social media 2
social media 2

Most of the bloggers including me knows the importance of social media in bringing traffic to our blog, Google algorithms also giving importance to social media, if your blog post has more shares,comments,likes, +1 then your blog’s page rank will improve automatically you will get organic traffic also.

As a blogger what we think and do is two simple things, first thing we do is social media sharing is important so we are keeping social media sharing buttons on top of the post or at the bottom of the post or some of us use left side floating bar, second thing we do is after publishing the article ,we post our article on all social media platforms and wait for the social media traffic.

Here i am not considering our followers on social media platforms whether our followers are 20 or 100000 same thing will happen.

Do you think above two things will bring lot of social media traffic to your blog ?

I am doing above two things from last 4 months, but there is no significant social traffic to my blog, i thought i am missing something and did some research on social media sharing dynamics, i came to a conclusion on how to increase traffic to your website using social media, now i am sharing my research information in this article.


We have to use different methods of promotion on different social media platforms, some methods will work for one platform some may not, we are taking only Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, Linkedin.

Now we check the factors which influencing the people to share

  • Infographics
  • Social Sharing Lockers
  • Howto & Tools related articles
  • Click to Tweet Quotes
  • Using Hashtags
  • Extraordinary Visual Images
  • Guest posts on Influential websites


Infographics are visual representation of data or information or knowledge, which are created to simplify the complex information into simple,quick,clear information.

Infographics are attracting more number of views, shares,comments, professional bloggers also developing the infographics to move with the change, some free tools are available to make infographics as per our requirement, from now onwards we have to keep in mind, whenever we are writing our new blog post, we should consider if there is any chance of making that blog post into infographic.

Pinterest is main social media platform for infographics, if we are able to promote our infographics on Pinterest, this platform itself gives lot of traffic to our blog.

Concentrating only on infographics for blog post without any text will face SEO problem so think of adding required text for your blog post, which can increase social sharing of that particular blog post.


I don’t personally like to force readers to share the post to social media but even professional bloggers like, and so many people will force you to subscribe to their email news letter or to share on social media, not every time these people are doing that, they will concentrate on call to action for their readers, i wont say anything wrong in that, that is their trick which given them success to increase email subscriptions.

If you think that article is unique and you put lot of effort to make it then you are eligible to force your reader to share before they are going to read your article, demanding for one share is not at all wrong thing.

WordPress One Press Social Locker plugin gives you the opportunity to demand from the reader.

One social share before reading the article to unlock the content

One Press Social Locker Plugin


Lot of articles which are based on Howto’s and Tools related articles are getting maximum number of social media shares, people are facing so many problems on various topics, if we are able to find problems which people are facing to use it, then we can choose the topics on how to find the solution for that problems and we can also add tools to rectify for that problem.

So try add many articles on Howto’s and Tools related articles on your blog.


Click to tweet is another good option to increase our blog post Twitter shares, now this trend is moving very fast, very less people are using it, presently only 3 % bloggers are taking maximum use of it, rest of us are not yet started, human tendency will not accept changes immediately, once that becomes approved by large number of people then only we imbibe it.

At present no plugins are available at WordPress, previously Click to tweet plugin was available on WordPress now it’s not showing up.

Using Hashtags

Another good tool which most of us are not effectively using it, Google +,Twitter, Pinterest, supports hashtags, which are useful to social media users, people search for particular keyword in social media platforms, if you use hashtags in all your post sharings then user get a chance to view your post even if he is not follower of yours.

Extra ordinary Visual Images

Visual media has great impact on social media, if we use more visual feast then chances of getting shares in social media is very high, we have to work on it, different social platforms need different formats of images, we should have the knowledge of all the social media platform image formats, we have to put extra effort to make the image as per the social media platform.

Guest Posts On Influential Websites

Guest posts on influential websites increases our blog posts social sharing and gives lot of reputation, even top professional bloggers like Mr Neil Patel, Mr Rand who runs is writing guest post on various reputed websites.

We have to put an extra effort to increase our brand and reputation by doing all the above methods to increase social media traffic to our blog. You also buy social media accounts in bulk like buy facebook accounts, buy twitter accounts, buy linkedin accounts.


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