Articlering.comOverview: Are you looking for a solution to migrate mailcopa email to Thunderbird? If your answer is YES! Then learn this article to understand the complete migration process. This article explains the whole process of migrating Mailcopa Mailbox files to Thunderbird account. Stay tuned for more information.

Mailcopa is the first email client that most users ever use. Mailcopa was once known as the most powerful email client due to its powerful anti-spam counter, but this has faded over time. It was a discontinued email app with a relevant user base.

Some users remain loyal to Mailcopa for as long as possible. They also have no choice but to migrate to another email platform such as thunderbird to take advantage of the evolving feature set.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of exporting email from Mailcopa to Thunderbird. Mailcopa supports exporting data in two file formats. We will cover this in our transition guide.

As technology and standards develop, it is better for users to follow the latest trends. In addition, today many email services, servers, and many other email platforms have different features and functions. The two most popular email services are Mialcopa and Thunderbird, which are free and do not require a subscription.

Many Mialcopa users are looking for a solution to switch to a Thunderbird account, all because of its powerful features. It keeps the information well organized. In addition, it is easy to use on any device and has access to cloud storage with the necessary flexibility and variety. Emails, attachments and other materials can also be saved without any problems.

Even after many questions, we finally found a good way to directly import Mailcopa directly into the Thunderbird account, along with all other content.

User Query Related to Migrate Mailcopa Email to Thunderbird

Hello! I use Mailcopa on my home computer. Due to unavoidable circumstances, my mailcopa is lost. However, I have the file in my system. Now I want to transfer mailcopa to my Thunderbird account to access all Mailbird files at work. Please tell me how to change mailcopa email in Mozilla Thunderbird. We appreciate your help!

Why Need to Transfer Mailcopa to Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Mozilla Thunderbird email client with auto-updates, privacy, security and more. So if you are planning to move data here, this is the right decision. You should be aware of some features that differentiate Thunderbird.
  • A free open source application platform.
  • With the help of this email client, message management becomes easy thanks to the various options available
  • Think and read about Thunderbird in terms of email personalization
  • Spam filtering is another great Thunderbird mail filtering feature, especially for merging
  • Thunderbird has one of the best security and privacy features to protect users’ data in the best possible way
  • With the growing popularity of email services on the market, Thunderbird has stuck to these unparalleled features.

Automatic Solution to Migrate Mailcopa Email to Thunderbird

To resolve this type of query, we recommend that you download the SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool on your computer. This application supports all Windows computers. You can easily download this app without facing any hassle. The software also provides a batch processing option to select multiple MBOX files at the same time. It comes with a quick and easy to understand user interface. It allows a user to import selected mailcopa mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, inbox and other folders into her default Thunderbird profile path. The software automatically detects her default Thunderbird profile path and copies all mailbox items there.

This tool has an auto-detect option that uses all the data Mailbird has captured in the GUI. You can try the demo version of the utility to test its features and buy it later.

You can use free demo version of this software as well
Users can view the entire migration process from this blog. To test how the app works, download the demo version that allows you to move up to 25 items from each folder. When you are satisfied, you can buy a license key and transfer unlimited data from Mailcopa MBOX to your Thunderbird account.

Note: If Thunderbird is not installed on your system, the software will not be able to do its job and you will receive an error message. If you want to export Mailcopa to a Thunderbird client on another computer, convert the mailcopa emails to MBOX files, move the resulting mailbox file to any portable device, then copy the data to your Thunderbird profile

Few Easy Steps to Migrate Mailcopa Email to Thunderbird Profile

  • First off all, Download the Thunderbird Importer software

Download thunderbird importer Software

  • Load Mailcopa mailbox file using a dual Options such as from File/Folder

Add MBOX File

  • Browse and select the files you want to add to the software, then click Open

select the files

  • After adding the data, the software will display the data on its interface. You can add more information or just click Next to continue

Preview Files

  • Now select the date filter that matches the data you want to import

apply date filter options

  • To import the contents of all additional MBOX files, select All Mail

select All Mail

  • Choose identity where you want to import MBOX files

Choose identity

  • Select Keep Folder Hierarchy to keep the folder hierarchy on disk from foreign files

keep the folder hierarchy

  • PICK the Import Option to start the import process

Click on import button

  • After the conversion process, the software shows confirmation, click OK to exit.

complete conversion process

Why Choose SysTools Software

  • The best thing about this tool is that it is 100% genuine and protects your data during the conversion process.
  • Users do not need deep technical knowledge to run the software.
  • Advanced options allow selective migration.
  • It also supports bulk migration.
  • This excellent software is designed so that the original meta-functions of email remain unchanged.
  • This software has advanced features so that mailcopa can be converted to thunderbird without any problem.
  • This program is ideal for both technical and non-technical users due to its very simple and intuitive user interface.
  • The program has many file options for easy handling of generated files.
  • The tool does not limit this and allows professionals to process multiple mails at once.
  • This solution works on all Microsoft Windows OS like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 2019, 2016, 2012 etc.
  • This program is ideal for both technical and non-technical users due to its very simple and intuitive user interface.
  • No need to install any external software are to use this application. The product supports all Mailcopa MBOX file types without problems. You can simply select MBOX emails data files with the Browse button.
  • There are programs that do not offer the possibility to save the generated data according to the user’s choice. That is why we have developed solutions that make it easier to choose your destination.
  • The software offers a simple user interface and an easy way to move Mailcopa emails to Thunderbird.


In the above article, we have covered a complete step-by-step guide to migrate mailcopa email to Thunderbird using the toolkit. Learn about a complete blog where users can save all their data including email, contacts, calendar and other inbox items without any restrictions. Among all the other solutions, this is one of the best utilities available on the internet and has no size restrictions. For more details, you can always contact our team of experts.

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