Online learning has become one of the most effective ways to learn and understand different concepts. It has become technically one of the most crucial methods by which the students can easily understand different concepts through audio-video mode. In all these years, the conventional learning platform has undergone a complete change.

Why Online Learning Is Becoming So Effective?

They are in the position to get substituted by different types of other modes and channels. It is important to remember that these online channels have become effective methods of preparation for competitive examinations like JEE and Neet. The amount of information available on these networks has been able to make them the best sources of education compared to anything else.

How to find the best online modes of learning?

The channels are available on platforms like YouTube. They have been able to assist the students in preparing different concepts in one form or the other. With such a significant amount of importance, it becomes essential to choose the best type of online channels with the help of which the best amount of information could be obtained.

Which is the best channel on YouTube?

Out of so many channels, only a few channels are holistically able to provide information to the students. With this becomes important to list down the essential sources from which the students must carry forward their preparation. Physics Wallah is one of the most important channels that play an influential role in preparing students for competitive examinations like JEE and Neet.

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Why Physics Wallah is the best Channel to prepare for JEE/NEET?

In this article, an attempt has been made to explain why this channel is considered the best source of preparation. The list of all the factors has been summarised in the following way.

Easy explanation of concepts

The most crucial objective behind switching to a channel for understanding the concept is to use an easy method to explain different concepts. In other words, it can be said that it the channel usually attempt to utilize audio-video methods to explain different types of concept to the students which the books cannot explain that easily. Therefore, one of the essential requirements for every student is to understand the concept.

Alternative strategies from the perspective of examination

It is essential to provide that these online YouTube channels help prepare the students from the perspective of competitive examination. Furthermore, it is essential to provide that the alternative strategies are usually required to be understood by the student to qualify for the examination with the most accuracy in the minimum amount of time.

In such a situation learning the strategies is very important for the successful completion of the examination. That is why these online channels are becoming an easy and effective mode to study.

Frequent address of doubts

Most of these YouTube channels are run by professionals. They are in the position to analyze all the possible doubts of the students. Then they can attempt to collate every possible type of doubt that the student will be undergoing through. By this process, the become capable of ensuring that every student’s doubt is addressed despite being in a non-interactive mode.

They tried to make different videos and audio sessions and upload them on YouTube by collecting all the possible questions. They still provide the option to the students to comment if they have any for the question that needs to be addressed.

Easy modes to teach

These online channels usually attempt to teach the students with the help of the easiest methods. Instead of explaining the concepts in a boring manner, they usually try to explain the complicated concepts with the help of diagrams and flowcharts, which make it easier for the students to understand the idea behind the concept and memorize that for the exam. It is essential to understand the complicated concept in the minimum amount of time, especially from the perspective of examination.

Free of cost

Most of the online channels on YouTube are free of cost to watch. This is considered the most crucial feature of these channels because anyone can watch these videos without spending any extra cost. It is essential to keep in mind that the students consider these significant channels’ input as part and parcel of their preparation. They usually consider that if they can achieve the maximum amount of results, it is only because of these channels that they try to train them in the best way.

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Experts interviews

Most of these YouTube channels bring the experts to the online podiums who share the experience with the students to motivate them and teach them. It is considered the best advantage of these programs because students do not get an opportunity to listen out from these experts otherwise. So technically, the students must be encouraged by the top leaders in the market who have already been through this phase.

Easy to watch anywhere and anytime

One of the essential advantages of these online YouTube channels is that they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The student is not bound by any fixed hours at which she has to attend such lectures. It is essential to keep in mind that the students must have the potential to understand different concepts. They can do that anywhere at any time without having to fix a particular time slot for themselves. This is considered to be the best advantage.



With this can be concluded that Physics Whalla is considered the best channel for providing enough experience to the students to prepare for competitive examinations. Moreover, it is considered to be the best way to qualify for these examinations. With this, it can be quickly concluded that the best can be obtained only if the student attempts to listen to all the essential materials.

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