How to Make Website

To know how to create a website, you have to follow very easy steps. Later I will explain all the steps given below in detail one by one. Follow all the steps carefully.

  1. CMS Platform Selection
  2. Buying a Domain Name and Hosting
  3. Website design
  4. WordPress installation
  5. Install the plugin
  6. Now Install theme


1. Select the CMS Platform

WordPress was launched on 27 May 2003, which is the most popular CMS. The Content Management System is The full form of CMS. Since the advent of CMS, there is no need to do coding.

  • At present, 30% of the world’s websites are made using WordPress. This means that no developer is required to manage its page, content and design.
  • There are countless themes and plugins for WordPress CMS which we have to install and use as per the requirement.
  • Just like there are countless apps in the play store for Android, WordPress has countless themes and plugins. 
  • There are many content management systems like Drupal, Joomla but the best and most powerful CMS in this is WordPress.
  • Because in WordPress we do not need to do much, just by installing the plugin, you can add any feature and you can do this too.


2. Buying Domain Name and Hosting

  • Once you have decided which CMS you want to create your website, then your work starts.
  • Now you have to buy a domain name of your choice as well as get hosting from a good company. 
  • Here I am telling you How to Make a Website for Business on WordPress. So for this, you have to invest some money.

See, here I am telling you how to make the best and cheapest website for less money. By the way, if you want, you can also do this absolutely free. For this, you can easily set up for free by going to and using Gmail ID.

But let me tell you that this website is a long race. That is, to get success in this, you have to do everything with patience and slowly. Can’t get success in shortcuts.

You must have heard this proverb. Expensive Cried Once and Cheap Cried Again and Again

There are many bloggers who started by creating a blog for free, but when they made their career in blogging, then they had to migrate to WordPress itself.

So you must have understood that you cannot be successful by saving money everywhere. Somewhere some money has to be invested. But do not panic, I will tell you the cheapest and best source here from which you can buy domain and hosting.


The domain name and hosting process

Well, there are much domain and hosting companies out there. You can choose any company to buy the domain. Here I am giving a list from where you can buy domain names. Although earlier a credit card was required to buy a domain name and hosting, now you can also buy with your ATM or debit card.

Some good domain companies:

  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • BigRock
  • Net4 India
  • Square Brothers
  • India Links
  • 1and1
  • ZNetLive

Now if I want to know my wish, I use GoDaddy and Namecheap. The customer service of these is also very good.

  1. In this post, I will tell you the process of buying a domain from Godaddy. Here you will get a domain in just ₹ 400 – ₹ 500.
  2. First of all, check the availability of the domain of your choice. For this, go to its homepage and search by entering your domain name.
  3. If your chosen domain name is available then you will get its message here like you can see in this screenshot ( is available).
  4. Now here onwards you have to click on Add to Cart.
  5. When you go ahead, along with the domain, we get many associated with it. 
  6. Here you will find the option of No Thanks below, click on it and remove extra services.
  7. Now here you have to create a new account before taking the domain.
  8. Enter the username of your choice here.
  9. After that, set the password for login.
  10. Now enter your email address and click on Create account.
  11. After this step, you have to select the validity of your domain according to your need. 
  12. The important thing here is that the registration of the domain, it takes less money in the first year. 
  13. From the second year onwards, the renewal cost is high.
  14. You can also get a good offer from Godaddy for the first year, but this kind of offer is given only on some special occasions.
  15. This is your last step in which you have to choose the payment method and pay the bill to buy your domain name. 
  16. In this way, your domain is registered which you just have to point to your server.


Procedure to buy hosting

  • Whatever website we create, we write articles on it, upload images.
  • Where all these are secure on the internet, it is called hosting. Hosting is necessary to keep it live online always.
  • So to buy hosting, you can go to Hostgator’s official site and register and buy hosting.
  • As soon as you buy hosting, you will get a message in an email. In which there will be all kinds of details so that you can easily manage and handle your website.
  • You also need to know these important things for domain and hosting connectivity.
  1. Name servers
  2. cPanel link
  3. You will get both of these in your email.


3. Website Design

Now you have both the important things you need to build a website. So you must have got all the details in the email to go to the cPanel of your hosting provider.

  1. You log in to your domain account.
  2. Here you can see the Manage option, click on it.
  3. After that, you select Custom DNS.
  4. Copy the Nameserver found in your email there and paste it.
  5. Your domain is finally pointed to the nameserver.
  6. Now you can start WordPress installation.
  7. For this, now you open your Gmail account and you have received the email message Hostgator or another hosting service, open it.
  8. Click on the link of cPanel you have found in it.
  9. This will open your cPanel login page.
  10. Here enter the username and password you received in the email.
  11. After this click on the login button.
  12. Now your cPanel Dashboard will open.
  13. Here you have to scroll down and come down a bit. Below you can find the Softaculous Apps Installer. Inside it you will see the WordPress logo. You have to click on this.
  14. Now click on Install Now.
  15. The WordPress installation dashboard will look something like this.
  16. Here you will see the install button on the right side. Which we use to install WordPress.
  17. Before WordPress installation, we have to fill in some details.
  18. We will get these settings when we click on the install button.
  19. So now you click on install.


4. WordPress Installation

  1. Now you have to select your domain here. From here, if you want, you can keep your site address to open HTTP, HTTPS, www, and without www.
  2. Here WP will be written in these directories. Delete it and leave it blank.
  3. In Site name, enter the title name of your website.
  4. After this add the description associated with your website.
  5. Now enter your username and password to log in to your Admin account.
  6. Also, enter the email id in the field below it.
  7. By the way, your default language will be in English, but if you want, you can select the language of your choice.
  8. Now just come down and you will see the install button, click on it. The installation of WordPress will begin.
  9. This will take a few seconds, just then your WordPress will start and your site will also be live in some time.
  10. Here you can see that you have got 2 links.
  11. The first link is your website’s homepage.
  12. The second is a link to log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  13. Now you open the dashboard by clicking on the second number link.

Log in here by entering your WordPress username and password. As soon as you click on Login your WordPress Dashboard will be open. Its interface will look something like this.


5. Install the Plugin

First of all, You have to open the dashboard of your website and then click on the plugin there. You will see Installed Plugin, Add New, and Theme Editor here. You will also see the Add New option inside the box. Click on it. When you click on it, you will get to see the plugin gallery, as you see in the above screenshot.

From here you can use the plugin as per your requirement. I am giving you the list of necessary plugins here, which you should search and install.

  • Yoast SEO or Rank math – Install one of the two plugins. These are very important for the search engine optimization of the site.
  • Table of contents – This shows the main points of the article as an index.
  • UpdraftPlus – Used to back up the website.
  • WP-Rocket or Super Cache or Autotomize – This is important for the cache of our website and it also increases the speed of the site.
  • Akismet Anti Spam – Blocks spam comments.

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6. Install Theme

One of the most important things to do after building a website is to install a good responsive and speed-optimized theme. For this, you have to go to the dashboard of your WordPress website and there you will see Appearance, click on there.

  1. Now you can see the option of Themes, Now click on it.
  2. Here you click on Add new. 
  3. Now the WordPress team store will open in front of you. Where you can make your website beautiful by installing all kinds of teams.
  4. But I want to tell you about the free themes that optimize the website according to the search engine, as well as make it in the speed of the site.

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Conclusion: In this post, I have tried to give you every information from which you must have understood what are the essential things about How to Make a Website for Business?.

Also, now you have learned how to create a professional website. How did you like this post? I hope that you also want to set up a website to increase your business further. If you liked this post, then do share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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