Are you one of those users who would like to migrate Seamonkey to Thunderbird? If so, you’ll get a quick answer to your question here. This blog provides an easy and effective way to transfer data from Seamonkey to Thunderbird. So read this blog and find an easier solution.

Many email clients offer calendar services for users to manage their activities. Besides Outlook, there are applications such as his SeaMonkey, which offers tools for creating reminders, events, and meetings.

SeaMonkey is a free, open source Internet suite that makes it easy to navigate and manage your email, feed client, and IRC chat. HTML editing capabilities and web development tools are also provided.

Let’s Take a Look at the User’s Query below to Better Understand the Situation

“I have been using Seamonkey Emails Client application since I joined the organization for a few months now. I currently work from home and my system is configured with the same seamonkey email client profile. Thunderbird is undoubtedly a feature-rich premium email client. So I chose to use the free Thunderbird email client. However, I couldn’t find a reliable way to import email from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. Can you help me determine the appropriate technology? Please give me a quick method as soon as possible”

I have used the SeaMonkey app for the past year, but now I’m tired of the slow app organizing service. So now I’m more inclined to switch from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird, very safe to use. I searched for SeaMonkey and was surprised to find that there is no export function. Now, I want to read some important emails from SeaMonkey, but I can’t open them in Thunderbird. Please suggest me a solution to export SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird.

Similar to the query above, there are other users who want to know the best but great way to import email from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional solution to import MBOX files from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird.

Why Do Users to Migrate Seamonkey to Thunderbird?

Some SeaMonkey users prefer to use the Mozilla Thunderbird email client over SeaMonkey. Thunderbird is currently the most popular email client because its users are very happy with its features.

  • Many users plan to copy the old SeaMonkey profile data from the old computer to Mozilla Thunderbird to the new computer. In fact, new computer users prefer to use the Thunderbird email client because it offers free maintenance and zero downtime.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client that constantly receives updates and security patches. Although SeaMonkey is late in receiving regular updates. This is also a good reason to transfer SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client widely used for sending and receiving emails. So if you find some errors in Thunderbird, users can easily fix the problem, such as online market, there is a lot of information about Thunderbird errors.

Automatic solution to Migrate Seamonkey to Thunderbird 

SysTools Best Thunderbird Import Wizard is one such utility. It allows users to open, view and export emails from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. Furthermore, the software integrates amazing features and a user-friendly interface. MBOX emails as well as Thunderbird attachments can be easily exported through this tool. Users can analyze MBOX emails with full details through the preview mode provided by the tool. The preview modes provided by the software include Hex View, Normal Mail View, Properties View, RTF View, HTML View, etc. Also, the tool can maintain the originality of the MBOX data even after the export process.

With this software, you can easily transfer Seamonkey files to Thunderbird files in just a few steps. The software offers a simple user interface which makes it easily accessible to any beginner without any technical experience. It has no file size limit, which means you can import large MBOX files freely.

Get it for Free

Thunderbird Importer offers a free demo version to help evaluate the software and how it works. The free trial version works like the pro version, but allows you to transfer up to 25 emails from each SeaMonkey supported MBOX file format to Thunderbird profile. Using the demo version, users can easily see if it is good for them or not. Once you are completely satisfied, buy your license key at an affordable price and avoid all restrictions.

Steps to Migrate Seamonkey to Thunderbird Without Data Loss

  • Download and Run the Thunderbird Importer Utility on your any windows SystemThunderbird Importer Utility
  • Now, click on the Add File(s) button

Add MBOX File

  • Browse to select the specific file you want to add to the software and click the Open button

select the specific file

  • After adding the files, the software will display them in the interface. Add more files or click the Next button to continue

software will display

  • Now you can set the filter options to import data from additional files.
    To apply a filter, click the corresponding radio button to apply the filter, then click the button to set
    Now select the date filter according to which to import the data

date filter

  • The software will automatically display all identities configured in the Thunderbird application in the identities dropdown menu

display all identities

  • Choose Preserve folder hierarchy to preserve the on-disk folder hierarchy of the imported data files

folder hierarchy

  • Click Import to start the import process

start the import process

Salient Features of Thunderbird Importer Application

  • SeaMonkey’s mail export to Thunderbird is a fully automatic and highly reliable technology. It provides 100% accurate results and preserves all email properties and components during migration.
  • The Wizard preserves the original folder and subfolder structure after the conversion process is complete. It even saves all email attachments during data migration.
  • This application has a built-in option to convert exported SeaMonkey contacts and calendar files to Thunderbird contacts and calendars. This tool supports the conversion of contacts and calendars exported by SeaMonkey.
  • It can automatically load SeaMonkey profile data from the default storage location. Even users can insert profile data on the software interface using the manual option.
  • By exporting SeaMonkey email data to Thunderbird, users can save the results to their desired location. By default, it saves the generated file to your desktop location. However, you can review them and make changes accordingly.
  • This excellent software offers a batch conversion mode option by which you can bulk move SeaMonkey emails to Thunderbird. This makes it easy to transfer multiple SeaMonkey files to Thunderbird in a single session.
  • This software allows transfer of SeaMonkey profile folders in batch mode. This makes it easy to migrate multiple SeaMonkey mailboxes in a single process.
    It is standalone software and does not require any external software or application for conversion. The user does not need thunderbird during the export process.
  • The software works smoothly on all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.
  • It is standalone software and does not require any external software or application for conversion. The user does not need Outlook on the computer during the export process.


This blog explains how to migrate Seamonkey to Thunderbird. A complete solution for migrating emails from your SeaMonkey profile is very easy to understand. This app has an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, technical or non-technical users can access it for the converion process. Download this tool now to transfer unlimited SeaMonkey email folders to Mozilla thunderbird email client.

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