How to Make a Video from Photos

Here we will learn about How to Make Video from Photos? Learn How To Make Music Video From Photo In Simple Language!

Today we are going to tell you how to make video from photos, if you also want to make video from photos, then you have come to the right place. In today’s post, we will tell you how to make a video from the photo, that too in very simple language.

You must have also seen many videos in which a video is made by adding photos. These videos have music, photos, and effects. And nowadays such videos are found everywhere on social media. It is also very easy to make this video, which you can also make easily.

And you can do this on your android mobile-only, you can make videos by adding photos from your android phone. And you can add whatever music you want to it. You can put any song of your choice in it and you can give whatever effect you want to give. So let’s start with learning about how to make video from photos?

How to make video from photos?

Make Video from Photos

You will find many apps on the Google Playstore that you can make a video of your photos or whatever photos you want. You can convert it into video. Today, using the app that we are going to tell you about, you can easily make videos of your photos.

You can also add frames, effects, music to it. In this, you will get all the options you want in your video. The name of this app is ‘Music Video Editor’ so let’s know about this app now. You have to download it to use it. For this you follow the steps given below:

Download App

First of all, you have to download this app Music, Video Maker. Now install it and open it. After installing, on its home page, you will see two such options as Slideshow and 30s Effect, out of which you click on the option of Slideshow.

Select Photo

Now here you will see all the folders of your phone’s photos. Click on the folder from which you want to select photos and select the number of photos you want to make a video by adding. After selecting all the photos click on Next.

  • Now all the photos you have selected will be visible to you. If you want to delete a photo, then you can remove it by clicking on the remove icon on the right side of that photo. 
  • Now click on the Next option.
  • Your photo will appear in video format and you will see a lot of effects here. 
  • Select whatever effect you want to give to your video.

Add Song

Now after selecting the effect, click on the Mp3 icon. Here the Custom option will appear, click on it. You can put any song in this, if you want to put any song from your Sd Card, then click on My Song. Now you will see all the songs on your phone, click on whatever song you want to add.

Add Frame/Emoji

After selecting the song, if you want to put a frame in your photo, then click on the option of the frame. Here you will get all types of frames, you can select whatever frame you want.

  • Now you have to click on the emoji icon, from which you can apply whatever emoji you want. You can also zoom in and zoom out the emoji.
  • You can also select the time of the part of the video with whichever photo you want to put it. And that emoji will appear in that photo itself.

Click Text Icon

Now you can type anything by clicking on the text icon. Whatever you want to write, click on the text icon, then click on the + icon and after typing the text, click OK.

You can also select the starting and end of this text. You can select where you want the text to appear.

Select Images Speed

Now you click on the Speed ​​Icon in the last, here 2 seconds speed will be selected. You can select the time according to you, you can change your images at whatever time you want.

  • After your video is completed, if you want to save it, then click on the Right Mark above.
  • After the processing is completed, your video will be saved on your SD card or phone.

So friends, in this way you can easily make a video by adding photos. It does not take much time and this app is also very easy to use. When you use this app, you will learn to use it better. If you want to become an expert photo editor then you must take photoshop classes near me from the graphic design institute in Delhi 


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