Some customers present macarons as gifts. In this way, the packaging boxes in which your macarons come play a great part. The formula is quite simple; more customers = more sales. To grab more customers, you could design your macaron boxes with the tips below.

Focus on the Material and Design for Your Custom Macaron Boxes

This is essential, the packaging material for your custom macaron boxes should be durable and eco-friendly. This would lead your focus towards Kraft and cardboard packaging materials. These are both beneficial to the customers and brands.

Cardboard is generally easy to make and flexible with many printing methods excessively, for example, digital and offset printing. On the other hand, since Kraft is recyclable and reusable, it doesn’t wind up at the land top of or dirty the environment. In this way, those green customers would always appreciate and cherish your macaron with the boxes from kraft! In the end, you could transform your packaging boxes to be a great way of boosting your sales.

Use Appealing Colors for Your Macaron Packaging Boxes

It is human instinct to get drawn to colorful boxes as opposed to standard boxes. To truly magnetize those customers, you could use appealing colors for your macaron packaging boxes. This would give a wonderful visual allure. Accordingly, you could also match the colors with any party theme.

Choose the Beautiful Shapes and Sizes for Your Macaron Boxes Wholesale

Macaron boxes wholesale are not simply the boxes for customers to bring your macarons home. More than that, they are ideal for various events and purposes. You could personalize the boxes for special occasions.

For example, you could draw a beautiful flower image for girl baby showers. What’s more, you could also add a window shape to provide a wonderful sneak peek. Or else, you could add dividers inside the boxes to present macarons in a perfect grouping. Thus, making them look mouth-watering and engaging.

Implement Innovation to Clear Macaron Boxes

Creative packaging designs are essential as they could have a strong influence on any type of item. If you are running a brand in a competitive bakery business, this is one of your fundamental needs. Yes, you could implement innovation by applying your creative design on clear macaron boxes.

Then, you could combine your creative design with an energetic color combination. In the end, an innovative printing technique would provide all the prerequisites or according to your business needs and requirements.

If you could explore your creative ideas when designing your custom packaging boxes, those customers would see you as a professional brand. After all, you are the best person who knows your brand more than anyone.

Don’t Forget to Add Product Descriptions on Bulk Macaron Boxes

You need to speak with your customer about your items. For this reason, your bulk macaron boxes should contain the characteristics of your macarons, the ingredients, and for what reason should they purchase them other than the taste.

For example, in case you add additional ingredients that are valuable for the customers’ health, they would appreciate that. They would see how your brand takes great care of them. Yes, you need to add that to the depiction area on the boxes and make sure those customers would read it.

Apply Add-Ons to Your Custom Macaron Boxes

There is another significant thing that you should consider when designing custom macaron boxes. You should consider applying wonderful add-ons to make your boxes look more amazing.

  • Window shapes

To make the boxes more appealing, you could have your custom boxes with window sliders. Further, there is an assortment of sliders, which is whether you need to have clear sliders or non-clear ones. This load of varieties in shapes would additionally change your custom macaron boxes to another level and make them really engaging.

Another option, there are round shape packaging boxes having an empty part from the middle like a doughnut. These boxes could hold all your macarons well inside all through the shipping journey. Whatever types or shapes you decide for your boxes, make sure you would get the accurate sizes to secure all your macarons.

  • Handle

If you wish to upgrade the engaging variable of your macaron packaging boxes, you could add a handle shape to your boxes. This would really help in drawing in those customers. They would see how your boxes are convenient to be carried along wherever they go. By doing this, you are creating user-friendly boxes. Eventually, it would convince customers to purchase from your brand every time they crave sweet macaroons.

  • Die-cut divider

What’s more, Die-cut divider additions would also help those customers to appropriately keep up with the macaroons solidly at their place. At the same time, this divider would add the beautification of your clear macaron boxes.

  • Finishing effects

Another wonderful add-on you could consider is polishing your bespoke boxes with finishing effects. For example, you could go for gold or silver foiling to address the luxury of your macarons inside.

Or else, you could apply a lamination effect that would give a smooth and glossy surface. Lamination is a type of dainty silk layer that shields your boxes from various harmful components. You could choose from the matte or glossy coating, UV spot, and some other remarkable options.

Make Your Macaron Boxes Wholesale Budget-Friendly

Purchasing macaron boxes wholesale is a great idea to help you manage your spending budget. This would surely save you a great amount of cash. Even better, you could use that cash to invest in producing more delightful macarons for your beloved customers.

The great thing is, by getting budget-friendly boxes, you could then reduce the price of your macarons. In this way, you would grab more customers as people would always love to purchase things that according to their budget.

In the bakery business, your items are constantly decided by the quality of your packaging boxes. For this reason, you need to invest in successful packaging procedures. Bu designing your macaron boxes properly, you could step up your business results while getting potential and loyal customers.



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