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What are rats? They are medium-sized and native to Asia and Australia and spread all over the world. They are unpleasant to watch. Rats carry diseases and are dangerous to the health of your loved ones. Rats always like to live where people live. Rats prefer to feed themselves in homes, restaurants, neighbourhoods, and businesses. Rats move freely inside and outside the nearest buildings. As soon as you know they have entered your home, it will be easier to get rid of rats outside.

Getting Rid Of Rats Outside: The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Rats Outside Are-


  • Select essential wood traps and increase traps by inserting cardboard squares on each trigger.
  • Placing different traps if there are more rats
  • Keep the traps behind boxes and on the walls so that the rats must pass over the trigger.
  • Make sure there are no traps where children and pets can reach out to them.
  • Foods that attract rats like peanut butter should be strengthened in each trap

Inspect the home

Before you can get rid of rats outside. Check your entire home to find out where they come from. First, you should check the outside of the house:

  • Pay special attention to damaged drainage ditches
  • Cracks in the door of your garage
  • Spaces around the opening

Then inspect the inside of your house. Look for plumbing drains, electrical appliances, and other entry points. After accessing, you can close the entry points and set the traps.


  • Warfarin and Pival are rat poisons.
  • After taking poison, rats die of internal bleeding.
  • Keep it far away from children or pets
  • You must read the toxic label before given to rats
  • Make sure the barriers are marked and place them in low traffic.
  • Protect areas that might attract rats, such as boxes, pipes, or cans, and keep out of the rain and snow.
  • You should release the baits when all the rat signs are gone.

Use dry ice

  • If a hole is near a balcony, you should use dry ice
  • The dry ice produces carbon dioxide, which helps kill the rats.
  • It is a speedy and very effective method
  • If you use $150 worth of dry ice and kill more than 90 rats.

Close gaps

Rats do not need a large entrance to enter. They can enter through any hole. So it would be best if you closed any gaps inside or outside walls. Fill these gaps with wire fence cement or metal kicking plates.

Clean up

It is also the best way to get rid of rats outside is to eliminate their hiding place

Store all rubbish food in sealed containers:

  • Quickly clean any spills
  • Keep your drains clean

Use natural methods of prevention-

  • Grease peppermint oil, black pepper, or cloves out of the home to prevent rats
  • Sprinkle crushed pepper near the holes of the will irritate the rat’s noses to prevent them from entering you.
  • Quick potatoes- sprinkle the instant potato powder near the rat’s holes. The rats will eat the powder, but the potato will swell up in the intestines of the rats and kill them.
  • Onions- Rats hate the sweet smell of onions. You will need to replace the onion every second day with a new one.
  • Plaster of Paris mix with cocoa powder- You can mix dry pop with chocolate or cocoa powder and spread it in the holes of rats. They will eat the mixture, go out of your house, drink water, and die.
  • Garlic- You should leave garlic cloves at the entrance of your home.
  • Clove oil- Rats hate cloves—place cloves in a pantyhose or a muslin clothing near rat holes.
  • Ammonia- The rat hates the strong smell. Pour ammonia into a small container and place it next to your favourite area.

How do rats get in?

  • Rats can enter a building through cracks or holes in walls
  • By excavating under the house’s foundation.
  • With open windows, doors, or vents
  • In Basements, bullet holes, and opening fans.
  • From inside a large food package

What damage can rats do at home?

Even though they are small, damage to a house by rats may be extensive. Rats can cause:

  • Structural damage to wood, drywall, and other building material
  • It can damage furniture by digging cushions
  • It can also destroy books, paper towels
  • Make it tough to sleep or relax in your own house by making a lot of noise.

You can control the number of people by taking responsibility for good distribution on their premises or any other property they own.

However, you must contact a professional pest control Geelong company using various eco-friendly methods to control the number of outdoor rats, including trapping and deterrents, if you are not able to deal with them.

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