iPhone 8 Screen Repair

Getting your iPhone’s screen replaced can be a hassle, but there are ways to get it fixed for a fraction of the price. Local repair shops are the best bet if you’re looking to save money. These third-party shops perform the same repairs as Apple, but usually, charge much less. Third-party repair shops will charge you $165 for an iPhone 8 screen repair, which is less than half of Apple’s price. And they’ll take care of your phone in half the time.


The Cellairis iPhone 8 Bundle is a great deal if you’re in need of a quick screen repair for your broken iPhone 8. This repair package includes unlimited screen repairs, free replacement cases, and screen protectors. Hundreds of locations nationwide offer this package. The best part is, that you’ll never have to pay out of pocket, and you can get unlimited repairs for as long as you have your device.

While you’ll have to make an appointment with Cellairis to have your phone repaired, their pricing is very reasonable. They also have convenient at-home service for cracked screens, which means you don’t have to leave your home. Unlike some other repair options, Cellairis doesn’t require a free estimate on their website. They’ll fix your iPhone 8 screen for $79 – plus the price of the service is deductible-free!


If your iPhone 8 is cracked or broken, you may want to consider getting a screen replacement from an expert. While you could do the repair yourself, this may cost you more in the long run because of complications. A screen replacement from The Lab can usually be done within a few hours and most customers can pick up their phones the same day. Besides, they come with a lifetime warranty.

While Apple charges $279 to $329 for an iPhone 8 screen replacement, iFixit’s OLED and LCD screens are already significantly cheaper than those from Apple. They cost only $180 and $85 depending on the model. This is a good deal, especially if you’re on a budget. The company even offers free shipping for its customers. If you don’t feel confident in DIY repairs, you can still take advantage of iFixit’s free demo program. Besides, the company also offers free technical support.

Rapid Repair

If your iPhone 8 has cracked or broken, you may be wondering how to get your screen repaired at an affordable cost. While Apple’s service center may offer a warranty and free diagnostics, it can be costly. If you’re looking to save money, you can opt for a third-party repair shop. These companies specialize in iPhone screen replacement and often charge less than Apple. Additionally, third-party repair shops usually take less time to replace the screen.

Apple’s official screen replacement process can cost up to $279. But iFixit offers LCD screens for less than $100. It’s an interesting downgrade from the OLED replacements. But you’ll still save money by replacing the iPhone 8 screen on your own for a fraction of the price. You can also use the Swappa Repair Calculator to determine how much your iPhone 8 screen repair will cost. You can also find a repair shop near you using their network.

S Digital

For a quality iPhone 8 screen replacement at a low cost, S Digital may be the right choice. They offer iPhone 8 screen repair in New York and use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts to restore your phone to its previous working condition. Unlike Apple, which provides a limited warranty on its replacement devices, S Digital will replace the entire device, including the screen.

If your iPhone 8 has a cracked or burnt screen, the best option is to visit S Digital iPhone Repair Services in New York. This repair shop will provide free diagnostics to determine if the problem is the screen or hardware. If all is well, the S Digital technician will inspect the phone and charge you for the repair. If you are unhappy with the results, the company will also sell you protective cases.

Apple Store

You can get your iPhone 8 screen replaced at an Apple Store for as little as $279, or you can go to an independent repair shop for less money. While the Apple store charges $279 to replace an iPhone 8 screen, third-party repair shops charge about $165 for the same repair. While they do not have the same technical expertise as Apple, they usually take less time and use cheaper parts.

You can also do it yourself by purchasing replacement parts for a fraction of the cost. Apple offers AppleCare+ programs for many years, but these programs only cover screen replacements for newer models. Check here to see if your model is covered for these services. While this method may save you money, it may leave you with dark spots on your screen or other problems. In that case, it’s best to visit an Apple repair center.


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