How To Promote YouTube Videos 12 Smart Strategies for 20222
How To Promote YouTube Videos 12 Smart Strategies for 20222

One of the most important guidelines is that you must actively promote your YouTube channel if you want to maximise the number of views on your videos and, consequently, revenue.

However, if you pour all of your creative energy into your videos and run out of suggestions for how to promote them, we have the greatest tactics.

To help you start earning money from your content online, we’ve put together 12 strategies for promoting YouTube videos.

Ready to launch your video promotion campaign?

1. Post consistently

Starting with the fundamentals, posting consistently and on schedule is our first method for promoting YouTube videos.

Viewers may perceive a lack of devotion or a lack of new content on your channel if you just sometimes post and have a small library of videos.

You can promote more videos that can reach a larger audience and demonstrate to viewers that you’re always on top of the trends by posting frequently.

Making a publishing schedule also shows subscribers that you’re devoted to your channel and allows them know when to look forward to new content, which heightens interest.

This explains why a lot of YouTube channels list their posting days in the header.

Here’s how to start consistently uploading to YouTube:

  • When deciding how frequently to post, consider your workload and the number of high-quality videos you can produce each week.
  • Choose the days of the week you want to post on; the greatest days for YouTube posting are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Choose a day or two each week to generate a large number of videos so that you may edit and schedule them all at once.
  • Create a content calendar with the videos you’ll post each day and schedule them to go live in advance. Do this for all of your videos.

By doing this, you can make sure that you upload enough content to attract and hold the attention of your audience. They’ll also be aware of the precise date and time of your subsequent video.

2. Create original video titles

Do you ever watch a video from a new YouTuber just because it has a catchy title?

This is due to the fact that one of the key factors influencing people to click on your videos is their title.

The key to promoting your videos is to make sure your titles are distinctive and attention-grabbing, whether you want to go for trendy titles or an unconventional one.

Your video descriptions must:

  • Be specific; viewers should be able to infer what the video is about from the title.
  • Write your title in 60 characters or fewer, being succinct and to the point, to ensure that the entire title appears on the Recommended Videos page.
  • Create an emotional connection by using your title to elicit a response from readers or to benefit them.
  • Spend some time coming up with titles for videos. In addition, you may check out what other creators are up to or enlist the aid of friends in choosing the title they’ll be most likely to click on.

3. Increase Keyword Efficiency

Choosing the appropriate keywords is essential for increasing traffic to your videos.

Frequently, when searching for information on Google, you’ll find a few YouTube videos suggested as possible answers.

Your likelihood of appearing in those search results will increase if you target the proper keywords.

Additionally, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, so users look there for a variety of solutions and instructions. Yes, even “microwave popcorn cooking instructions.”

Here’s how to begin keyword-optimizing your videos:

  • Use tools like Ahrefs, YouTube’s Trending page, Google Trends, and the autocomplete feature to find keywords to target.
  • Search for the keyword you want to target, then look at the top results to see if they match your content production. If not, see if you can make a video that would rank first.
  • When publishing your videos, be sure to include the keywords you’re aiming for in the titles and descriptions.
  • Mention them in your video to help YouTube comprehend what the content is about. Try to mention your keyword a few times.

Add numerous tags that describe the video to your videos to provide more context for what the video is about.

To avoid keyword stuffing, make sure to use the terms carefully.

4. Create Appealing Thumbnails

When it comes to promoting your videos and generating traffic, thumbnails are also incredibly useful.

Eye-catching thumbnails, like attractive titles, compel viewers to click on your video without hesitation.

The most important aspect of your video or the main advantages viewers will experience after watching it should be briefly described in your thumbnail.

Personalize your thumbnails to entice viewers to click on them rather than letting YouTube generate a random one for your video.

A good thumbnail would be:

  • Include content that is descriptive, such as a few words that people will remember.
  • Use vibrant hues like blue or contrasting hues.
  • Include faces so that viewers can react to your video.
  • Include symbols like circles and arrows.
  • To maintain consistency in thumbnails, use obvious branding and add your logo.

Making branded thumbnails will aid in drawing visitors’ attention and aid them in instantly recognising your video.

5. Interact With YouTube Users

There is a sizable creative community on YouTube that might be useful for advertising YouTube videos.

Follow what’s happening in the YouTube community to stay informed by:

  • Monitoring the YouTube blog for any new feature releases.
  • Communication with other YouTube channels.
  • Establishing connections with creators.
  • Joining social networking networks for YouTube creators.
  • Observing channels that are comparable to your own.

You’ll enhance the likelihood that other YouTubers will share your video by engaging with the community, and you’ll learn what the opposition is up to.

Additionally, this gives them an opportunity to engage with your videos, which can encourage YouTube to share them with more users.

Additionally, you’ll be able to learn additional advice from other artists that could improve your videos and boost your YouYube views.

6. Recognize your target audience

You need to know who your target audience is if you want to advertise your videos and get people to watch them.

More people will watch and interact with your content if you create and promote YouTube videos for the proper audience.

Because that’s what they expect to see and what they enjoy watching, always make sure that the content you give is in line with who you’re targeting and what your audience is used to.

