Bubble Ponytail
How to Recreate the Bubble Ponytails That Are Taking Over Reels

Ponytails have now evolved into a stylish look to make great impressions and offer a wide array of styling options. A bubble ponytail is among the thousand ways to style your ponytail. The cute pony design is a modern take on the humble pony. A ponytail is held in place by an elastic every two inches or so on the traditional pony, resulting in multiple bubble effects.

Love this look, but afraid your hair length is too short? Well, there is no need to worry. Grab a ponytail extension that matches your hair texture. The style involves texturizing or volumizing sprays to get the perfect bubble ponytail without it looking flat. The hairstyle may appear to be high maintenance, but it requires very little upkeep. We will dive more into how to do the bubble ponytail at home in greater detail:

Get Yourself Started 

Before you begin styling, you must prepare your hair with the proper hair care regimen. You can get the most out of your natural hair, no matter what texture it is. Also, if your hair lacks volume on top, tease the roots with a teasing comb to add volume. If not, experiment with layered hair, which is amazing for creating the illusion of dimension and length. 

Giving your tresses a boost with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for your bubble ponytail is always a good idea. To give your mane a little boost, use Indique Essential Shampoos.

Step 1. Ensure That Your Hair Is Smooth 

After washing your hair, you’ll have to do one more thing to prep your hair: spritz some hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and brush back any baby hairs and flyaways for a smooth finish. Preparing your hair is important because it helps prevent hair damage caused by product buildup and other hair damaging elements like dirt. 

Step 2.  Pull Your Hair Into A High Ponytail 

Pulling off a ponytail is very simple, and you are already familiar with it. Gather your strands into a mid-to-high ponytail, making sure to avoid any bumps, knots, or tangles. A high ponytail is the best way to go because it allows your bubble ponytail to have more definition. Then, secure it with an elastic.

Step 3. Creating The Bubble Effects

Now that you’ve gathered your hair into a basic ponytail, it’s finally time for the moment we’ve been anticipating: creating the bubbles. Place another elastic one to two inches down the length of your ponytail, depending on your hair length. Gently pull the sides of this fastened section to add volume and shape it into a rounded, bubble-like shape. Repeat this process all the way down your hair. There you have it!

Another popular way to achieve a bubble ponytail is by using ponytail extensions. Spread your extensions out and place them where your ponytail begins. Once your hair is in place, you can begin making bubbles. We recommend using Clip-in Ponytail Extension to add instant length and volume. The extension is easy to install and remove – making you ready to go. 

Step 4. Finish Up The Look 

After you’ve made all of your bubbles, make sure that they are evened out and neat. Pull gently on the sides of any bubbles that need to be perfected. This way, you can fasten the bubbles and keep them consistent down the length of your ponytail. 

Now that you have created the look, you might want to seal it in style to make it last throughout the day. Mist your mane with a little bit of hairspray to keep the bubbles in place. 

This ponytail style is a great way to switch up your ponytail game or keep it from getting in your way while running errands or caring for kids.

How To Make Your Bubble Ponytail Standout: Trendy Bubble Ponytails

There are a plethora of styling options to take your bubble ponytail up a notch, and they are pretty amusing to experiment with. As much as we love the bubble ponytail, admit that they are not always exciting as sporting for the first time. So, adapt these styling options to upgrade your look:

1. Bubble Ponytail With Braids 

Braids are great for styling your bubble ponytail and giving it a new look. Make a braid down the center of the ponytail. To get this look, leave a section of your hair out of your ponytail, braid it, and then secure it with the elastics you’ll be using for your bubbles. To achieve this look, you can use a fishtail braid or the traditional three-strand braid.

#2. Bubble Ponytail With face Framing Bangs 

Hair bangs are a great way to glow up your look. If you’ve never tried a bubble ponytail before, start something simple like these curtain bangs incorporated in the bubble ponytail. Curtain bangs help frame your face effortlessly and accentuate your attractive features such as the cheekbones and collarbones. 

#3. Pair A Headband With Your Pony 

Headbands are a wonderful hair accessory for many reasons: including the ability to keep your hairstyle intact while also enhancing your appearance. If you are on the go, make it appear as if the headband is actually doing something for you!

Pull your hair back into a bubble ponytail with the headband. This will keep the hair from looking slicked back. Leave about 1-2 inches of hair in front of your ears when you put on the headband. You can always tuck that behind your ears later.

#4. Create The Glitter Ponytail 

Every party and festival calls for glitters and sparkles. Adding glitters is the icing on the cake. There are so many ways to wear glitters in your hair, and one of our favorite ways is to apply gel to the top strands and then sprinkle glitter on your hair. Make sure that you don’t overdo the glitters because they can damage your hair and skin. Place small, bedazzled hairpins on your bubble ponytail to add a touch of glitz wherever you go.

#5. Half Up Bubble Pony

A half-up style is yet another way to wear your bubble ponytail. It’s a half ponytail with trendy bubbles, just like the classic. As you can see, the two hairstyles are a perfect match. It is a lovely and simple hairstyle that anyone can rock. 

#6. Double bubble 

The look resembles pigtails but with bubble effects.  This look incorporates a bubble version of the adorable hairstyle. Split your hair into a center part and create the bubble effects as shown in the picture. It’s a fun and flattering style best suited for every hair length. You can add more bubbles if you want. The look is ideal for casual occasions.

#7. Sky-High Bubble Ponytail 

Consider this look if you’re out to impress. Begin by gathering your hair into a standard high ponytail in the middle or crown of your head and secure it with two ponytail elastics. Use a dry shampoo to add fullness and texture to your hair. Make the bubbles and secure them with an elastic. To complete the look, spritz your entire head with hairspray to smooth down flyaways and frizz.

#8. Short Ponytail Idea 

Who says bubble ponytails can only be worn with long hair? Here’s a shortened version of the look. The style looks great on short hair, and you can easily work your hair into it without any fuss. You can try the style on shorter hair as well, but you will only have a limited bubble section or maybe one or two. This ponytail is ideal for channeling the summer vibe.

#9. Chic Low Ponytail Idea

This is one of our favorite takes on the look. The hair is gathered into a low ponytail. The bubble sections are wrapped around with hair from the top and bottom to hide the hair ties. The look is completed with loose hair and front side-swept bangs.

#10. Accessorized Hair Idea

Consider this look for making a unique statement with high glam. The accessorized bubble ponytail has few bubbles and is styled at the top of the crown. Glitzy clips, bows, and stone barrettes are just a few of the attractive accessories you can wear with this look. As you can see, the end result is terrific! This type of hair would be ideal for a night out or a party. 

#11. Edgy Formal Pony

Last but not least, the edgy formal bubble ponytail is another of our favorites. To add edginess, use the bubbles to create a mohawk look. Side braids also add a nice finishing touch to the look. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to look fierce and fashionable.


We love this look for how simple yet stylish it is. The best part of it is that it works even better with dirty hair. Now that we’ve gone over how to achieve this look, we hope you’ll enjoy mastering the technique. We recommend these clip-in Black Ponytail Extensions. They are easy to attach in and out and add a lot of volume without weighing down your hair. 


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