Do you want to import EMLX files to Thunderbird in the right way? If your answer is yes, then you need to look for a solution to transfer EMLX to Thunderbird. Therefore, we have found a simple or reliable solution for this, which will make the migration from EML to Thunderbird very convenient and efficient.

EML is an email file that contains a single message. He also makes various email applications namely Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. However, there is no option available to import EML messages into Thunderbird. Actually, this is not an easy task. So stay calm! Users importing EML files into Thunderbird is complicated, let’s understand more clearly with the help of user queries:

To solve this problem, we propose this article. Here, we will reveal some reliable and simple solutions.

User Request: “User request: “Please help me! I have a folder of .emlx files on my computer. But when I try to import it into the Thunderbird application, I have some glitch. Now, the problem is that I can’t do that. So I urgently needed a solution that could perform the whole process without damaging the data. If any technical friends know how to do this, please let me know. ”

 Automatic Solution to Import EMLX Files to Thunderbird 

For a quick file transfer, using a professional solution is the best way. Best Thunderbird Import Wizard is the perfect tool to successfully transfer multiple EMLX files to your Thunderbird account. Furthermore, users can import EMLX, MBOX, MBX, MBS and Maildir files with the help of the software. Then you will be able to read and open the EMLX file. Furthermore, the software is built with a powerful algorithm that can perform a complete transfer process without changing the data structure.

One of the best things about this tool is that you can use it to import EMLX into Thunderbird and check all processes, quality, efficiency and effectiveness before you even buy. This tool offers a trial version so you can check it yourself before trying the licensed version.

Quick Steps to Import Multiple EMLX to Thunderbird Account

  • Launch the Software on your system and select the Browse EML / EMLX file option

Download Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool

  • Click the Add File or Add Folder button to find the folder containing all the EMLX files

Add EMLX File

  • Then, after adding the EMLX files to the software, click on the “Next” button

Preview EMLX Files

  • Select Mozilla Thunderbird Identity / Profile in the next window

Mozilla Thunderbird Identity / Profile

  • Finally, click on the “Import” button to start the process of importing EMLX into Thunderbird

Import" button to start the process

  • After the process is completed successfully, click the “OK” button

completed successfully

Manual Approach to Import EMLX Files to Thunderbird

In the following sections, users will learn the correct manual solution to add .eml files to Thunderbird. So, let’s start with the first way to accomplish this task.

Transfer EMXL/ EML Messages in Thunderbird With Drag & Drop

  • First you have to create a new folder in Mozilla Thunderbird. To do this, right-click the Inbox folder and select the New Folder option
  • Next, name the new folder accordingly and click the “Create Folder” button
  • When the button is clicked, a new Inbox folder is created in the Thunderbird account
  • Now minimize Thunderbird and go to the folder where all the .emlx files are located
  • You need to select all files and drag and drop messages saved in .eml format to the newly created folder in Thunderbird
  • Importing EML messages into Thunderbird takes a few minutes
  • It is recommended that you close the application after completing the process. Then reopen it and view the EML file in Mozilla Thunderbird

Transfer EMLX to Thunderbird Using the Import / Export Tool

  • To start the process, you need to download the free Thunderbird Import / Export Tools plugin from the official website (
  • Open the Mozilla Thunderbird email Client application on your system. Now, click on the Tools tab in the menu
  • Select the Plugins option from the Tools menu. Next, click on the Gear drop-down button and select the option Install plug-in from file
  • Browse to the folder where the import/export file tool.xpi is located and press Open
  • Now you have to click on Install Now tab. This will automatically add the import / export tool to Thunderbird
  • Then, select the Restart Now button to restart the Thunderbird app
  • Once the program is fully open, right click on the Inbox folder and select the New Folder option to create a subfolder
  • Then choose the newly created folder and right-click on it
  • Click Tools >> Import / Export Tools >> Message Import Options
  • In the Select Messages to Import window, select the .eml file to import and click Open
  • Finally, you can now Open and Read all EML messages in the Thunderbird folder.

Disadvantages of Manual Methods

As we all know, manual solutions are free but do not guarantee 100% results. This is why they are not the ideal way to import EMLX files into Thunderbird. Some of the main drawbacks are:

  • Uploading multiple EML files to Thunderbird is not technically possible with the drag and drop method. When you try to do this all at once, the whole system freezes. To fix this issue, the user has to close the app and restart the whole process.
  • You will not be able to upload EML files to the Thunderbird application without an import/export tool.
  • Also, this manual method of transferring .eml files to Mozilla Thunderbird is time consuming.

Explore Some of the Features of Thunderbird Importer Software

Direct Conversion to Thunderbird: The EMLX file will be imported directly into the Thunderbird client without affecting the actual data.

Bulk Import EMLX Files: You know that you have to go through the process of importing from EMLX to Thunderbird once. That’s because you can import as many files as you want at the same time. The options for migrating data are not limited to any size. Import as much as possible at once.

Complete Conversion: Do you think this app only supports importing emails and nothing else? Well, we tell you that this app supports importing all data; be it email attachments, contacts or anything related to EMLX files. So don’t let anything be left behind because everything is important.

Preview All EMLX Data: Well, this app doesn’t want you to shoot in the dark. You have to know what you are importing. So this app can not only help you import EMLX to your local Thunderbird folder, but also help you preview it. You can check all the files in the tool to see the information they contain.

File Naming Options: Want to find your specific files after importing them into Thunderbird? This app too. You can name the file subject + date (DD-MM-YYYY), sender + subject + date (YYYY-MM-DD), sender + subject + date (DD-MM-YYYY) and date (DD-MM-YYYY) + From + Subject, etc., according to your needs.

These are just a few of the many features the app describes. However, if you want to know everything about the EMLX to Thunderbird converter, we suggest you use it to find out for yourself as it will make you more satisfied.


There are many users who started looking for related solutions to transfer EML files, folders to Thunderbird. Since the Thunderbird email application is compatible with Windows operating systems, the different methods to perform the conversion depend on the different platforms. So, in the above section, we described manual conversion from EMLX email to Thunderbird for both environments. However, if the user wants to import EMLX files to Thunderbird, an automated solution is also recommended to perform the conversion process. In addition, we have also introduced a number of functions for importing EMLX messages into Thunderbird.




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