Identifying your target audience will help you:

  • Take a look at your rivals to see what they are doing.
  • Check out the most popular sorts of content that your audience viewed.
  • Learn which of your videos performs the best on average.
  • Find out what your subscribers want to see on your channel.
  • Read the remarks left by your audience and consider it.

You may produce even better content that your audience will probably recommend to others by interacting with them and learning what they prefer to see from you.

7. Promote Your Videos and Channel Together

Additionally, you may advertise YouTube on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By doing this, you can connect with people outside of YouTube.

Your videos can be cross-promoted by:

  • Announcing on an Instagram Story the launch of a new video.
  • Posting a TikTok of a portion of your video.
  • Publishing a copy of your Facebook video from YouTube.
  • Uploading your YouTube videos to social media automatically.

You may also embed your videos on your blog or any other page where you typically distribute information to aid in cross-promotion.

You can write a blog post extending on or summarising the items you mention in the video if you’re embedding it on your blog.

Start an email marketing campaign to promote your YouTube channel and content. Create an email list of subscribers to share updates and insights about your videos and to remind them when new videos are available.

Making a community with your subscriber base is another strategy to promote your YouTube videos. On platforms like Facebook, private communities can be created.

By doing so, you may establish a more personal connection with your subscribers and inform them when new videos are available.

8. Organise Giveaways And Contests

Everyone enjoys gifts and competitions, and what could be better than a free opportunity to win something?

A lot of people will hold contests solely to advertise their YouTube account and videos.

Even better, since your subscribers frequently need to like or comment on your videos, contests and gifts also aid in increasing engagement.

Keep in mind YouTube’s guidelines while launching a contest or giveaway.

Here’s how to organise a YouTube giveaway or competition:

  • Create the rules; choose the main objective and whether or not viewers must leave comments, like, or subscribe.
  • Choose a suitable gift to give the winner, such as some of your merchandise or a gadget.
  • Make a unique video and post it, outlining the contest’s guidelines and the prizes up for grabs.

Asking subscribers to like, comment, and share the video as part of the rules is a smart idea so they can support your YouTube promotion efforts.

Remember that promoting prizes and contests too frequently could make individuals feel uninterested in taking part. Spread them out across a few months to keep your audience interested in the new ones.

9. Playlists And Series Creation 

Making playlists and video series is one technique to promote many videos.

When you make a video series that spans several episodes and addresses a single subject, viewers will be interested in continuing to watch and clicking on the additional videos after watching the first one.

In order to make a video series, you should:

  • Think of a subject or narrative that relates to your specialty and may be divided into several pieces.
  • When making the videos, be careful to end each one in a way that will entice viewers to watch more.
  • Mention how to see the next instalment of the series or when to look for it at the end of the video.
  • A playlist can be created by adding videos, or you can add a YouTube card with the next video at the end.

Likewise with playlists. YouTube will automatically begin playing the next video in your playlist when you organise your videos into playlists.

In order to make a playlist, you must:

  • Take note of the videos that are companion pieces or a series.
  • To save each of the videos, click “Save.”
  • Choose “Create a new playlist” or “Add to an existing playlist.”

Making a playlist or series encourages viewers to return to your channel since they’ll check to see whether the next instalment has already been uploaded or if you have any other interesting playlists to watch.

10. Launch a live stream

Streaming keeps improving, and the majority of social media networks now allow live streaming.

You’ll have a better chance of getting your material discovered by fresh audiences when you go live on YouTube.

Live streaming can reach new people who might occasionally watch your YouTube material, whether they find it by searching for it or recommend it.

Live streaming is fantastic because it gives people a chance to interact with you in real time and learn more about who you are.

You have the opportunity to diversify your material by live streaming. You may stream live:

  • Q&As
  • Gaming
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Updates

Alternately, you may simply go live to chat with your online pals and engage your audience.

11. Make available top-notch videos

Despite the fact that you may already be doing so, posting excellent videos is crucial for boosting the popularity of your YouTube channel.

That’s because viewers will naturally want to share your videos with others if they find them to be of good quality and valuable. This may potentially improve your YouTube ranking.

In addition to using the proper video production tools and doing quality editing, you must create content that viewers want to share.

In this manner you will be able to make your video:

  • Entertaining
  • Surprising
  • Helpful
  • Valuable

Your videos will probably be skipped by viewers if they are of poor quality or of no use. Therefore, your chances of getting a movie shared are better if it is high quality and contains useful information.

12. Think about collaborating

If you connect with a creator in your specialty and you want to work together, you should think about it.

Working together with other producers can help you promote your videos to their viewers and achieve a larger audience.

Working together to develop content and offer suggestions can be enjoyable, and you’ll probably pick up some new skills in the process.

Find the ideal collaborator if you want to make a collaborative video that is successful.

Finding someone requires:

  • Comparable in content.
  • Who shares the same enthusiasm.
  • Has a somewhat comparable audience.

You’ll increase your chances that their audience will be interested in your content by choosing the proper partner.

Working with someone with whom you feel comfortable may also result in future collaborations.


If you find the above mentioned factors will help, you can implement those to promote your YouTube videos and reach your target audience.



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