How to maintain a septic tank

Do you know over 20% of households consider opting for an individual septic system instead of relying on a municipal wastewater system to treat the water? If you have a separate septic system, it’s vital to comprehend how septic systems work and what are its routine maintenance task help you extend its longevity.

A septic system comprises a septic tank and a drain field connected by a network of pipes through the house’s wastewater drainage line to the drain field. You can expect a life expectancy between 15 to 40 years and can last for more if maintained properly. Your drain field might be useable for over 50 years.

Consider the following septic tank maintenance tips to keep your septic system healthy and functional for as long as possible.

Pump septic tank periodically-

One of the substantial tasks for maintaining a septic tank system which you have to perform every two to five years is getting your septic tank pumped. Whether or not to pump it every two to five years relies on the tank size, family members living in the house, and the type of waste materials goes into the septic tank. Therefore, it’s vital to have a periodic inspection from the professionals of septic pumping in Roseville to determine how frequently you need to pump your septic tank.

Inspect the septic system for leaks-

Each time you roam around your septic system, observe the areas of your yard where the grass is significantly dense and lusher than other areas. A leaking tank provides nutrition to the grass and gives a strong odor. Therefore, inspect your septic system for leaks and baffles during the pumping process, ensuring the baffles aren’t missing, deteriorated, or broken.

Hydro jetting-

Over time, dust and debris accumulated in the drain pipes of a septic system, leading to solid clogs in the pipes connecting the septic tank to the drain field. Thereby, it’s preferable to contact professionals for hydro-jetting in Sacramento to eliminate and remove debris that could prevent your system from operating efficiently. Perform this task every five years to avoid further damage to your septic tank.

Limit water usage and household waste-

The simplest and easiest way for septic system care and maintenance is to pay attention to the material that goes in the septic tank. Excessive liquid waste can overfill the septic tank. Hence, it’s beneficial to divert the roof water from the drain field by using water-saving appliances, dishwasher loads, spacing out laundry, and fixing the leaks whenever you notice them. Also, don’t pour the harmful chemical solutions down the drain, as it can destroy the good bacterias that break down the waste.

Use bacteria additive-

The bacteria in the septic tank are vulnerable to chemical solutions, antibacterial soaps, and drain cleaners. So, to protect the naturally occurring bacteria in the septic system, add bacteria additives to break down the unnatural substances such as detergents and soaps. It will keep your pipes clean & clear, odor-free, and maintain the optimal functioning of your septic system.

Whether you need grease trap service, septic pumping, inspection, or hydro jetting in Roseville, always contact professionals for quality servicing.

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