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Outlook PST file storage limits may cause you to lose important Outlook profile data and information. When the PST file size reaches its maximum size limit may freeze your Outlook application or slow down your system. Splitting PST files is the only way to deal with large PST files. The only method to cope with the massive database is to split PST file.

That is why we came up with this write-up. Here you will find an excellent PST Splitter tool to split large PST files into multiple smaller ones. This great PST splitter provides a wide range of functions and options is what you can expect from this program. Before discussing this program, let’s look at some of the benefits of splitting a huge PST first.

Have to split massive size PST:

For various bases, splitting PST files into smaller ones is necessary. Some of them are listed below.

  • In order to improve Outlook’s performance, the PST files need to be split regularly.
  • Incoming and outgoing emails cannot flow if the PST size exceeds the maximum limit. It indicates insufficient space, so split PST files are a must.
  • Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 editions have a maximum PST file size of 20 GB because of Outlook’s execution issues; it is also advantageous.
  • It is possible to share/import specific data from PST files to other email domains by splitting huge PST files. For example, it is smaller, which speeds up data transmission times.

Splitting PST files is not likely using the available manual methods. Nevertheless, none of these approaches is safe and perfect when using outlook versions. Let’s look at an optimal choice employing a professional PST splitter tool.

Shoviv PST Splitter software:

This PST splitter software helps users don’t have to be concerned about handling huge PST files anymore. It makes it easier to split large PST databases into several PST files. Outlook data files may be protected from being corrupted by managing storage space. This software features a user-friendly interface and simple processes for splitting PST files. It has three options to split PST files: by size, by folders, and by date or year. This PST splitter tool streamline features desired by the end-user with its powerful algorithms.

Important ones for users in this tool:

  • It allows Outlook users to split their huge data files faster and more accurately without impacting the integrity or reliability.
  • Users can opt to create a single file of all the selected PST folders or create separate files for each selected PST folder.
  • This PST splitter tool does not alter the metadata or attributes when splitting the PST database.
  • As a window-based PST splitter, it compatibly runs to split PST files in any version of the Windows OS.
  • ANSI and Unicode PSTs can be split using the software compatible with any desired Outlook version.


The above write-up has guided you on how to split PST files securely. The manual technique isn’t ideal when it comes to data security and speed. Therefore, several IT experts and MVPs endorse the PST splitter solution in dispute for its robust features.

Furthermore, users may glimpse how well Shoviv’s tool performs before spending money on the full version. So, this PST splitter tool enables a free demo version that evaluates the processing with the first 50 items per folder.

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