Have you noticed that since the pandemic has passed food delivery and take-away has increased? The global market of food delivery has grown up to $150 Billion since 2017. The restaurants and food chains are switching towards deliveries and take-away. The competition is getting tougher and survival is important. In these difficult times your food chain or restaurant needs a different game plan. You can get custom take away boxes for your food brand. With these boxes you can grow your food brand larger and get the profits you dreamed of. These take away boxes can be made in different sizes, shapes and styles.

You can boost your brand by getting an artwork which clearly displays your brand name and logo. With this artwork on these boxes you can reach to many other potential buyers which couldn’t be approached easily otherwise. By using food grade and recyclable material for making these boxes you can show your love with the nature. The customer these days is very concerned about the environmental pollution. Your act of using food grade and recyclable boxes will make them fall in love with your brand. This makes them your loyal customers. Furthermore, when people carry those boxes out of your restaurants on the streets they become your brand promotors. Getting such good looking and beneficial boxes is a cost effective solution for your food brand. Fast food boxes look appealing when held by the customer who just took it from a food spot.

Types off take away boxes for different food items

Pizza boxes

These boxes are made of fully food grade material. it has a straight tray with and upper lid and four vents on the sides to give your food a beautiful presentation and protection. These boxes keep your food warm and fresh when delivered.

One piece take-away boxes

One piece take away boxes are little deep for fitting a sandwich along with a covering lid. You can get these boxes in multiple material choices. You get options of adding die-cut window on the lid to make these take-away boxes more attractive.

Two piece take-away boxes

These boxes have two parts, the tray and its lid. These boxes are commonly used for packing sweets and biscuits. You get variety of customization options while getting these boxes. These boxes can be prepared with attractive coating options.

Chinese take-away boxes

The Chinese food has specific styled boxes these boxes have 4 end auto lock bottom and are in the shape of a vase. The lower part is smaller and the mouth of the box get larger than the bottom. With auto lock mouth or a tuck end. You can add a die-cut window on the top to show-off your yummy cooked food.

Clamshell boxes

The shape of these boxes is just like a clamshell. It has tray with a lid which locks from one end like a clamshell. These boxes can be made in different materials. Such boxes are commonly used for packing burgers and salads.

Carrier boxes

When there is need to carry the food straight without damaging its real form, carrier boxes are used. These boxes are also known as gable boxes. there is a handle added on these boxes to carry it. You can get these boxes for your bakery items or fast food. These boxes are often seen at doughnut shops and bakeries.

Food trays

Street foods like hot dog sandwiches, potato fries or salads are usually served in food trays. These trays are usually made of Kraft. You can get these trays in different sizes with your logo on it for your food delivery or take-away requirement.

Beverage carrier

Carrying the bottles in a plastic wrap or in hands is not the right thing. Beverage carrier can be the most suitable box for your bottles. You can add branding information and make your bottle carried out in style.

Customization options for making take-away boxes.

While getting custom take-away boxes for your food brand you can design it as you like. There are numerous customization options available for these boxes. you can select best options for your boxes which fulfils all your marketing and branding needs.


Take-away boxes can be produced in any size as per your requirement. the dimensions can be provided in length, width and depth.


For these take-away boxes variety of materials can be used with increase the strength of this shape. Food grade material is the best material for making these boxes. The materials offered for take-away boxes are mentioned bellow:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Bux board
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

Printing techniques

The printing is very important to enhance the beauty of these boxes and add glamour to the products packed inside. The materials used on these boxes allow you to use best quality of printing. The options for printing on take-away boxes are:

  • Offset
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Raised ink


Coatings are the value addition films for the printing done on these boxes. coating saves the printing done on these boxes from scratches or any damages. The options for coating on these boxes are mentioned bellow:

  • Spot UV- to develop an elite look
  • Glossy- for a shiny outcome
  • Matte- for sophisticated appearance


The take-away boxes are the boxes which must look attractive and appealing and add-ons make them good looking. Add-ons gives a premium look to your boxes and help in increasing their usability. Options for selection of add-ons are mentioned below:



  • Die-cut windows can be added to the boxes to beautifully display the product packed inside, die cutting can also be done for a design, logo or brand name.
  • Hot foil stamping options can be chosen for an elite look to these boxes. gold/silver foil stamping can be done which will give these take-away boxes premium look.
  • Cardboard or any other material partitioning can also be added to these boxes depending on the category of the box.


If you want to uplift your food brand and get the profits that you expected, then custom take-away boxes is the right solution. You can enhance your brand recognition with the help of these boxes. these boxes will not only protect your food but also help in keeping it preserved. Take-away boxes enhance the presentation of the food packed inside. Your food brand will be popular where ever your boxes are being carried. With multiple add-ons your boxes get more appealing. and food-grade packaging material keep your food safe for use.


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