the rest.
  • The finest headlines provide benefits or elicit an emotional response, not just clickbait. Clickbait is appealing, but it might undermine the channel’s reputation In the long run, reputation
  • The auto-complete option on YouTube is a fantastic method to find popular terms. Look up what the title keyword implies for a specific topic.

3 Make Your Thumbnail Unique

One of the simplest and most effective strategies to advertise your YouTube channel is to create a personalised thumbnail. The custom thumbnail briefly describes your video’s content and informs visitors about the video’s subject matter.

Youtube creates thumbnails for all of the videos automatically, but the thumbnails may not be seen or may be blurry or out of focus. Create an eye-catching thumbnail for each video you submit to increase impressions.

Tips for Free YouTube Channel Promotion Using Thumbnails

Here are a few easy guidelines for getting the best results from thumbnails.

  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG are all acceptable formats.
  • For your video, use a high-contrast image with a 2MB maximum.
  • 1280×720 pixel resolution (16:9 ratio is good to go)
  • Colors and text can be used to boost clicks.
  • Make certain to pick a close-up photograph.
  • Make use of a stock photo.

4 Interact with your audience

One of the best free ways to promote your YouTube channel is to interact with it.

YouTubers must continually engage with their viewers, not just create content.

Most popular YouTubers communicate with their fans and keep an eye on their channel to see how well their videos are doing.

It is critical to respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Posting some responsive videos will entice your audience and enhance your subscriber count.

Use Google Analytics to find out who your top viewers are and thank them.

Knowing Who Your Audience Is And What They Like

You should make sure that your audience is interested in the YouTube content you develop or post.

Whether you’re writing a blog or making a video, you should start by figuring out who your audience is and what kind of video content they want to see from you.

Assume you’re starting with YouTube channels to promote your videos.

Take a peek at the YouTube channels of your competitors.

Examine their most popular videos and how engaged their audiences are.

This will provide you a clear image of what your audience expects from you or what kind of material they want to see.

After you’ve uploaded a video, you can look at your YouTube stats again.

YouTube provides extensive demographics, location, interaction rate, and other useful facts about the audience.

5 Be Consistent With Your YouTube Video Promotion

It’s critical to be consistent in promoting your video and others’ videos.

Make sure to update your social media sites like Instagram and Facebook whenever you release a new video; this will attract new viewers while also reminding them of your previous films.

Make certain to stick to a specific colour scheme and theme. It will assist you in developing your own identity.

Also, make sure that the video visuals, channel art, and video introduction all work together.

6 Invest in YouTube advertisements and campaigns.

Nowadays, marketing is getting more pay-to-play; you can increase your visibility by purchasing Youtube advertising YouTube has a variety of video ad styles to choose from:

  • Sponsored cards- These sponsored cards have specific advertisements. These sponsored cards can be used to market your products.
  • Skippable and non-skippable commercials are the types of advertisements that appear during or before the video. Non-skippable advertising cannot be skipped after five seconds, however skippable ads can be watched after the ad has ended.
  • Display adverts are only available on the desktop and appear on the ride side of the video.
  • Overlay ads are semi-transparent adverts that appear at the bottom of videos and are only available on desktop.
  • Bumper ads are non-skippable advertisements that must be watched before they can be seen by the viewer. These advertisements last at least six seconds.

7 Create high-definition videos

Producing low-quality videos can detract from even the most compelling content. Before you submit your videos, make sure they have a professional appearance. Use a good camera, complete a soundcheck before filming, and understand some editing methods before producing a video.

8 Run Competitions

Running online contests is another great approach to engage more people. With just one video on the channel, you may get a lot of likes and comments, as well as new subscribers. A blog post on how to run a successful YouTube contest can be found here.

9 Brand Collaboration

Another excellent strategy to expand your reach is to form a brand alliance. When you run out of content ideas, it might also help you come up with fresh ones.

Choose brands that fit your personality as well as the necessities of your target market. If working with specific brands does not make sense, seek for other options. Inauthentic brands have the potential to cause more harm than good.

10 Make a Playlist (Create Playlists Image)

Creating playlists is a great approach to attract more viewers. It’s because these videos are a little addictive, and as soon as one ends, the next begins.

11 Make Use Of Video In The Intro And Outro

Using an opening and outro video to create your own personality is a crucial aspect of a campaign that may be done easily.

At the beginning of the video, a 3- to 4-second opening video plays. An outro video is one that plays at the end of the video and asks viewers to subscribe to your channel.

12 Incorporate a Call To Action

To make the most of your hard-earned audience, incorporate CTA buttons in your films.

The CTAs must always be clear and engaging if you want customers to click through your website.

In-stream advertising on YouTube now have a new call to action extension. There are, however, various free ways to include CTAs in movies.

13 Activate

The most popular live streaming platform is YouTube. Take advantage of this by providing them with interesting stuff. Live Q&As, webinars, and events are all possible. Another excellent source of inspiration is YouTube.

14 YouTube Cross Promotional Videos

There’s a good chance you’re covering similar topics on YouTube that overlap. When it makes sense, cross-promote your videos to get the most out of your older content.


Make sure to promote your YouTube channel for free on the best social media networks. Because social media has grown in popularity over time, it is now critical to advertise the channel on social media.

Promoting the YouTube channel on various social media platforms minimises the likelihood of individuals missing out on the videos while also increasing the channel’s viewership. However, it is critical to market your YouTube channel in the appropriate style and location.

Here’s how to use social media to market your YouTube channel.

1 Selecting The Appropriate Social Media Platform-

If your subscriber and viewing numbers are declining, now is the time to make a change and market your channel on social media. But first, decide which websites to use to promote YouTube channels.

It’s critical to pick the right social media platform because each has its own content style, community, and relationship personality. Direct messaging is available on Instagram and Twitter, making them excellent platforms for connecting with others.

2 Concentrate And Gradually Increase

It’s smart to focus on one platform to communicate with fans outside of YouTube. You’ll be able to estimate how much time it takes to administer the profile and work on it properly, before gradually moving to new platforms.

3 Manage Your Own Accounts

Even if your account is being managed by a strategist. It is beneficial to manage an account on your own since you will discover how users behave, the sort of information provided, and the app/site’s language.

Examine your videos to see what you can do to increase the number of views and subscribers. As you investigate further, you will learn more about it and gain information, which will aid in the growth of your visitors and subscribers.



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